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Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack - June 2016

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:58 am
by Maurice

Terrorist Attack at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul – By Öner Döşer

On June 28 2016, 44 people were killed and 237 were injured by gun and bomb attack of three suicide bombers at Istanbul Ataturk Airport international departures terminal. God rest the souls and heal those wounded. Those violent attacks that caused many deaths and injuries of innocent people showed once again that terrorist attacks are one the greatest global threats. Now Saturn, the planet that represents our fears and anxieties and the quality of mundane events that test us, is in Sagittarius, the sign associated with global and international themes. Additionally, on August 24, Mars (violence, war) will later conjunct the fixed star Antares (often associated with malevolence and destructiveness -Brady), one of the toughest fixed stars. We need to remain very cautious and aware of these upcoming alignments.
According to news reports, the airport attack began at 21:22 (Istanbul Time). ... %B1s%C4%B1
In the chart of the event, we see 19° Capricorn is rising with Pluto is very close to the ASC degree.


In addition to many meanings, Pluto is related with mass destruction and death. Planets in retrograde motion can represent a timing problem. Indeed, we learn from the news that the suicide bombers made the attack before they planned to do. Perhaps the number of casualties would have been even more considerable had Pluto been in direct motion.
In the chart of the attack the Moon that has just moved in exact square with the ASC is separating from its square with Pluto and also applying to conjunction with Uranus, the planet that is related with sudden and unexpected events and explosions. Mars, the ruler of Aries where the Moon and Uranus are placed and the Almuten of Pluto’s degree, is in the 10th house and in Scorpio where it is so powerful and may display events in its own nature (violence, armed attacks, terror, etc..) As Mars is also retrograding, we may think that the suicide bombers had a problem about timing. The Moon will first make an (Quincunx) aspect with Mars before it conjuncts Uranus. That means, the Moon will carry the light of Mars to Uranus: attack, violence, explosion!

When we consider the Arabic parts, we see a very interesting picture: Pars Mortis (Part of Death) is at the same degree as Uranus in Aries (24 Aries). Pars Vitae (Part of Life) is at 24°Libra and in opposition with Uranus. The contact of these two Arabic parts with Uranus captures the deadly circumstances of these events.

There are two T-square configurations in the chart: One of them is in mutable signs and between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune (in we include the Nodes, then we have a Grand Square) and the other is in cardinal signs between Venus, Uranus, Pluto and the Moon. T-square aspect is related with stress and tension. Moon-Uranus conjunction at the focal point of the T-square in cardinal signs represents that a stressed energy is about to disturb the peace (Venus-Pluto opposition) unexpectedly and traumatically (Moon-Uranus).
What are the influences on Turkey’s natal chart?

To evaluate the periodic influences on Turkey’s natal chart and understand what the chart of the attacks trigger on Turkey’s natal chart, let’s put those charts on each other and examine together. You may see that bi-wheel chart below:


The first thing we see here is that transiting Sun (7 Cancer) is just on the ASC degree on Turkey’s natal chart. When angles like the ASC or MC are activated by a significator related with timing, like the Sun, we are faced with critical situations. Sun-ASC conjunction represents critical situations related with the country and the people. Transiting Venus (peace) activating natal Pluto (crisis, destructive situations) in Turkey’s natal chart and applying to opposition with transiting Pluto also describes the potential for some extreme actions that disturbs peace and threatens security.

Transit Jupiter that exactly conjuncts the IC of Turkey’s natal chart is placed in the 5th house and rules the 6th and 10th houses of the explosion chart. That means Jupiter is related with the youth, the children (5th house), security forces and services (6th house) and the external image of the country and the people who rule it (10th house). As part of the T-square in mutable signs, Jupiter is transiting in the 4th house and put emphasis on domestic security and peace. We also see that natal Jupiter is triggered by transit Mars. Mars will continue triggering the same degree for a while. So, we need to be careful those days!

Nodes activate the MC/IC axis of Turkey’s natal chart. During this period, we can be confronted with fated events and exhibit a certain image through our response to the events occurring. The Nodes are about to return to their original position in Turkey’s natal chart. This is really a fated period of time in which the future of the country will be redirected and shaped.

We see the Moon-Uranus conjunction tightly opposing Mercury-Saturn conjunction of Turkey’s natal chart (Uranus is partile opposition). This may mean that sudden and important decisions on the issues related to the future of the country can be implemented, or that some previous decisions will be reconsidered, diminishing some of the promises made (Mercury-Saturn). Hidden enemies may be revealed in unexpected ways (Mercury is the ruler of the 12th house and Saturn is the ruler of the 7th house).

Finally, Mercury transiting in the 12th house, ruler of that house, is aspecting the natal Moon (29 Gemini), the significator of the people. This transit also activates the full moon degree of June 20 which was 29 Gemini/Sagittarius, as you will see in the next chart. That means the people are also faced with some behind the scenes events, secret plans and enemies. June has been a month when devious plans were made as Mercury hoovered over the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square.

What about Turkey’s progressed chart?
Let’s continue by examining the secondary progression of Turkey’s natal chart and adding this chart to the previous two charts in a tri-wheel model. Below you may see that tri-wheel diagram:


In this diagram we see that the progressed Moon at 25°Scorpio is closely transited by stationary Mars (which, as mentioned earlier, also aspects natal Moon, natal Uranus). It demonstrates again violent events that threaten our security and stir up our emotions.

Progressed Jupiter at 13°Sagittarius and Venus at 13°Pisces are activated by transiting Saturn within an orb of 2 degrees. These aspects challenge the existing peace (Venus), security, the safe and routine flow of daily life (Jupiter is the ruler of the 6th house), and reflect ideological motives (Jupiter/Saturn in Sagittarius), also giving more responsibility to the authority figures (transit Saturn).

Transiting South Node and progressed Uranus conjunction may also be related with the terrorist attacks and explosions. As transit South Node is about to reach progressed Venus, we may conclude that we may experience events that will challenge peace this whole period of time!

The Main Actor: Anaretic Full Moon in Sagittarius
In astrology, the last degrees of the signs are critical points and on June 20 we had a full moon at 29°Sagittarius. This last degree is called as “anaretic” in astrology which is derived from a Greek word meaning destructive, ending and deadly. Anaretic degree is a critical degree and points to a fated situation. It is related with the conditions that are about to end. That’s why; I call this full moon at 29°Sagittarius “Anaretic Full Moon”, the chart of which is seen below:


It is possible to make many predictions based on this chart however I will only be looking for clues of terrorist attack at Ataturk Airport. I believe, this full moon was a central factor that triggered that horrifying attack.
That full moon occurred at the 3rd and 9th houses axes, in Gemini and Sagittarius and also in the houses which are related with travels. Sagittarius and the 9th house are related with travels abroad and the relations with the foreigners. The full moon at the last degree of Sagittarius was a harbinger of crisis related with Sagittarius themes. Airports are ruled by Sagittarius. Moreover, a Moon-Acumen conjunction took place by the full moon. Acumen is a fixed star located on the sting the scorpion constellation, its attack and these twin nebula are linked to attack, either verbal or physical, confronting or hidden, slow or fast. So, Acumen brings enduring attacks which weaken; the outcomes could be more difficult to handle.
An educated astrologer may easily see that five planets are cumulated in the 3/9 axe and the Grand Cross in the mutable signs. As mentioned before, Mercury - one of the elements of the Grand Cross – rules the 9th house and Jupiter – another element of the Grand Cross – rules the 3rd house and Saturn – the other element of the Grand Cross – is placed in the 3rd house. The chart shouts stress related with travels both near and far.

When we compare the chart of that full moon with Turkey’s natal chart, we see more interesting points. In the below diagram, you may see those two charts together.

The degree of that anaretic full Moon is triggering Turkey’s natal Moon which is in the 12th house and 29°Gemini! The Moon in a country’s chart represents the people of that country. When the Moon is triggered by hard aspects, then people are exposed to troublesome events. If the Moon is placed in the 12th house (as it is in Turkey’s natal chart), hidden enemies, events behind-the-scenes, organized crimes, losses and illnesses are always possible. As the Moon is the ruler of ASC in Turkey’s chart, it is highly remarkable being the significator of the people’s health and general condition.

In addition, we see that the MC of the Full Moon event chart is in conjunction with Pluto in Turkey’s natal chart (12°Cancer) and ASC degree of the Full Moon event’s chart is in the orb of Mars in Turkey’s natal chart (10°Libra). These aligments represent harsh and violent events… Additionally, transit Uranus is applying to opposition with Mercury-Saturn which are related with open and hidden enemies as the rulers of the 7th and 12th houses and signifying explosive and shocking events.
Astrology is not only a tool for predicting the future trend; it can also be used for analyzing the past events. I am upset to analyze such a horrifying even that deeply saddened the whole country. This is an undefinable sorrow…
Let’s conclude love, light and hope, as always…

Öner Döşer, AMA, MAPAI
June 30 2016, Ayvalık

Re: Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack - June 2016

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:01 am
by Maurice
It is interesting to see the chart of Turkish President Erdogan, with the upcoming Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius (on Antares) landing exactly on his natal Mars/Sun square.

We can only hope for thoughtful action, but can anticipate strong defensive response by the end of August.


Re: Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack - June 2016

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 1:56 pm
by Arlan
Thank you, Oser, for this well written and complete description of the astrology of the tragic event.