Enjoy this variety of articles offered by OPA members through the years. Many of these articles were originally published in the Career Astrologer magazine (link), but can now be found here more easily.

Kneel Diamond and the Enigma of Eclipse Cycles

Gemini Brett

Death of the King, but What Does That Mean?

by Gemini Brett

Sun and Moon are set to embrace in the 29th degree of Tropical Leo on August 21st at the Royal Star Regulus and near enough the Dragon’s Head to bring the riddle of night to the middle of daylight.  I’ve come to call this total solar eclipse ‘Kneel Diamond’ because sages of the starry cloth have long knelt before Lion’s Heart Regulus as the ruler of the Heavens and because serious astro-folk from all around the globe will be “Coming to America” to observe the infamous Diamond Ring in the sky.  What are eclipses themselves most infamous for if not “Death of the King” and why?  Does history uphold this omen of old?  If so, perhaps the current ‘king’ of the White House should consider seeking council from an august astrologer.  Any takers? 

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The Future of Astrology

Future of Astrology Bannerby Maurice Fernandez

As the leader of OPA and having travelled the world to different astrology communities and witnessed the different approaches and mentalities, the breakthroughs and crises, and the general development of our practice, I’m fairly optimistic about our next potential, and also, fairly lucid about what may sabotage the growth of our practice and culture.

Looking at the upcoming transits, we can identify what the coming cycles have to say about key moments in the near future of Astrology.

Astrology seems to be prominently symbolized by the planet Uranus and the sign of Aquarius, as well as the cyclic rhythm of the Jupiter/Uranus cycle. In the book The Professional Astrologer, I have also referred to important breakthroughs in the field, occurring during Uranus to Nodal axis conjunctions (and other major aspects to each other).

We can notice these upcoming configurations to possibly represent key moments in Astrology’s development:

  • 2017 – The Jupiter/Uranus opposition in Libra/Aries
  • 2020 (Dec 21) – The 20 year Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius
  • 2022 (August 1) – Uranus conjunct the North Node at 18 Taurus
  • 2023-2043 – Pluto in Aquarius
  • 2024 (April 21) – Jupiter/Uranus conjunct at 21 Taurus

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by Richard Smoot

Much of Astrology focuses on our external actions and inner psychological interconnection. Humans are far more complex than these two arenas. It is my belief that it is the journey of a human’s life to explore all facets of experience. Much of these deeper human realms can be found in the use of Antiscia points.

Exploring the full range of our human experience involves so much more than the social actions we engage in daily. To understand our “full” selves, we need to reach areas of existence and experience. In our client work, the Antiscia can be used to discover and interpret the hidden parts of personality. Furthermore we can aid our clients in defining sensitive times with, when and how these hidden characteristics could show themselves.

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The Leo-Aquarius Nodal Axis Transit

banner with leo and aquarius

by Kim Marie

(May 9, 2017 to Nov 6, 2018)

The nodal axis ingress into Leo-Aquarius will shift individual and collective consciousness into creativity and activism on egoic or emotional levels. Whether this happens on an inclusive or exclusive basis remains to be seen. The mean motion of the Moon’s tropical nodal axis reverses through the zodiac, with the North Node moving through Leo while the South Node moves through Aquarius from May 9, 2017 to November 6, 2018. As the current North Node in Virgo-South Node in Pisces transit winds down, there is still opportunity to make sense of recent changes taking place in our world and decide how to personally be involved in any group efforts to shift the direction forward.

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Shipwreck of BATEN KAITOS

banner reading fixed stars

by Barış İlhan

round image of baris ilhanIn 2003 in an astrology conference I met Diana Rosenberg, “the leading authority on Fixed Stars” (as said by Robert Hand). When she learned my birthdate, she said “Baten Kaitos”. I asked “What is Baten Kaitos?”. She replied, “The fixed star on your Sun. It is on my Sun too!” I asked her what it means, she said, “Shipwrecks”. To tell you the truth, it didn’t make any sense, so I left the subject there. Once in a while, I remembered her words, but I didn’t investigate the meaning of Baten Kaitos or I didn’t think about it in a symbolical sense. I took it literally, and since I prefer airplanes for my journeys, and I am not a sea person, I didn’t care. I thought, if one day I plan to go on a cruise trip, it maybe a good idea to remember Baten Kaitos.

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