Donna leaves for Summer

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Donna leaves for Summer

Postby Maurice » Thu May 17, 2012 9:40 pm

Donna Summer died on May 17, 2012 in the morning at her home in Key West, Florida at age 63 following a battle with cancer.
"I was shocked to hear about Donna," says Barbra Streisand in a statement. "She was so vital the last time I saw her a few months ago. I loved doing the duet with her. She had an amazing voice and was so talented. .. It's so sad."

Janet Jackson expressed her condolences in a statement, too, saying, "We will miss Donna Summer! She changed the world of music with her beautiful voice and incredible talent."

Gloria Estefan: "Few singers have impacted music & the world like Donna Summer! It's the end of an era. Peace & prayers 2 all who loved her. I will miss her!"

Mary J. Blige: "You were truly a game changer!!!"

William Shatner: "My heart and thoughts go out to the family of Donna Summer."

Kimberley Locke: "R.I.P. Donna Summer, another industry legend who has provided inspiration to many artists over the years."
In 1980, after five years as a reigning voice of the disco scene, Summer began to take control of her own career. She sued her manager, left her record company, remarried and became a "born-again" Christian. In 1983, touring behind her comeback smash "She Works Hard For The Money," Summer had graduated from the gay discos to suburban arenas. She was also making small talk between numbers. Gay fans followed her to the burbs, and if the shows struck them as careful and gutless, her remarks astonished and enraged many.

There were reports of Summer reminding the crowd, "It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," a line I thought belonged to Anita Bryant. She reportedly told gays in her audience, "I'll pray for you tonight." And when questioned about gay rights, she is reported to have responded, "I've seen the evil homosexuality come out of you people... AIDS is your sin," finally closing, "Now don't get me wrong; God loves you. But not the way you are now."

This spring, Lorne Michaels and the other organizers of an AIDS benefit in New York reportedly contacted David Geffen to see if his record company wanted to provide an act for the show. Summer reportedly volunteered but was rejected by organizers because of her by now infamous remarks. That rejection apparently shook Summer from her complacency.

Though Summer declined a request from THE ADVOCATE to be interviewed on the subject, Warner Brothers sent a statement from the singer to both the Village Voice and to our own pop music desk. This was not a retraction, but an apology.

"It is very difficult for me to believe this terrible misunderstanding continues. Since the very beginning of my career, I have had tremendous support and friendship from many in the gay community. It is a source of great concern to me that anything I may have said has cast me as homophobic. My medium of expression is music, all I can ask for is understanding as I feel my true feelings have been misrepresented. As a Christian, I have nothing but love for everyone and I recognize it is not my place to judge others. I believe with all my heart and soul that AIDS is a tragedy for all humankind. A cure must be found and all of us have to do whatever we can to help."

Right at the gates of Pluto...

Saturn in Virgo on the Ascendant + Mars/Moon in Capricorn square the Sexual Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio can perhaps show the puritanical born-again Christian views

Sun/Jupiter in earth sign at birth and at death...


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