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Astrology Day - March 20

PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:50 pm
by Maurice
Astrology Day is marked by the Sun’s ingress into the first sign of ARIES – Usually on March 20.

This is an important opportunity to honor our practice and celebrate the incredible gift of astrology.

This year, with Jupiter (knowledge, spirituality) and Uranus (stars, science) in opposition, Astrology can get a great boost (in our personal lives, and in the greater public).

In December 2020, the grand Jupiter/Saturn cycle will begin at Zero Aquarius, (Aquarius and the planet Uranus are commonly associated with Astrology) and will mark the next 20 years. This is the first in a series of conjunctions in AIR signs. This configuration can also show a powerful potential for Astrology to gain greater recognition and evolve in its use and practice.

So for Astrology Day share YOUR story! What does Astrology mean to you? How did it affect your life?

I first studied astrology more seriously when I was 18-19, on my first Nodes return, and 2 years later began to read charts professionally. At age 22-23, I committed to a full time practice. The reason I was so drawn to it was essentially because Astrology gave me back my sanity. All along before that, I was trying to live my life according to mainstream values, and I was terribly disoriented as a result. Astrology gave me a confirmation that I was not mad ;) So cheers to Astrology!