Leo New Moon - Predictions

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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Leo New Moon - Predictions

Postby Maurice » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:13 pm

When it comes to predictive astrology, how precise and determined are you particularly when it comes to sensitive subjects such as major relationship changes, personal or financial loss, or health crises ? Do you think it is important to bring these issues up and be upfront about them for preventive purposes, or do you prefer not to intervene, and avoid bringing them up altogether?

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Re: Leo New Moon - Predictions

Postby wsebrans » Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:17 pm

I admire astrologers who are gifted and accurate with specific predictive interpretations.

The thing is, I have only met a few - tropical or sidereal, and even then - they were speaking to broader circumstances and I did not have a chance to witness 'the misses' in their career.

Personally, I would like to be better at it, and continually refine my understanding. That said, until which time I feel like I am a rishi or se-er, I am content to point to broader ranges of possibilities that exist for people in their relationships, health, finances and career. That gives both Creation and the client considerably more wiggle room.

I have seen several people go through Saturn 12th house transits with planets residing there, whose life showed some contraction in outward activity, but no major nemesis to be met and transformed. Likewise with Saturn or Pluto on the Moon. Of course, others found Kali move in as next door neighbor.

It is important to address potentially challenging or even severe circumstances as that is in part what people are paying for, but to offer in the context of a range of possibilities. In a recent conversation with astrologer and writer Rob Brezsny, he submitted that transits rarely panned out as he expected both for himself and client, and in a sense - their surprise is what gave them value. He told of woman who was looking forward to a Jupiter/10th house transit, where the major event was that her father died. The net effect of that, was that she felt less shackled by his influence in regard to her public life.

Horary astrology can make some very precise predictions on quite specific questions, as that is its province and indeed another conversation.

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Re: Leo New Moon - Predictions

Postby Katerusko » Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:28 pm

Robert and Susan Minahan

HI, I've given this monthly question a LOT of thought, because it is out of my realm to feel confident in giving specifics because I'm not schooled at predictive astrology. However, I feel if the individual relates distress in areas of life, it is important to address the energies in a manner the person may relate. In listening to the person, one can learn if there are issues confronted or evaded. I would where possible, connect and verbalize in essence the natal and/or transiting or progressive aspects that very well are urging the soul forward to make changes.

I feel that even on a general basis, it is useful to educate people about the archetypes of life....that the nature of life (wants to) will redirect us to our authentic self....and that may be phrased differently, depending on the level of spiritual awareness of the person. But many people can accept that even the best plans when thwarted, that afterwards, they will discover a reason for their life redirected , using hindsight's 20-20 vision. Therefore, in some fashion it is important to advise a person of the shifts that aspects will offer, to give a person the concept that transformation is a process and one of choices. And especially, too that people are offered these choices all the time on some level, before life needs to shove a crisis down their throat in order for them to stop listen and look -- just like old schoolbooks elementary reading texts drilled.

So, if we can manage to get their attention on some level, to become increasingly aware of the subtle or distinct choices to make changes, rather than ignore, escape or rationalize the irritants, or disasters away, then hopefully, people may learn steps to take truer control of their direction.

Ultimately, we co-create in this world. Meaning, that how the exact terms may be met may be affected by many factors. But, still, if it's evident in whatever grand scheme, it is useful to offer insights that the area of life may need some real attention and deeper intent of a true motive. Unless the person specifically complained about health, or finances I would be hesitant to earmark, rather I may refer to their resources, their talents, their satisfaction, their relationships. If I could trigger their interest to be watchful in an area they were distressed, then I'd trust that further co-creation would assist.

Kari Noren-Hoshal

When I am doing a chart for a new client OR if I am doing a yearly update for return clients I ask them to email me before the reading with questions that they would like answers on regarding: work, career, relationship, children, health, family, relocation, spiritual direction, spiritual purpose, etc.

Once I receive that email I know what to look for in the transit chart. I do solar return charts for my clients and I also look to see if the solar return chart indicates changes in the particular area they have asked about. I don't bring up changes that a client doesn't ask me about UNLESS I pose it as a question. "Do you feel any pressure at work these days? How are you feeling about work right now? Are you ok with your job?" Then the client can pose a question to me if they feel that their job situation could be iffy in the immediate future. If they feel that things are fine, I let it go and focus on the area in which they have asked me questions.

My readings are interactive. I tell my clients that we are creating a plan together for their upcoming year based on the issues that they feel are the most important currently. I always give a parameter on dates. For example: "It is most likely that applying for a new job would be best in late October due to your Mercury transits and the fact that Mercury will have returned to direct motion after the retrograde.”

Richard Weber

We can predict experience not events. Which means that we can predict what people will be going through; however, we cannot predict what the outcome is as a result of that experience. When I consult with clients I tell them the experience they will be going through, what they are being tasked to learn, and what is the gift they will get as a result of that process.

Jennie Chen

Sometime from the chart, we would know something is possible coming, but astrology is such a high level symbolism, the manifestation can be complex, multifaceted and multilevel. The Chinese has a saying that you can never calculate more accurately than heavenly intended. Taoism has the saying of "道法自然" which means Tao’s way is to follow its nature course, go with the flow. The Buddhism has similar saying of " 随时、随性、随缘、随喜、随遇而安” which means making peace, taking comfort with whatever situation you run into. These philosophy is also in line with the notion in evolutionary school of astrology that you have to face your demon, your karma, and deal with them with whatever it takes.

Most people probably won’t be able to rise to such high level of consciousness mentioned above or be totally at peace in face of difficult circumstance. But to the least, we can be more conservative, cautious on our steps when we know our chart is traveling on a section of bumpy trail, and maybe able to speed up, charge ahead to get more mileage on places where the road is easy and smooth, so to speak. And no matter what happens, we need to keep moving on, taking the comfort in knowing that we do what we can.

Heiltje le Roux

This is one of the big questions of astrology. Because I come from a spiritual religious background, the whole idea to live by the guidelines of many and various moral spiritual practices remains a firm foundation of how I conduct astrology readings. I am reminded of the 12 commandments given to Moses, the third of the 6 man-to-man laws states; "thou shalt not steal". Not to steal another's free choice.
Free choice is what I want to give back to a client.
For the Soul to understand more, certain times will be challenging in order to spur growth and explore new territories for the Soul to uncover and incorporate. The strengths within a natal chart will always be there to inform clients of how they can manage the hard times, and all challenges will have only a specific timeframe of and what is available when. As astrologers we combine these concepts during a reading when times are difficult, in order for a client to walk away with ideas that will strengthen, not weaken their position, in order to give them choices they thought they did not have. Astrology after all is the study of times and tides, how to translate transits available, from the perspective of each client's chart and progressions, as a personal tool for growth and individual transformation.
As astrologers we have the duty and expertise to inform clients about challenging times for dynamic growth to take place. We can describe, inform, circumscribe and put these into a timeframe. We can ask questions and let them lead discussions of how, and to what extent certain difficulties will transform their lives, in order for them to navigate situations with insight and not be blinded by obstacles. Never forgetting that we cannot hinder them with fear, nor impose our will, the decisions each individual makes about their Way of Life, should always remain their Own Free Choice.

Anne Ortelee

Regarding upcoming difficult transitions for clients, I bring them up, gently, and usually with a "there might be". It allows the space to stay open, doesn't tie it down with a negative spin and offers the client an opportunity to take action in that area as appropriate for their path. Recently, I mentioned "personal health issues or issues with your pet which would occur simultaneously with the new house purchase" to a client who was planning a major life change. The dog died suddenly (two days) after they bought the new house. It created a space for her to call, cry and to talk about the end of the first chapter of their life together (NY) and the beginning of the next chapter (Atlanta). The dog was symbolic of their single dating days and early married life in NY. Now, with two children, the next life chapter was beginning in Atlanta and the dog was not going to be there. I think it is important mention, in a gentle way, the difficult things you see so the client can attend to the matter with knowledge and foresight.

Kathryn Andren

When it comes to sensitive topics, I often begin with a few focused questions based on the current transits to learn specifically from my client what is important and actually happening in their life right now. This helps focus the reading on what they want and why they came for a session in the first place. I start with a brief overview of recent transits. Reviewing the past from an astrological perspective creates trust with the client. They feel they are seen and it creates context for their current experience. Then we look at the astrology for today to support creating healthy and empowering strategies for their next steps. Finally, for forecasting and looking ahead, I offer an overview of potential possibilities related to the planets activated by transit. I give precise timing for transit cycles to support the general idea of what they may expect during those specific weeks or months. I explain this is just like a weather report, when you know what season you are in, then you have choices to respond accordingly. As an astrologer, I feel my job is offer suggestions for the client’s journey, illuminating the road map and to share my understanding of how to navigate the terrain ahead. Then, clients are empowered by their own choice how to react or respond to situations as they arise.

Margarita Logovatovskaya

In such case I rely on my intuition. If my sixth sense prompts me that it is necessary to tell a person sensitive subjects, so everything comes natural - I do it. If I don't feel this, and the information does not come from the Universe, I prefer not to say about it. It also depends on the type of sensibility of a client. It may happen that a person with a high emotionality accepts everything not so as it should be. And if a client does not ask about his or her future, I think it is not necessary to interfere in this theme. In my opinion, I should tell everything as it is in natal chart only in case of personal interest of a client.

Monica Hable Dimino

So many of the issues that come up will have undetermined outcomes so I won't attempt to define them. Instead, I will tell the client about the planetary energy aligned to that issue and offer possible ways to deal with it. I rarely add issues that are not introduced by the client. I do a routine "Journey Around the Wheel" to cover all the basis. This gives the client an opportunity to manifest interest in any of the areas covered. Keen consulting skills enable us to sense when a theme is, perhaps, hiding under a mask of denial.

I strive for transparency in my work. I will never cover up difficult findings in a chart. But there are so many ways to help our clients without assuring them about the eventual outcome. Honestly, we don't know!

[b]Susan Falk[/b]

When I see a significant aspect on a client's chart involving 2nd house, 6th house or 7th house which could indicate issues in the areas of finances, health or relationships, I'm very careful about what I say. Firstly, I think we all have heard of situations where an astrologer did irreparable damage by giving a client a very negative prediction such as Pluto in the 5th house on a natal chart and the astrologer telling an 18 year old girl that she would probably have a child that dies. As a result, that woman never had children as she carried that fear with her.

When I see possible issues on a chart I always try to frame it in the most positive light--as an opportunity for change and growth-,and that during those times whether one is dealing with a health issue, a relationship issue or a financial one it can be challenging but by meeting the challenge one is evolving and changing. Life has many challenges and one needs to meet those with as much positive energy as possible. Therefore, as an astrologer, I try to focus on the opportunity for growth. Also, I generally am not too specific as there are different possibilities for the same aspect. Saturn transiting through the 6th house and squaring the sun could indicate a health issue but it could also be work issues and frustration in one's job. Therefore, I also would ask for feedback about what concerns the client wants me to focus on at the beginning of the session. This is something we emphasize in the peer supervision groups: that we are counsellors and we want to orient the session to the needs and concerns of our client rather than just show what great astrologers we are and how much we know from looking at the chart.

Arlan Wise

I don't make predictions. I think it takes away peoples imagination and can cause fear. I am always aware of the power of the "self-fulfilling prophecy". That said, I have clients come back year after year who start the reading by saying "Everything you told me came true." How can this be? What is the disconnect between what I say and what they hear? Maybe it is because by speaking to them of timing, areas of involvement, and the best way to use the current transits and progressions, they use that as a template to fill in the exact event once it happens.
I have a client who swears that I told her the exact week her mother would die. I know I didn't but she heard it in retrospect. She called me last year asking if her boyfriend would die. I said I couldn't tell her that. She said, oh yes I could. I had to stand very firm and kept saying no.
I will tell a client to be proactive and take care. An example is seeing Saturn on the sixth house cusp getting ready to move into that house. I will never say that the client may get sick, but I will say that he/she can't get away with a sloppy lifestyle anymore as Saturn won't tolerate behavior that he and the client know is not good for health. I will suggest that the client work on a healthier diet, an exercise plan, and good sleep habits. Then it's up to the client to do that or not.

Kim de Noüe

I think it is very important to tell the client truthfully what we see in the chart. They usually come for a reason and I find that they generally book appointments when they “feel” something inside and want some assistance sorting through the situation. So, I do not shy away from the difficult subjects ever.

Providing a precise timeframe and describing what the planet is trying to bring to the situation and how to respond to it instead of resisting it is very useful in my opinion. The heavenly beings are our advocates and friends and the times when they give us grief, can be because we are resisting what they want us to learn. Knowing that can make it easier for a client to take positive steps to release negativity and go for something that will bring them more joy.

My client sessions usually start with questions like, “It looks like relationships are really in focus now. If you are in a relationship, how is that going?”. This type of question will usually get them to say that their relationship is one of the reasons they came and then they will usually ask about the outcome. I never predict the outcome of a personal relationship, because that is the choice of the individuals, but I will tell them as precisely as possible when the situation started, when the energy will be at its peak and when it will dissipate. I will also point out the harmonious and more challenging aspects for relationship in their personal chart and in their synastry, if the partners chart is available.

In other types of situations, like financial loss, I do the same as above: find the beginning, middle and end of the time period which is highlighting their finances. I also suggest the best opportunities, based on the situation. If the have a heavy Saturn aspect, it may be best to be frugal and save and ensure they have a long-term plan. If Pluto is causing issues, it may be better to just let go of something that has been weighing them down and move on to something else that better serves them. Or, it may be a time to fight with everything they have if the business job or assets are really that important. If they have a great Jupiter aspect, I may say that finances will likely ease up, but make sure they save some of the extra assets now, so they are set for the future.

Vinnie Scotti

I predicted my fathers death: it was not precise to the day or month, but a year before he got cancer, I looked at his chart etc. and said to myself "I don't think he is going to survive this Saturn-Pluto stuff that is coming up”. I did not say a word to him about it. His cancer was a "symbolic disease”, like all diseases, and a symptom of the fact he had no coping skills, and he could not cope with me saying I had a "feeling" you were going to get sick. I ,as an astrologer, need not play God. Also, there is a strong Chiron signature in my chart, and I was told in a class on Chiron that Chiron people can die early. It felt a bit much when I heard it, but it motivated me to see if it’s also the opposite and can also point towards longevity. I have complied about 100 charts of people that have lived over the age of 100. My current prediction is that sometime during the time Saturn is conjunct Pluto and Pluto’s nodal axis, this may be when we have an ice free summer in the Arctic and or there is a large collapse of the west Antarctic ice sheet. The ethics of disseminating this are even if it is baked into the cake and the nonlinear positive feed back loops of man made global warming have hit an irreversible tipping point with the ice free summer in the Arctic and west antarctic ice sheet collapse. I must share this with people with the content of compassion and evolution. I have an 8th house Sun, Moon and Pluto. I have a tendency to try to scare people, but if my intent is to begin a dialog of waking up to the truth with compassion and healing as we head into the age of Aquarius, I am approaching this in an ethical way. The truth is that humanity is absolutely facing the possibility of near term extinction, and maybe this will happen in my life time and yours.
At the beginning of the new age the first shall come last and the last shall come first.

Kay Taylor

Most people still come to astrologers for some level of prediction or information about what’s going to happen, what transits they’re in not only right now but as they move forward in the next months or years. I tend to focus on the current cycles but will definitely mention upcoming transits and progressions that indicate possible events. I use empowering language and stress there are various possibilities. I will emphasize the feelings and issues that tend to come up at the beginning of the transit (which usually feels validating to the client) and the choices a person could make now that could bring about an integrated, healing outcome. Many times my discussion of an upcoming health transit has resulted in a person going to a doctor for a seemingly minor issue, or for a general check-up, that turned out to discover a serious issue early. I recently pointed out to a client that with Uranus coming to her descendant at the same time her partner would have Saturn coming to his indicated to me this would be a good time to work on their relationship issues (which they did) to deepen the partnership and resolve problems that had been dragging on for years. They had a complete and unexpected turnaround of the major problem. To completely avoid unwanted possibilities shown in the chart would seem to me to be irresponsible, kind of a half view of life. Every astrological construct and transit has a positive potential and I feel our role is to help clients understand where they hold co-creative power and offer pathways to solutions.

Patrick Lewis

First off, I don't believe that the stars make everything happen, they impel they don't compel. All life in the Universe is based upon balance, everything is expanding and growing in the Universe. When anything, including people quit evolving, and growing, they begin to atrophy. Also when anyone's life gets out of balance, health, money, relationships, etc. Life creates a scenario that will bring them back into balance. We all create our own fate, by what we do, or maybe what we didn't do, say, or act upon. Also we each have a karma: some we create, other comes through inheritance from family. But we all pay in some way for our karma. Based upon the actions of clients, it is sometimes easy to predict the future. But the mind is creative, and each of us can change our karma, [bring balance back], in life, by creating a new mind set. Your mind is an attractor pattern: what you think, you'll attract into your life.

Lutia Lausane

For me it depends on the potential in the counselling setting. I can mention what I see is a possibility and get them to talk about what those energies might feel like in their circumstances.

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