New Moon in Gemini: Educating the masses

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New Moon in Gemini: Educating the masses

Postby Katerusko » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:36 pm

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?

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Re: New Moon in Gemini:

Postby Katerusko » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:06 am

Anne Ortelee

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?

By appearing in a professional manner as they teach, write or talk about astrology.  

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?

I've found the "masses" actually LIKE astrology.  It is the "powers that be" that actually put astrology down.  The brilliance of astrology is it describes the situation or circumstances or person without bias or prejudice.  No wonder the "powers" don't like it.  An excellent book on the matter is "Fated Sky" by Benson Bobrick.  It helped me understand why astrology has a bad reputation.  It makes you proud to be an astrologer, descended from a long line of truth tellers.  Provided you like the truth of course!

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?

I believe in loud and proud.  But I have Aquarius Rising, with Uranus joined to Jupiter in Exaltation. It is the Age of Aquarius.  Time for all of us to get out of the closets!
Kay Taylor

I feel astrology is best served by creating a well educated, ethical group of professional astrologers who produce excellent work, whether it is in research, writing or private consultations. I also feel the organizations should have PR people to monitor and refute negative articles and to make sure quality information is available. There are many in the “masses” who will never be interested in something like astrology or any type of inner awareness or focused growth. We don’t have to concern ourselves with converting people, trying to stay out of the limelight or trying to get into it. If our offering is of quality it will reach the people who are ready for it.


William Lamont

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?
I think the best way to convince the general public the value of any true spiritual practice is self realization.
Offering a bite sized and effective tool or program they can personalize to themselves in a way that propagates self realization, in the form of a mini class, booklet or app.

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?
I don't think its a waste of time to educate the masses on what we actually do and the actual complexity of Astrology actually I think that's rather important. However, with that thought in mind I think Astrologers time is valuable and a targeted approach to educating quality over quantity would be best.

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?
I feel its both important for us to be respected and given equal opportunity as professionals to carry out our practice. So in that respect we need to have elements of public visibility and scrutiny. However I don't think that Astrology must have a vast public profile, the people who need Astrology will find us wherever we are.

Arlan Wise

No, it is not a waste of time to educate the public about astrology. By helping people understand astrology, we can help them raise their level of consciousness, make them more tolerant, and help them understand that doing things at the right time can be an advantage.
All through history people have valued and used astrology. The astro-historians are discovering that. I refer you to Christopher Renstrom’s work on astrology in colonial times, in the 1800’s, and in the beginning of the 20th century. Think of Nancy and Ronald Reagan who learned that astrology answers questions while they were in Hollywood and so brought it into the White House. Think of Patrick Walker writing in TV Guide at the time when the TV was the only source of home entertainment and so the Guide was in everyone’s home. Astrology resonates deep inside one’s psyche and it feels good to hear it and read it.
In the early 1990’s I started writing a daily astrological forecast for the local newspaper. I wrote it for 17 years. It was gratifying and a bit amazing to have people come up to me, people who you would not on first glance associate with liking astrology, and tell me how much they liked the column and how they found it to be useful to their daily lives. The landscapers loved it for the gardening advice. People learned about retrograde Mercury and void-of-course moons. I heard nothing negative.
Be proud to say that you are an astrologer, even when you see that glazed-over look come back in response. Include astrology in your daily conversations. Teach a bit of astrology in everyday situations. Give free talks at libraries and social groups. Spread the word!

Lutia Lausane

For me, I find a strong connection with those interested in Kundalini Yoga is a good connection, as well as people who are getting tired of Spiritual Direction. Mandala work around a Labyrinth also attracts interested people, and I find there is a tremendous hunger for digging deeper with astrological tools. I also use natal charts instead of Genograms when planning weddings. Yet the best of all for me is word of mouth. I feel the time is ripening for this work and I’m delighted to be part of it. (Here is a picture of a mandala workshop on the High Park Labyrinth in Toronto—two new clients and counting).

Boaz Fyler

I believe we are all ambassadors of the field we love so much. Change is mostly incremental and requires much patience. 

Every day, we are confronted with situations in which people ask us about astrology. These are our opportunities to inform and broaden horizons. One should be very careful not to take the educator, or even more so - the preacher mode unnecessarily. That creates much antagonism and can cause adverse affects. I believe that as representatives of our trade, our morals, ethics, code of conduct and manners represent who we are not only as private human beings, but as professional astrologers as well. Thus, how we choose to behave on a daily basis, reflects much about what people think of what we chose to do. If we are considered wise, tolerant and trustworthy, it will reflect positively about what people think about astrology as well, and vice-versa. 

Astrology can not and will not stay in the dark. The voyage to make it a recognised, verified and respectable trade is on route already with more empiric research in the field than ever before. The knowledge gained in the next decades will serve as the basis for the public recognition of this magnificent and ancient art.  

Sue Minahan

The nodal axis Aquarius (NN) Leo (SN) encourages an opening window for Astrology to appeal to a wider segment of the population.  Online interactive classes or sessions attracts like-minded people.  Astrology membership groups, or Astrology online teaching schools, or Facebook serve well to coordinate a good audience.  Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn may promote interest in structured groups, especially those giving classes with an authoritative figure/instructor.  Jupiter in Scorpio influence urges people to delve into the whys of life and living and emotional structure and behaviors which astrology addresses.  Neptune in Pisces till 2025 continues a focus on the universal laws of the collective unknown -- despite all the religious fervor.  In May 2018 Uranus enters Taurus, and adds a special possibility to the synthesized energies.  In particular, Taurus characteristics of resources, self-reliance, value, survival may steer some people to learn astrology in order to delineate transits themselves and not rely on others to interpret that they may or may not trust.  Generally, the world is becoming more connected through mutual concerns and in order to understand the apparent differences, or to protect oneself.  Whether the motive is for unity or for isolation, a greater percentage of people world-wide will be inspired by these transits, filling the 4th quadrant of Pisces Aquarius and Capricorn.

Education is part of the Aquarian future we reside.  At one time farm school houses were questioned, or the education of minorities -- women or blacks in the USA. No guarantee how astrology will assist in the big or small dramas of life, just as storms pervade the globe or droughts and floods.  The issue of astrology rests on its essence of cycles, of archetypal growth patterns, of relating the unsolvable unknown to the diameters of life as we categorize its meaning and definition. So, no, it's not a waste to share astrology's information.   And no, I think conforming to fear of maintaining astrology's current profile is fruitless.

On a grand scale, responding to the planets in the 4th quadrant leads direction.  Movies offer a multi-layered reception. Entertainment, and for some, a deeper message.  Movies can serve many purposes through various subjects.  Mythology  giving the archetypal gods and goddesses stories might appeal to the "historical/traditional" Capricorn focus, or Neptune Pisces may consider it a fun escapist "fantasy".  But movies including a reference to astrology in whatever terms will help to open the door for conversation, and start a wider awareness.  Marketing tools know that repetition builds consumer confidence.

Bottom-line, astrology is unable to be contained in this technological era. There are various forms of astrology and each provides a benefit, be it prediction or be it for soul-growth. Fears of manipulation may be warranted though uncertain how different from any other knowledge held socially.  But, the greater gift of offering the tools and truth of astrology outweigh restriction.  

Taurus and Scorpio axis works on that self-reliance requires other resources for life and ultimate survival.  Same with astrology.  Because astrology is life. Not elite. Part of the conquest is to speak a common language of what resounds today, in order to connect astrology's ideology.  And that is in part why astrology needs more people. In order to "translate" concepts, it creates terms of association.  It makes common sense that more will be discovered through connections pivoting from a wide community.

Margarita Logovatovs­kaya

The power of Astrology works in the action of its influence on a person's life, which can be described in words, through some articles. Live examples describing how astrology works touches people. Especially when they meet in the lives of themselves. I take examples from their lives and describe them through the prism of astrological planetary influences with recommendations in each case. The practical application of Astrology makes it interesting and influential. People start to listen and change their minds. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to inform the public and not be afraid to go this way. Astrology already takes a solid place in the people's hearts and many already see its real action and influence. This fire needs to be heated up, throwing firewood through our actions, articles, communication, forums, meetings. The power of Astrology in its practical application and understanding that it is an instrument through which one can bring to someone's life to a completely different level of spiritual growth and well-being, to which everyone aspires.

Stephanie Telesco

I believe Astrology is best served by each of us being Astrological Ambassadors and Educators.  The manner and means by which each of us do this will be as varied and individual as we each are and as our audiences will be. 
This year, in addition to my website blog, I began writing a column for a local monthly alternative newspaper. As well, I started teaching astrology in our community education program.  Both have been personally rewarding experiences and effective sources of new clients.
Astrology News Service ( provides all of us with an invaluable body of articles through their ANS Features.  To quote their page: “The Astrology News Service (ANS) is making selected content from its Website available for republishing through a new syndicated service – ANS Features. This content was revised with your editorial needs in mind and can be republished without any concerns about copyright Infringement. “   In my blog and articles, I usually reference an ANS Features story.  My goal in so doing is to help connect the public with interesting and accurate astrological information. 
Reaching out to the public will, I feel, only lead to greater appreciation of the value of Astrology!

Cinderella Cat

Some of us prefer to be on the downlow, but I do not necessarily think that is the answer.

I think when the transits are right, we will put ourselves out there. "Sometimes" is just not the right time. "Anytime" is not just the right time either. We may be going through a heavy Pluto transit, and it has been the time away from the limelight.

Just a thought!

Adriana Santiago

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?
I think, starting with workshops or short presentations. It should be something accessible for every one and the astrologers should use a simple language. I like stories telling and the myths, it could be a way to get the interest on people, of course using real example,
What I found it is hard to get people to be interesting in astrology when there is not anything in country or culture that can link to it. I mean, if the culture is not spiritual or one to be believe in something different then it is going to be difficult to relate astrology. Unfortunately, astrology in some countries/cultures are related to fortune telling. But, I believe being professional and giving access to general public to short workshop could help..

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?
I don't think so. But, it must be something like "strategy" to attract people and talking to them in a simple language. Taking small steps and making a plan it should work. We have something and previous astrologers generation did not have: internet. It can help to unify the whole astrology community around the world. There are groups doing great things and other wanted to join forces to other groups, but I don't understand why they are not working together. It is a problem of leadership, politic, financial resources or any kind of competition ? 

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?
I am not sure. At the moment,  I feel  people are not ready to receive this information. The time will come, but we have to start for somewhere, that's why I said before, small steps and action plan is necessary. In any project it works this approach why it should not work in astrology?

Thom Cazel

1) How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?

     The Value of Astrology, in my opinion, comes from the impact it has on the lives of those who use it. So, the more of these people, who have used and appreciated Astrology, talk to other people about the interaction, the more Value it will be seen to have in the general public. Today's Social media is a perfect place for this communication to happen and I Believe the public is much more accepting of it now than in the recent past.
     The "reach out" is not each Astrologer singing out their own praises through personal advertising. Astrology in general should be promoted more than the Astrologer.

2) Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?

     We should not worry about doing this. The education will occur over time, with the "masses" that need and value it.

3) Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?

Not necessarily. This is a Great time for people to have an encounter with Astrology in their Lives. Social media should be a great place to reach them.  But, in my mind, many come to Astrology for personal reasons that they like to keep personal. We don't need to push it. Referrals from friend to friend will Bring to Astrology to those who will benefit from it.  

Charles Jameson

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?

By downplaying, or hopefully one day eliminating, Sun sign astrology. Sun sign columns do nothing to promote astrology.
They give an impression that our sacred art is glib and superficial. I can think of know other sophisticated body of knowledge that offers such a low-level ‘entertainment’ version of itself.

Some astrologers see Sun sign columns as ‘harmless fun’ and ‘a bit of entertainment.’ I disagree. Sun sign columns by their very nature give a false and misleading representation of the very topic we are trying to have other people take seriously. Skeptics have a field day attacking Sun sign columns, and promoting the mistaken belief that this form of astrology is actually what it is all about. 

The value of astrology can be given by providing educated and intelligent discussion about what astrology is, and what astrologers actually do.

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses”?

No. But it is a waste of time trying to educate them using very limited information. The masses like to learn new skills, but only if it relevant and meaningful to them. So we have to present astrology as meaningful and relevant. And do so in a polished and professional way, one that demonstrates that astrology is worthy of learning about.

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?

Astrology is best served by ditching the low-level superficial nonsense that some confuse with astrology. Rather, we should see it as on an equal footing with systems such as MBTI and equivalent psychological frameworks. Astrology is best served by myth-busting through demonstrated examples of the power and value of astrology in everyday life, to everyday people.

Khatuna Noel

Astrologer will reach public consciousness only in this community of willingness. Astrological science is difficult and requires as well as appropriate education, and at a much greater level requires the inner talent of these men - so far you cannot reach this issue.  Astrology, as the university should be tailored to the masses?  The phenomenon of adjusting the universal knowledge is unthinkable
 Although it is worth trying for good deeds! Bring it to any knowledge  to  society  confirms your inner intellect .So you  should not have any idea that this is a waste of time. 

Tobias Cincarek

How can astrologers best reach out and inform the public of the value of astrology?
I think that depends on the audience. In general astrology is considered non-sense. How can you teach someone Chinese grammar who doesn’t know Chinese characters? How can you understand monism if you are a dualist or materialist? How can we get rid of bad astrologers who consider it only as a business for money making? I think you have to consider it in stages. If science does no longer serve your purpose you end up in a religion. If religion does no longer serve your purpose, you will start getting philosophical. Finally, you will discover the true value of astrology. So ask the subject which belief stage he or she is in now and then treat and cure him accordingly.

Is it a waste of time to try to "educate the masses"?
If astrology was one of the first kinds of knowledge humanity had at all, why didn’t it work for thousands of years to educate the masses? As with any knowledge in can be used for the good as well as the bad purpose so that I am generally cautious about mass education. I have heard astrology is taught at university in India. So why not introducing basic astrology class at every university in the world?

Do you feel astrology is best served by staying on the down-low?
On the other hand I do not think there should be sun sign columns in newspapers and low quality astrology smart phone applications. How about ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, OPA, etc. approved astrology columns, software or applications like certifications for human astrologers? In a decent society you would also have certifications for most of professions.

Maurice Fernandez

When Astrologers practice with skill and integrity, they naturally shine their light and can inspire without proselytizing  – the Truth eventually speaks for itself.
It is important to educate the masses who are essentially exposed to Sun sign column that there is more to astrology than that, however, astrologers also need to educate themselves.
The next OPA magazine (June 2017 edition) will include responses about some of the arguments against astrology, to better help astrologers understand their practice and be aware of both the benefits and the limitations of astrology.
Like any profession, astrology needs to be handled by people who are professionally trained, however, like many other disciplines, providing the public with general knowledge about it can serve the greater good. Just like there are doctors and there are those who know about health.

Kim de Noüe

The best way to inform the public about astrology is to talk about it openly  I tell people how I got introduced to it and how helpful it is in my life.  This is especially true in terms of recognizing the gifts and challenges of specific transits and knowing how long said transits will last.  Not having this information is like going on a long journey without knowing where you are going, how long it will take,  nor the best type of transportation to get there.  Astrologers have a big advantage in this respect.  

I don’t know if it is necessarily effective to try to educate the masses, but it does seem fruitful to inform individuals.  I used to be afraid to talk about my astrology practice, because many people dismissed it as bunk.  That has really changed dramatically in the 40+ years I have been an astrologer.  People now are almost always interested and want to know more.

Staying on the “down-low” does not really serve us and I am so grateful that research is being done to prove statistically that astrology works.  I think that will really change attitudes.  I especially connect to the 20-somethings.  They are excited to learn and want to understand astrology as a way of understanding the world.

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