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How Can Your Astrology Practice Boom When The Economy is Bust?

How can an astrologer maintain a prosperous practice in the face of the current economic crisis? That may seem like a daunting question! I’ll try to answer it by sharing some strategies that have been successful for me.

How Astrologers are Faring

First, it’s worth mentioning that some astrologers are doing just fine, or even better, these days. Most of those that I’m aware of in this enviable situation have been professional astrologers for decades, however, and have a stable and devoted client base. I know of another who specializes in horary and electional astrology. With so much uncertainty in the air, her business is booming with clients who want answers to their burning questions about the future!

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Seeing Clients: Some Notes on When and Where

Just in the last few days I was rereading “How to Start, Maintain, and Expand an Astrological Practice” and it occurred to me what an excellent book it really is. And on every topic there is always more to say. Chris McRae’s chapter “Planning Time and Space” is so practical and insightful; I decided to pen a few ideas by way of expansion on these ideas.

When we enter the practice of astrology as a consultant, one of the first decisions we make is where and when to see clients. We can see clients: in our home, in an office, in another type of venue, in their home or office, or exclusively over the phone.

Home Office vs. Office Building

I have personally had an external office in an office building and seen clients exclusively there. Sometimes I have had a separate office and an office in my home…but the majority of my working adult life I have had primarily a home office.

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Becoming an Astrologer

This article is a reformulation of my contribution “How to Fulfill your OWN Career as a Professional Astrologer” that was printed in Noel Tyl’s book How to Use Vocational Astrology for Success in the Workplace printed in 1992. I received so much praise for this material from so many places in the world, I thought I would edit it, update it a bit, and share it with the OPA membership.

A fulfilling career means you are personally happy and look forward to your work each day; you earn enough money to meet responsibilities in the material world; and you feel successful while contributing something of value to your field. In this sense, I have been successful as an astrologer. Further, I have worked professionally with many other astrologers to help them make their careers more rewarding. I have trained professional astrologers with my classes, correspondence school, and a series of testing and consulting sessions, and for years, I have donated many hours every month to the Organization for Professional Astrology, OPA. The ideas presented here are a consolidation of exactly what has worked in bringing practical results.<!--more-->

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Homage to Artemis

We were talking about predictions. Monica Dimino, Jacqueline Janes, and Twink McKenney came to my house one weekend in February to participate in a dress rehearsal for my writing group at the OPA retreat in April. We talked about what to write, why write, and where to place our writing. Monica started a discussion on predictions and how the expectations of predictions color astrology readings. We pondered over how to educate the public about astrology and teach them not to expect predictions when they come in for a reading.

At the end of the day we drove to town to go to the fish market to buy lobsters for a special dinner, a reward for working so hard. On the way back we noticed the moon and Venus, the only lights shining in the early evening sky. A few minutes later, a deer ran across the road and then another deer followed and ran into my car, or, my car ran into the deer. It happened so fast.

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