March 13 - Working with infants' chart

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March 13 - Working with infants' chart

Postby Dvora » Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:00 am

Dear Forum visitors,
Here is our question for this month. Thanks you, John Marchesela for providing us with questions for two more months.
How do you work with the charts of infants for new parents?

Hoping you will find this topic as intriguing as all the other and will share your experience with us.
You are all invited to send me ideas for more questions, for more E-News letters, that will enrich us more and that will bring us together even more. It does not get any better than that. ;)

Please check our OPA website for the 10 interesting tracks offered in small groups, in an intimate atmosphere in the beautiful Ocean Creek Resort at Myrtle Beach SC.

Looking forward to your responses and hopefully to see you joining us, soon.
Warmly yours,

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Re: March 13 - Working with infants' chart

Postby Maurice » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:16 pm

I think it is wonderful service to offer new parents a perspective into their child's soul, so that they can understand the natural orientations of their child at times when verbal communication is still in the making...

Notwithstanding, we need to be so responsible as astrologers to approach the child's chart and the parents with utter care - the potential to do diservice and "freak them out" because we see intense aspects, or instill miguided ideas about their child is plain dangerous.

Naturally parents will tend to take everything we say very deeply...they care and are very protective of their child, so our comments will have heavy weight.

I believe the golden rule would be to avoid ANY DETERMINISM - whether the comment is positive and cautionary.

Our role at this point is to povide a better understanding of the child's natural inclinations and needs to enhance his or her development.

And always remember as a humbling thought, that we have no real way to know how the final form the energy of the charts will take.

In short, if the astrologers does not possess this strong sensitivity to deliver the message with care and precision, perhaps it is best they do not focus on children's charts.

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Re: March 13 - Working with infants' chart

Postby Dvora » Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:00 pm

Dear OPA family,
We have just returned from a four days retreat at Myrtle Beach SC. You might say that it sounds a cliche when I say "we had a great time". But what if we really, truly, honestly did?
Think about it: We spent four days, in a fabulous resort, with a small and intimate group of like minded people, and we "spoke" "astrologee" all day long. So you tell me if saying "we had a great time" is a cliche?
Yes, it's true, money is an object. It always is for most of us. But our heart and soul is also an "object". We do need to feed it at least equally as we feed our body. So for those of you who spent time with us, and those of you back home, start considering joining us in our next year's retreat. And while doing so, put few dollars aside every month. It will add up to what you need to join us. After all, it's not THAT out of reach. And it's worth every penny.

And now we are back to our routine with the question of last month that was suggested by John Marechesella:
How do you work with the charts of infants for new parents?

Patrick Lewis
I think that every new parent should have a chart done for their child. The chart won't tell us what the child will create or do, but it will show the strengths and weakness of the child. All charts have aspects, squares, opposition, conjunction, trines or sextiles. All 12 Houses of the Horoscope, present different meanings. The strengths and weakness' of each House and the combinations of planets in those Houses, create scenarios, that is potential possibilities. We cannot predict, [most of us try], with exact certitude what will happen, but we can sure see the potential of what might happen. If we see an afflicted 2 House, the parent needs to teach the child delayed gratification, that is they need to learn the lesson of putting money away for a rainy day. Each Planet and House, has its positive and negative possibilities.

It try not to read for children, for they usually lack the wisdom to absorb what I say. But in the rare past I have. If the parents insist, I take an other different approach, I keep things simple, positive, and emphasize their potentials. I once read for a 5 year old girl, upon insistence from her parents. Bringing my mind down to a child's level of thinking was really a challenge. It was a tough assignment, but I really learned a lot from doing it. Try and hold a child's attention for 3/4 of an hour, it was trying, but it worked out. Yes, it is imperative, all children should have charts made for them, not for the child, but for their parents. Love, and Light, Patrick

John Marchesella[/u][/b]
I am delighted and pleasantly surprised that you're using all of my suggested questions for the group. Thank you very much.

So, let me answer my own question here. I actually refrain from reading the charts of infants (or young children, for that matter, too) in any serious or detailed way. In my experience, although new parents think they want to know about their new baby, they really don't, at least not the reality of the child. Either they only want the good news, or they want to hear they're going to perfect parents who don't ruin the child, or they want to know the kid is going to be the next president of the United States.

And why not? Isn't that how all of us are when we fall in love, and don't we fall in love with our babies and children too?

So, I'll just very peripheral things, such as "Looks like you've got a ballerina on your hands here," or "I think he's going to be a swimmer, so start him early in the water."

If they press for more, I usually recommend they get a computer generated interpretation from, and I think that's a very appropriate quality and quantity of information for the new parent. Similarly, if someone wants to buy the gift of reading for the new parents, I send them to Astro for a report and that serves fine for the occasion.

Finally, if I see something "of interest" in the child's aspects, I'll make a note of it, and when the parent comes for follow up appointments in ensuing years, I gently ask question about that "interesting" aspect. When it's called for, then I give a little more info on it.

Overall, I want the parent to have some experience with the infant or the child before I bring my two cents.

I definitely bring up, though, what the fears, doubts, insecurities, etc., the parent might have about parenting (as well as some strengths and assets). In this way, the parent often leaves the reading thinking they discussed the child when, actually, they learned about him- or herself as a parent.

SInce I missed last month's question, let me add, when reading for a couple, I have two strict rules.

First, both parties must be present for the composite reading. Without that, I'm stacking the deck for one member of the couple.

Second, they must be in a relationship for a minimum of a year. Similar to new parents and being in love, new lovers don't really want to hear about the reality of the relationship before they meet up with it. I also know from my own experience that I'm a wonderful partner from May to October when summer is in, but from October to May even I don't want to have a relationship with me! So, I think we need to get through all four seasons, at least, before we really have a full sense of each other.

However, in a reading with an individual, when the topic of relationship comes up, I will take a glance at the partner's planets from the ephemeris, and I discern how best to help the client understand what the partner is experiencing. I am, though, very discreet in what I say and how I say it, so as not to violate the partner's privacy and to keep the focus on my client and his her or understanding and experience.

Thanks, John

Arlan Wise
I love doing baby charts. I have done a lot of them since my clients realize that a chart reading is a cool baby gift. I know that I am reading the pure potential in the chart, but also know that I can give some practical advice. The Virgo child needs chores, the Taurus and Capricorn children want allowances and instruction on how to best handle their money. Don't shame the Leo child. Your Cancer and Pisces children are very sensitive. It is basic stuff for us astrologers but novel and useful information to the new parents. I'll look at progressions and mention in broad strokes which will be the pivotal years.
If I have the parents charts i will comment on the synastry between parents and child and between the siblings if I have that information. I speak directly to the child and welcome him or her to the world and say that i hope he/she will listen to this recording when old enough. I do a 45 minute reading instead of my usual hour and invite the parents to call me to talk for 15 to 20 minutes with any questions they may have after hearing the recording. (No one has ever called...)
I do get good feedback, often hearing years later how the reading was spot on, so I know they're listening.

Arlan Wise

Monica Hable Dimino
Hi, Dvora,
I avoid doing newborn charts as much as possible!

Dmitriy Paramonov
Good day, participants E-News.

Thanks for the interesting and complex question. In this case, the first rule for me - trying to avoid artificial influence of on personality formation. One should understand that we are dealing with a person who was not generated yet. This person is at the initial stage of its development. At this stage, any careless intervention can cause harm, which later will be difficult to fix.

In considering the horoscope of the child should be given special attention to the possible potential of the child. I believe that we should not make predictions for a long period, build an assumption and program of parents at what kind of life would be in the child. Need to leave more space for free manifestation of personality. Have to do emphasis on the potential, which is incorporated in the chart. We must try to see in the chart of the child on that he is capable, on that he has a chances. Need to leave out of the way of programming future events. We need to show the parents that we get if we develop the potential in a certain direction. In this case, the astrologer should be aware that the concept of "good" and "bad" - it is a subjective concepts. What seems harmonious for us, can be detrimental to the other person. What is good for a person with a pronounced moon and Pisces may do not have no value to the person with a pronounced Mars and Sagittarius. These people have different priorities in life and the concept of good / bad, too, for these people are different. Good, if the astrologer can go beyond the subjective assessment of priorities. Good, if the astrologer is able to look at the priorities by eyes of the customer.

In interpreting of the horoscope of the child must be remembered about the process of socialization. We must remember about the rule barring causing harm. The information field of child is sensitive to programs that are received the child from the outside world. Parents, relatives, teachers, peers - they all affect the process of the formation of the child. Therefore, an astrologer should be especially careful in stating their views on the horoscope of the child. Casually spoken word can cause the biased attitude to personality of the child.

I try not to interpret horoscopes of children under 1 year. The process deployment of ahankara in this period is under intensive formation, so any outside interference can have unpredictable results. Nothing terrible will happen if the child's parents will come for a consultation, when the child is 1 year old.

Yours sincerely, Dmitriy Paramonov
Astrological Consultant

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tel: +7-950-161-41-40

Chris McRae

Since January I have created an astrological profile for three different babies in 3 different families. The requests are from grandparents who can afford a personally typed report for the new babies. These are for grandparent clients who have an understanding of the challenging aspects in the sky at this time and are curious as to its effect upon their new grandchildren.

I recognize that it is a challenge to be truthful but not discouraging or disparaging in applying the aspects and patterns in these wee babies’ charts. The idea is to give them a potential profile of characteristics that they will see developing as the baby grows, with suggestions that could perhaps help to offset some of the challenging aspects and perhaps watch for certain developing traits.

As I typed I found myself being guided by the spirit of grace, goodness and love in the role they will play in the world that is presently reshaping itself. I pray I did the job in a guiding way.

Chris McRae

June Morrow

I don't work with infant charts of new parents. The babe's chart is full of potential and, knowing how some parents can be, I do not want to be responsible for parents pushing or demanding that a babe go in a direction that the Astrologer assumes is appropriate, and then, as a teenager or adult, it turns out that the person really didn't want to go that way and had something completely different in mind. It's, in my opinion, not giving the babe/child the chance to choose for him/herself the direction s/he would like to go in. Guidance and education is one thing but pushing and demanding in quite another.

Susan Falk

I always tell the parents that there are many possibilities for their child as revealed in the chart-that it is a blueprint of potentiality and I try to keep it as open as possible so that they don't have limited concepts of their child's potential. That said, I talk about the talents and challenges that I see on the chart and try to keep it as positive as possible-no dire warnings or scary predictions.I also tell them that another astrologer could have additional insights.


Alexandra Karacostas
First, I want to express much gratitude for such a successful retreat in Myrtle Beach! Thank you all who came for your participation and most of all your presence!

I work with charts for little ones fairly often as they make meaningful and fun gifts for baby, but especially for the new parents!
Having my own children’s charts was a true blessing in helping me raise them. Even though I had this valuable information, I was not always able to avoid some of the challenges of child-rearing. It’s so useful to have a sense of our children’s strengths so we can support them, regardless of their choices or our feelings. Recognizing their difficulties greatly helped me in understanding their unique dynamics instead of always imagining that they are a reflection of me or strictly a result of our parenting style.
They are a wonderful tool, resource and gift as we travel on this journey together!

Dvora Weil

My approach to an infant's chart is in some ways similar when counseling a client when their significant other is absence. I represent the the child as if they could speak. I tell their parents what would be a helpful way to communicate with the child, and what they might take into consideration when interacting with the child.

Example: A mother asked me for help in relating to her one year old son, whom she said she "started to hate". He throwing uncontrollable tantrum, she felt helpless and could not find a way to calm him down. I have explained the mom that with Moon Mars conjunct, the child himself is "being" attacked by unclear aggressive emotions, and that he is not "doing" it to her personally. By depersonalizing , and sharing with her that particular child's psychic structure, she was able to adjust her response to him and has found a way to express his emotions for him, which helped a lot.

In short: I will look at the chart only to help the parents understand their infant better.

However, I will NEVER EVER analyze a chart for the parents telling them "what will their child be when they grow up. . . ". Not that we ever know anyway.


Dear Forum readers,
Please check out April question of the month posted separably.
All the best to you,

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Re: March 13 - Working with infants' chart

Postby simmi » Thu May 23, 2013 5:45 am

Hi Drova,
Is these your views, you write up these all information about that particular one?
If it is than its really amazing...
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