Greece on the verge - 2015 crisis

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Greece on the verge - 2015 crisis

Postby Maurice » Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:00 am

Millions of Greeks are voting in a crucial referendum on whether to accept the terms of an international bailout.

The government has urged a "No" vote, but opponents warn this could see Greece ejected from the eurozone.
Greeks appear evenly divided over the issue, according to opinion polls. Turnout is expected to be high, after a frenetic week of campaigning.
Leaders in the governing radical-left Syriza party have criticised the bailout terms as humiliating. They say rejecting the terms could give them more leverage in talks over the country's massive debt.

At an Athens polling station on Sunday, 80-year-old Anastasia said she had voted "No" because she could no longer survive on her pension. "I've voted for my homeland," she said.
Basil, a 56-year-old in Athens, told the AFP news agency he was voting "Yes" - but would rather the referendum had never been called. "This is very dangerous for Greece," he said.
Banks have been closed for 7 days, and each person is allowed to withdraw 60 euros per day from ATMs creating huge lines.

This is the chart of the prime minster of Greece, Tsipras who s behind the defensive attitude to the eurozone terms, and initiator of the referendum.


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