April 13 - Do you ever see an astrologer?

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April 13 - Do you ever see an astrologer?

Postby Dvora » Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:03 pm

Dear Forum visitors,
Here is the question of this month suggested by
John Marchesella. (John, what would I do with out you when I am out of ideas for questions?)

Dentists have to go to other dentists. Barbers have to go to other barbers. Do you ever see an astrologer? If so, how often? And is there any particular reason for it?

Thank you OPA members for responding to the questions. You are always invited to offer your own suggestions for a question of the month.

Looking forward for your answers,
Warmly yours,

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Re: April 13 - Do you ever see an astrologer?

Postby Maurice » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:33 am

I have not scheduled a proper reading for ages, though through the OPA peer group i have had my chart read by fellow astrologers. I love that aspect of the work :mrgreen:

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Re: April 13 - Do you ever see an astrologer?

Postby Dvora » Fri May 03, 2013 11:55 pm

Dear OPA family,

April question of the month stirred up many responses. That is so wonderful. It seems that it was close and personal for many of us. Thank again, John Marchesella.
Before we go to the next question, here are the responses for last month question.

Dentists have to go to other dentists. Barbers have to go to other barbers. Do you ever see an astrologer? If so, how often? And is there any particular reason for it?

Melanie Reinhart
Dear Dvora,

Margaret Gray

I love getting feedback on my chart from colleagues when I am feeling stuck. I think as in any helping profession it is a case of healer heal thyself making it important for us to get help to access our unconscious shadow sides. Plus the focus and intention alone of a compassionate colleague is healing in itself.

Sandra Leigh Serio
This is a very good question (Thanks John!) and I am curious to see how the others answer it. I have on occasion in the past gone to other astrologers just to see how they interpret something that I can see coming in my chart. I never tell them what I am seeing until they come forth with it. I have often said I wish I could find an astrologer just like me. I don't mean that in an arrogant way but to find an astrologer (someone who does not know me) who is not afraid to forecast and predict but also offer spiritual and psychological insights is hard to find. I really care about my clients and want to help them as much as I can so I present to them what they desire which is often forecasting, almost always support and often spiritual insights into who they are and why they are here. I know many astrologers from OPA who could do this but I feel we know each other too well so I prefer to go to someone who does not know me. In an informal fashion, I will consult with another astrology friend and mention some configuration, transit or eclipse that will be occurring and in conversation receive his/her take on it. I do the same for astrology friends who are perplexed by their own transits or configurations.More recently I have found that consulting with a reputable "psychic" works for me because the person does not know me and can be totally objective. I don't tell them I am in their line of work because I don't want to intimidate them or put them on the defensive. So to answer the question, Yes I do consult with others in similar fields. It makes me think of this quote and I don't know who said it: "The doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient."
Sandra Leigh

Tim Rubald
Oh goodness, way too often, many times each day. There are mirrors here, it isn't like a vampire's home at all. Huge mirrors on the sliding closet doors in the bedroom and another mirror over the sink in the bathroom. It's a horror! Every time there's a mirror I notice an astrologer!

Oh the horror! So many times every day, an astrologer!

Bob Mulligan

Answer: Yes, I go to other astrologers? I do this for three reasons: professional curiosity; help on my life; and third, interesting dialogue.

I started my astrological practice in 1973 and have had the opportunity to have a session with several astrologers every year since then. I’m always interested in how astrologers approach a reading, what they see as important, how they dress, how they present themselves, where they see their clients and so on. I’m always overjoyed to see an astrologer who takes their work seriously and who presents a professional image. Even a beginning astrologer will often come up with an important insight. It makes me very happy when I see someone who is able to bypass their cultural prejudices and personal impressions of me and focus on the astrology.

Like everyone else on the planet, I need help from time to time. You can be the greatest surgeon in the world; you’re still not going to take out your own gall bladder. We can’t see the center of the circle when we are standing on it….another astrologer can always give us a different perspective. I must admit, there have been times when another astrologer has had me change something timing wise that went against my own intuition. This is a healthy reminder of how we can push our client too hard or become too stuck on our own view and have too much invested in what our client does with information we provide. On the whole, another astrologer’s opinion on my life has been most helpful. As a group leader for OPA, I have had the opportunity to do the peer review work with other astrologers most every year at Arlan’s home on Martha’s Vineyard, and this has also always been insightful.

Finally, sitting with another astrologer who is focused on my chart prompts interesting conversations about how astrological descriptions relate to our lives. The dialogue around techniques, priorities, and activations in the chart will often open up new lines of thought and new ideas for research. Every astrologer should try to be in this spot at least once a year in order to remember what it is like to be excited and vulnerable, sitting on the other side of the desk.


Brad Kochunas

I have seen 6 professional astrologers in four decades. I found each of them to be very knowledgeable about their approaches. Five of them were thorough covering the entire chart and answering all my questions. These readings/consultations were all very educational and entertaining but none were particularly helpful or meaningful. To varying degrees, they would drag in words like spirit, karma, past lives, soul purpose, evolution, and future trends - all concepts that hold little interest to me. One consultation which focused upon one or two issues suggested in the chart and allowed for the construction of a deep dialogue regarding present concerns was quite helpful and I would certainly revisit that astrologer or that style of astrology in the future.

My reason for visiting an astrologer was to get an additional perspective about what was going on in my life at the time. Additionally, I also wanted to gain some insight into different ways astrologers approach their work.


Hal Bahr

When I encounter an astrologer who uses a technique I'm interested in or has some kind of inspiring new perspective I will book a reading to get a better idea of what they are doing. This tends to happen once or twice a year. I also use my own favorite astrologer from time to time when complex situations look likely to arise. In fact I saw this email question immediately after a morning of doing a reading for another professional astrologer and then having a session of my own with my personal astrologer. This time I employed her so that I could have another expert perspective on the next 7 eclipses which will exactly hit 6 of my natal planets including all of my angle rulers and personals but the Moon. I have found in my life that having counsel you respect and trust can be invaluable in charting a course forward.

Blessings and Love,
Hal Bahr

Stephanie Telesco
Yes, I do have consultations with other astrologers. My first astrological consultation was in my early twenties, long before I considered being an astrologer. My astrological visits have been for a variety of reasons. Prior to knowing enough to consult myself, I would go to astrologers to learn about the times and their potential for me. I now enjoy the insights that I receive from other astrologers, as I do believe my own prejudices and blinders can cloud clear vision! I enjoy seeing how each Astrologer approaches and interprets the chart. I like different perspectives thus I have sought out and appreciated the consultations I have had with Vedic and Traditional Astrologers.
Warmest regards to you,

Victoria Smoot

I most definitely do visit another Astrologer. It was a visit to an astrologer that started me into it. Why would I ever assume that I know enough to forgo the privilege? I do not regularly schedule one, but on an as needed basis when I feel I want to look at my chart in another way. I longer have a regular astrologer, as I did when Buz Myers was alive. Now that I am meeting and getting to know more astrologers, I look forward to partaking in this on going. I can also choose one with a specialty and experience to address my question. Such abundance!

The reason I would go to another astrologer would be that I can only be more subjective about my own chart than another can, even as well as I think I know myself. I appreciate the view of others. As the Course in Miracles says in Lesson 33, "I can look at this another way." I thoroughly believe from experience this simple shift in perspective can open the door to possibilities, opportunities and miracles. I also visit a wonderful Numerologist who utilizes the Tarot for consultation and timing of cycles. He believes as I do that Astrology has many correspondences with both Tarot and Numerology. I also feel that we grow in our learning and in respect for one another when we submit to the professional care of a colleague. To me, it is very much like the basis upon which OPA had built its program of peer-group in-depth study and mutual work.

Omari Martin

Yes, I have consulted with other certified (qualified) astrologers. I may do this every year or so, and I'm interested in knowing what they "see" about my natal chart and current progressions and transits. My colleagues will have more objectivity. They have all been very good! I was pleased.


Patrick Lewis
I think when a lot is going on in a persons life, and we want to get a more objective view, of what is going on we should consult an Astrologer. It is hard to read a chart for yourself. We're too close to the problems, in fact we are the problems. This way we don't have to agree, with the Astrologer, we are entitled to our own opinion. It will give you a greater perspective of what is going on in your life. Sometimes I go years without consultation. But when I'm concerned with what is going on in my life, I ask for help.

June Morrow
Yes. I do see other Astrologers. There is so much in my own chart that I don't see (or don't want to see), that it's imperative that I do. Also, I go to OPA's retreats to not only learn but to find something out about my chart that I've missed. The information from another Astrologer or OPA's retreat seems to come exactly at the time I need it.

Alex Walker

I've had two readings from a professional astrologer - one who gave me an important personal insight I'd been oblivious to for years. The other reading was for relocation and I actually moved to where I was advised. Though it's only been a year, it was one of the best things I've ever done, making this move to Florida. Wish I'd come here 30 years ago. It's always worthwhile employing a "second set of eyes."

Before and since those readings, I'd have to classify myself as a "DIY" astrologer. I'd have a Saturday show on PBS if I could refurbish people's "houses" with astrology (a sequel to "This Old House?"). I'm one who astrologically whitens my own teeth, pull a molar or two and cut my own hair - and a bit of dyslexia serves me well with that mirror image. I know there are a hundred astrologers out there who'd give me new and interesting perspectives, but I can meditate on my own aspects, solar arcs and progressions indefinitely. I get the luxury of spending far more than an hour on all that dentistry and "barbery." I spend hours each day studying the markets so I have the endurance to do this.

Dmitiry Paramonov

Good day to all the participants of E-News!

Today again asked a good question. Participation in the E-News - interesting and useful deal, because it promotes my professional development. Every time I think about the answer, I ask myself different questions that help me to highlight the issue from different angles. Participation in the E-News broadens my horizons.

Yes, I am asking for help to my fellow astrologers. I appeal to those astrologers, with whom I have a trusting relationship. They help me and I help them.

How often I turn to other astrologers for help? As necessary. Sometimes I ask the question about my horoscope. Sometimes I ask the question at the precarious situation at the time of consultation.

Why am I doing this? A fresh look of my colleague at the problem gives a clearer and accurate understanding of the issue. Each astrologer has your vision and understanding of the horoscope, the understanding of the planets. A look another astrologer on the horoscope helps me to understand more fully the question that concerns me.

Astrologer needs to communicate with other astrologers. Otherwise, in our profession will come a situation, that contributes to the degradation of our profession. If the astrologer would not seek the help of other astrologers, we will get the vacuum the existence of distinct personality and the lopsided development of astrology.

If I every time go to an astrologer-colleague, I will not have my interpretation. Time... so much time spent in the shuffle. I believe that everyone should have a head on his shoulders. The astrologer should be held accountable for their words. Advice and assistance to colleagues is sometimes necessary, but do not abuse it.

John Marchesella
Ideally, I'd like to say I do visit or can visit another astrologer for consistent readings, i.e., annually or bi-annually, but alas, in reality, it doesn't happen, for various reasons.

Luckily, I have a small group of colleagues, who are good friends, who I dinner with regularly, and we talk about our challenging transits, interesting progressions, the effect of the eclipses, and on and on, and that provides an objectivity on what's going on in each of our lives, some new perspectives or angles on things, and certainly, the best of what a good astrology reading offers, but for the convenience and price of dinner and the intimacy of good collegial friendship. It's not an ideal solution, but in reality, it works well.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to attend an OPA retreat due to my schedule with clients, but I assume that something similar is provided there for us.

Be well, John

Chris Ferraro
From time to time, I do consult with other astrologers. In challenging times, it helps me to reduce my subjectivity, see the bigger picture and take advantage of growth opportunities that I may not have been aware of. We all know our own charts (or think we do) like the palms of our hands, but I find that I invariably learn something new, enlightening and/or inspiring from placing myself in the hands of another capable astrologer. In addition to seeing my horoscope through fresher eyes, I also get to see other astrologers in action: observe how they work, probe their thinking processes, and understand their methodologies.

Arlan Wise
Yes, I go to other astrologers. I find it a valuable experience for a number of reasons. For one, you hear from another astrologer what you don't see in your own chart. We all have blind spots and someone else can see right through them. There is also the "fear factor" as discussed in a previous Enews. An upcoming transit can be perceived as scary, as it seems to be a part of human nature to see the worst. Someone else will remind you of all the good things that transit can bring. Each astrologer has his/her techniques they use and I always learn about myself through their lens.

It is also important to sit on the other side of the desk to remind you what your clients are feelings when you are the astrologer doing the reading.

I often use readings from other astrologers as lessons. and introductions to other systems of astrology. When I was studying Vedic, I had many readings from Vedic astrologers and I asked a lot of questions. I saw those readings as private lessons. I found Gary Christian's Uranian reading amazing in it's detail and that he saw things about me that no other astrologer had ever mentioned. I recently had a reading with Hal Bahr to learn what Human Design is like and how it meshes with what I know about my chart. (I was also impressed that Hal gives a 25% professional discount.)
Yes, I see it as a good thing to keep getting readings from other astrologers.

Alexandra Karacostas
I consult with other astrologers both casually and professionally. I feel fortunate that I am amidst many excellent astrologers who are also friends. It is such a treat to invite their opinions on certain matters, listen to feedback and get exposed to another way of perceiving what is going on in a chart. Occasionally, I get professional readings for myself, but also for family members who are interested. When it comes to certain issues, I am not the best person for my family member to consult with. So, I suggest other skilled astrologers with wonderful results all around.
It appears that we have blind spots with our own charts and another’s insight is often wise and helpful. There have been years in the past when I did not seek consultations, but that seems to go in cycles. The last couple of years I have had several personal consultations.
I'm so lucky to know many exceptional astrologers, all with a different twist. Best way to learn how a colleague works is to get a reading from them! Well worth it and very insightful. We all have something unique and special to offer. Well, almost all of us….. :-)
And I do go to the hairdresser, too!

Dvora Weil
I must admit that for many years I refrained from consulting with astrologers, or astrology. Though I dedicated lots of time to study it, I was reluctant to let it influence or lead my life. It might sound contradictory to the service we offer, but this is how I felt for many years. I debated about the question of fate and free will and tried to stir my life freely especially from astrological prediction. I did use astrology though to know myself better and to deepen my understanding to "why I do this things I do".
Things have changed after I joined OPA, at 2008. I was curios about the way other astrologers work and looked for answers to specific questions I had.
Theses days, I consult with my dear friends in OPA, especially when going through difficult times. I highly appreciate their input, at times when I need support and guidance.
Through listening to astrological analysis, I have learnt to develop my own intuition because I believe that we have all the knowledge we need, inside us. The validation that we get from a reading validates the path we chose infuses us with the courage to follow it.
I would like to pay tribute to my dearest friend and a devoted OPA member for many years, Patrick Lewis who celebrates today his eightieths birthday. Happy birthday Patrick. Your wisdom and contribution to the astrological community is invaluable. May you enjoy many more happy years to come. Amen.

Please check out the question of May 13 on a different page.
All the best to you,
Warmly yours,

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