The great chart of the Americas - By Vinnie Scotty

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The great chart of the Americas - By Vinnie Scotty

Postby Maurice » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:39 am

The great chart of Modern Americas
A birth chart for the American continent

By Vinnie Scotty

In this discussion I am proposing a chart for the Americas, the whole land mass north, central, south, and the surrounding islands. To the best of my knowledge this chart has never been published or talked about in the astrological community. As the research into this chart is in a preliminary phase, I am going to stay away from superfluous conjecture and speculation. Even though this research is in its infancy I am confident it works as I have run it through a litmus test of transits and solar arcs. There is still much to be hashed out with this horoscope, one of which is rectifying its birth time.

My search for the birthdate for the American continent was inspired by working with the horoscope for the European civilization. This chart, similar to a chart for the America,s has a vastitude to it that fascinates me with the many Neptune signatures in my own birth chart, Neptune being the planet of the vast. I say Vastitude in that it covers a broad large organism, i.e. the whole European civilization, as well as being about 1,200 years old. The chart for the European civilization is cast for a potent time, a fulcrum in European history, the coronation of Charlemagne on December 25th 800. After working with this chart I decided to attempt to harvest a horoscope for the Americas. I started with the time Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas on October 12 of 1492, this chart didn’t work. Then I ran through several other charts to no avail. Finally I found one that seemed to work. So I ran it through many transits. After a while I gained more and more confidence in this chart as transit after transit lined up.

On April 25th 1507 the first globular map to bare the name America was published in France. This map is called the Waldseemülle map and it was published in the book cosmographiae introductio. This map is called the "birth certificate of America" in literary circles. This date seems to be the birthing moment for the soul of the current civilization on the American continent. What follows are some brief delineations of some poignant moments in history of the Americas.


The first thing that jump out of the chart at me was the Pluto in Sagittarius and specifically looking at it in comparison to the chart of the USA . During the 9/11 attacks we had transiting Saturn (retribution and manmade karma) in Gemini (vehicles/planes) in opposition to Pluto (terrorist attack) in Sagittarius (extreme ideology) conjunct the natal Pluto in Sagittarius. This locked into the ascendant axis of the chart for the USA. Not only that but the solar arc Pluto in Aries ( violence) was right on the descent ( open enemies) of the 9/11 chart.

At the time of the Cuban missile crisis, Pluto was at it again. Pluto (missiles) was in Virgo (crisis) square the natal Pluto of the Americas in Sagittarius. Then we have the solar arc Pluto in Pisces (collective crisis, as a nuclear exchange would effect the whole globe) making this into a T-square. What does Pluto in Sagittarius symbolize? Sagittarius is a searching for a rebirth of culture, a journey to vaster horizons, a crusade. Pluto can be death destruction and transformation. Together in two words this is what was called “manifest destiny”.

As we look to Canada, I would like highlight a time when the suffrage had a great victory. On September 20th 1917, wives, mothers and sisters of serving soldiers, as well as women serving in the armed forces, were granted the right to vote. We have some clear indicators of this through the Lilith points. We see the transiting nodes (a horoscopic focal point, like the Sun and Moon) passing over the natal Lilith asteroid (overpowering the patriarch) in Capricorn (patriarch and government). We also have the two other Lilith points lit up, the solar arch nodal axis witch is squared by black moon Lilith is being transited by black moon Lilith rossing over it. The solar arch dark moon Lilith is squaring the transiting asteroid Lilith.

As we bring Mexico into the picture we have the Mexican American war of 1846. Here we have transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Mars (both war signatures), as well as the transiting Sun (focal point) conjunct that Mars. These Mars transits were infused with potency by the transiting nodes crossing this point as well. We also have the solar arc Pluto brought into an opposition to the natal Sun through its conjunction to Mercury. The sun transited this opposition a few days into the war.

To cover one of the islands of the American continent I would like to point out the Haitian revolution. In 1791 there was a slave rebellion which led to Haiti being a free state of non-white rule. At the time of the outbreak of the rebellion on August of 1791, we have Mars on the lunar nodes which also falls on the axis of Pluto’s nodes( a governmental destabilizing configuration) square Saturn in Aries (a war signature). This is brought into focus through its conjunction to the transiting nodes in Aries/Libra (equality through war). Transiting Pluto in Aquarius (a new order) was in an opposition to Uranus in Leo hierarchical rule) crossing over the natal Saturn ( another indicator of hierarchical rule) in Leo. The transiting Sun in Leo was right there on the axis of this Pluto-Uranus opposition as was the solar arc Sun in Aquarius.

The last three examples will cover some natural disasters in the Americas. There was major flooding in Guatemala in October of 1949, more then 1000 people were killed. During this flood we have solar arc Neptune (floods) in opposition to the transiting Sun ( the Sun as the natural ruler of Leo can indicate flooding). Mercury and Neptune are conjunct. Turning to earthquakes we have the largest recorded earthquake in Chile in May of 1960. At the time of this earthquake we have the transiting Sun (focaliser) which is square transiting Pluto (cataclism) being brought into an opposition with the natal Pluto by its conjunction with Mercury. Saturn is also crossing over the lunar and plutonian (cataclism) Nodes. The solar arc Pluto opposed the transiting Pluto. One last example is a massive wildfire in Bolivia during 2002. During that time the chart of the Americas was having a Pluto (fire) return which was triggered by the lunar nodes crossing this point. This point also trined the solar arc Pluto in Aries (a very firey sign).

These are just a small number of examples among many. In my humble opinion this chart stands the test of transits, and yes cosmographiae introductio the book to contain the naming of the American continent was published in France, but it still seems to work. So I invite astrologers to test this chart. If you feel it works share it and build upon it.
Thank you and god bless

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