New Moon in Taurus: Best astrology classes

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New Moon in Taurus: Best astrology classes

Postby Katerusko » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:53 pm

Which is the best astrology class or workshop that you have taken?
What made it so?
Was it the topic, the teacher, or the format?

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Re: New Moon in Taurus: Best astrology classes

Postby Katerusko » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:35 pm

Kim de Noüe

I was extremely fortunate to be taught by an astrologer in Colorado when I was 19 years old.  I was interested in learning about why Carl Jung used astrology, as I was reading his collected works for a college course.  I put an ad in the local classified ads for a teacher to explain what Jung was talking about.   I had transiting Uranus conjunct Mercury and Neptune in my 10th house that day, which also squared Jupiter (my chart ruler),which is conjunct Uranus in the 7th house.  A woman called me right after the ad came out and said, “Honey, when’s your birthday”.  I told her and she said  - after looking quickly at my chart - that I was born to be an astrologer and she was going to be my teacher.  

I apprenticed with her for six months.  She primarily gave me books to read and answered questions when I was confused.  After spending all day with her every weekday for six months, my teacher had me look at the chart of a real client, before the client came to her appointment and I had to tell her what I saw in the chart.  I was nervous, so she said “Just look at the chart and make up a story using what you have learned".  My imagination loved that and I started telling a story that just came to me, with dates and details.   Afterward, she mentioned the things I said to her client and THEY HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED in her clients life!!!  I was dumbfounded when my teacher told me this.  It changed my life.  To this day I am not sure if that technique is one she uses for other students, or just for me because of my chart configuration, but it really worked.  It relieved my nerves about getting it right and allowed what I learned to coalesce in a way that worked.  I will always be grateful to her for this lesson and her generosity and insight into my chart.

Tobias Cincarek

I only know about Kepler College’s first three classes so that I cannot compare.
Somehow the first class was the best, because everything was new for me,
it was for beginners, the teachers are very motivated, the presentations have
been worked well out. But most important I found the possibility for discussions,
homework assignments and quizzes. With just reading a book ideas do not
really enter my mind permanently, so that the hands-on experience through
interactive exercises are most important and valuable.

Anne Ortelee

Which is the best astrology class or workshop that you have taken?

A mythic astrology weekend with Wendy Ashley in Maine.  We went to a homestead on an eel filled estuary in Maine.  We took a houseboat out into a moonless night cove protected by uninhabited islands from the Atlantic Ocean.  Completely dark. Completely still except for the soft lapping of the houseboat as the tides moved.  No one in the world but us. Lying in our sleeping bags, we watched the stars rise in the east as Wendy told us the various tales of the constellations and their myths as the stars rose all night long.  The ever changing heavens were humanities original motion pictures!  Around 3 in the morning, the tide changed and the house boat swirled direction.  We all had to get up and move positions to be facing the east again.  At sunrise we headed back to the homestead for a big breakfast of the best tasting eggs from chickens that freely roamed the land, home baked bread and fruit.  And then we slept till noon. The entire weekend was magical, with swimming or floating in the river and lectures on the stars. 

What made it so?  

Up until then, I never "got" constellations.  They always looked like dots in the sky.  I never "saw" the pictures that were being described either.  This weekend made the dots connect in a magical way that I never forgot.

Was it the topic, the teacher, or the format?

I think it was a combination of all three.  I knew enough astrology to go but not so much so that 85-90% was new to me.  Myths and story telling as described by the charts always amazes me.  The universal archetypes of the chart.  Wendy is a Sagittarian, with Jupiter in Cancer ~ she's a wonderful teacher ~ full of wisdom, side treks of information, and exceptionally generous in her sharing of knowledge.  The format was fabulous ~ how many times do you get to stretch out snuggled in a sleeping bag on a house boat in a river in Maine with 20 or so other astrologers as the teacher sits wrapped in a blanket talking mythology while the stars and constellations rise. 

Susan Falk

I think that the best astrology classes I ever attended were at the 2 retreats in the 80's given by Liz Greene and Richard Idemon.
They were both around 4 days each and they went into depth psychological astrology with a Jungian orientation.I was a practicing psychotherapist at that time so it was right up my alley.Also,I was very interested in Jungian psychology and my 1st astrology reading had been with a Jungian astrologer so that was another dimension which made it very meaningful for me.Both of the astrologers were wonderful teachers and psychologically oriented astrologers and they had so much knowledge to share.They generally taught separately so one of them would teach in the morning and the other in the afternoon but I think maybe they taught together in the evening? It was definitely a full day and a very enriching experience.

Another class which was very meaningful for me was an ongoing group with Michael Lutin in NYC that focused on dealing with clients and the psychological dynamics involved.That went on for several years and I got so much out of it.

At the present time I've been going to some classes with Shirley Soffer in NYC where a different person comes in for a reading every week and everyone in the class participates so it's a group reading. That is interesting-to hear everyone's input and see how it all comes together.

In conclusion,I feel that there are many meaningful ways to learn astrology but for me being immersed in it for a few days with the same teacher or teachers who were knowledgeable in areas that were exciting to me was a profound experience.

Patrick Lewis

The greatest teachers that I had were Mark Edmond Jones, and Dane Rudyard, in the 1980's.  I would suggest for the beginner to get a book upon how to create a chart and then after learning how to make a chart, by hand, then listen to the greatest teachers in their community.  Then after doing this, just start reading all your relatives and friends charts.  Eventually, your relatives and friends have friends and relatives that you don't know, and little by little you'll attract, more business, and people.  Practice makes perfect.  Being an Astrologer, takes years of practice, and listening to other experienced Astrologers.  

Khatuna Noel

I would very much like to attend seminars, but unfortunately there are no seminars on astrology in Georgia.
I was trained by the method of distance learning in Russia. I had to take part in the same distance (on-line) workshops, which were conducted by Russian astrologers.
The most interesting topic was the rectification of the horoscope.
I hope the time will come and astrology seminars will be held in my country too.
For example, I would be happy to hear a seminar on the topic of how to work on an opposition of Saturn to the higher planets.

Moon Zlotnick

The best astrology workshop I ever took was a five day seminar with Liz Greene and Richard Idemon on Psychological Astrology. This took place in the late 1980's in a small retreat center in Massachusetts, I believe. The class was limited to thirty students and people came from all over the country.  I drove from Minneapolis, MN and camped nearby in order to afford the fee.  What made it wonderful besides the teachers vast knowledge and insight was the intimacy of the setting.  Everyone got a chance to interact with the teachers and ask questions. Besides, Richard was as funny and entertaining as Liz was mysterious and hidden. 

 At the end of the day long presentations both teachers would use an overhead projector and put someone's chart up on the screen. Then they would proceed to delineate the basic psychological issues shown in the chart. I learned how to zero in how astrology worked in a whole new way. 

Arlan Wise

The best "class" I took was in the mid-80's when Michael Lutin came to Boston one Saturday a month and taught a class at Monica Dimino's house. He taught us what I called the language of the unconscious., using the work of his teacher the psychologist Robert Langs. He taught us astrology too, but this teaching on how to hear what the client is really saying deepened my work as an astrologer. After two years of these day long Saturday sessions, Michael left us on our own to continue meeting once a month as a peer group.
Micheal Lutin is a great teacher and it was a privilege to be able to learn from him over an extended time. 

I must also mention the two weekends I spent with Liz Greene and Richard Idemon. The two of them taught all day and all night taking turns holding classes. It was intense and they taught us how to incorporate psychology into our astrological counseling work.

I urge anyone who is not familiar with Richard Idemon to read Through the Looking Glass - A search for the self in the mirror of relationships and The Magic Thread - Astrological interpretation using depth psychology.
These books are compilations of his lectures. Richard left the planet too early to write his books.

Although I have had many good teachers through the years, these are the people who came to mind. They taught how to blend psychology and astrology. They each have/had the ability to teach with patience and caring.

Sue Minahan

Ultimately it all returns to the teacher's perspective systematically giving root intentions that impacts my learning receptivity because it focuses the format and the topics involved. 

Currently I am enrolled with Maurice Fernandez 2 year program/cycle 10 for this very reason.  I accepted the course because I responded to the material subjects. 

I deeply appreciate the course's spiritual emphasis and Maurice's central concept of our soul's journey and need towards integration of spirit, body emotion, leading towards the evolutionary pursuit of the soul's growth.  

This makes total sense to me.  It provides the fundamental meanings I need in order to understand astrology's  insatiable contribution between the cosmos above and our soul's growth here below.

Other astrologers have certainly made huge differences in my astrological education. Some have great knowledge of certain methods or cycles and share them in a linear method which is best for technical facts. However, the astrologers I return to have a gift of incorporating core concepts that align the purpose of that astrological feature, be it cycles or planets, archetypes, nodes, eclipses, new and full moons, derivative houses, timing  or astrology's horoscope as a whole system. 

Because, the information pieces support and interlock like a garden to use for beauty, medicine, soil protection and sustenance for man and beast, or a meal designed for our best nutriments and taste with good company with the fruits of that communicative exchange.

This was a tough question to answer initially.  In attempting to answer, I recognize there is ample room for many to teach because gardens need pruning and transplanting, and meals need new preparations just like different teachers voice and develop core insights.

Linea Van Horn

I've been studying astrology for 35 years so it's impossible to confine my response to just one teacher.
I acknowledge my very first teacher, Elizabeth Bird (nee Elizabeth Ruth), who gave me an excellent foundation in astrology.
I like conferences and I’ve been to a lot of them. They’re fun, usually a big brain load, and so great to connect with peers. This is the best way to keep up with what's current in our field, and with all the outstanding up-and-coming astrologers. I always come away with something useful.
I also like several-day intensive studies and because I love sky watching, I also love fellow astrologers who use it in their work. The most fun event like this I ever attended was StarLogos with Bernadette Brady, Darrelynn Gunzburg and Darby Costello. They’ve run this conference in several locations: this one was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was everything you wanted in a workshop – outstanding teachers, excellent subject matter, well organized and packed with practical, useful information. Plus it was fun!
I love anything by Deborah Houlding. She is such an outstanding scholar and teacher.
One of the most memorable afternoon workshops I ever attended was with Michael Lutin. The subject matter was Saturn, but he made his points not with words but with images that I remember to this day.
I miss certain dead astrologers who were legendary teachers such as Lois Rodden, Carolyn Egan, and Robert Blaschke.

Another of my mentors has been Daniel Giamario, who gives us this important lesson that I’ll sign off with: “Form a personal relationship with the planets! Otherwise it's just book learning."

Ursula Stockder

The teacher who has shown me the most is Maurice Fernandez and the conference that has impressed me profoundly was the last given by Howard Sasportas “Help me I am a Helper” . The workshop I loved was Chris Brennan’s, and his podcasts are very interesting.
I also love the way Gloria Stathis and Erin Sullivan share their knowledge. 

Margarita Logovatovskaya

The most interesting seminars in astrology I have ever had were the master classes of my first astrologer, in whose school I studied. In his classes he, with the whole audience, analyzed the fate of people who came for astrological help. There were cases that astonished their truthfulness and the power of the influence of astrology on life. And how wisely and subtly the astrologer found words to answer difficult questions, but at the same time give the right direction to men. Sometimes there were very difficult situations if the truth was tough. And the Astrologer knew how to find the right words and solve any difficult situations. I think these master classes are very useful and fascinating, because they show the living influence of astrology on people's lives. And how astrology can help in difficult life situations. I would like to see the master classes of experienced strong astrologers, how they approach the analysis of natal charts in complex clients issues.

Alexandra Karacostas

There have been numerous classes and workshops I have participated in over the decades. I was fortunate to be with Zipporah Dobyns at the Feather Pipe Ranch in Montana in 1977. It was a small group, (especially back then and there), intimate and fabulous. I think I got spoiled.
Since then, my preferred style has been "retreats" and "intensives". I always have enjoyed the conferences I have attended and worked at, but I feel I do not gain as much  from lectures. One of the many reasons I have become an OPA Retreat junkie :-)
I think it would be wonderful to see more workshops offered outdoors depending on subject matter and place. 

Oner Doser

The best astrology I have ever taken was Robert Zoller’s intensive course Mundane Astrology during four days on, which was held in Canada Vancouver in 2004. Many people from several countries attended this course and we have all been information overloaded. In my Mundane Astrology classes, I still utilise the knowledge I gained through this course. We studied the texts of ancient astrologers including   Ptolemy, Abumashar and Guido Bonatti and we proceeded through the booklets prepared by Zoller. We studied ingress charts and grand conjunctions. We had detailed information on how to interpret the positions in ingress charts. Whenever I glance over my lecture notes, I still feel that I learn new things. Although Zoller was suffering from Parkinson diseases, his performance was really wonderful. I would like to attend such a course if it is repeated again.     

Donna Young

I had the great privilege of being a student at Kepler College when they offered a degree program. The best class I took was in those years, and was an East/West comparison of Hellenistic and Vedic Astrology, team taught by Demetra George and Dennis Harness. 

It was a very exciting time! Translations of the original Greek material were coming directly out of Project Hindsight; some weeks our reading material would be delayed because they were still translating. It was a very hot-off-the-press environment, and as I result, I felt that I was in the middle of something very special and important. 

It was a really tough class and there was a lot of homework. Both Demetra and Dennis would not release us until they felt we had at least a rudimentary understanding of the work. Assignments were written and re-written. And re-written. But they never gave up on any of us, and by the end of the term I really felt like I knew something! I was ever so grateful. It was during this class that a whole bunch of light bulbs went on for me, and I started to see astrology as more poetic and beautiful than I'd ever considered it - which was odd in retrospect, because there were a whole bunch of rules to follow that weren't poetic at all.  

I appreciated the material, but I also appreciated that I wasn't just given a pass for showing up. Both Dennis and Demetra made me work. And they corrected and made suggestions until it was solidified. They worked together well as teachers, and we were encouraged to compare and contrast in such a way that my respect for both systems remains solid to this day. 

Innessa Wuzyk

Which is the best astrology class or workshop that you have taken?

I got great value from a workshop called "Spirituality and the Horoscope" delivered by Maurice Fernandez in Johannesburg a few years ago.

What made it so?

It was powerful for me because of its accuracy. It clarified my own Neptune dynamic for me, explaining my existential pain pattern, and clarified to me what expectations I need to let go of, what I need to surrender to, in order to be happy. Apart from my own signature, all the zodiac signs were covered, so I can apply the principle I learned to the charts of others people as well.

Was it the topic, the teacher, or the format? 

The topic was Spirituality as the pursuit of happiness, Neptune as the marker. The format was starting with an introduction about spirituality. Then a sign by sign description of the spiritual manifestation of the ruling planet of that sign, as well as Neptune connected to that sign. The teacher was Maurice Fernandez.

Also, do you have an idea for a class that you would like to see offered?

I like planetary pairs because I clearly see real life as I observe it in these interactions.

Kate Rusko

I find this a hard question to answer as I have really enjoyed all the astrology classes I have taken. Each one has been the right one for the right moment. I love that most astrologers make a class an experience, rather than just a lecture. Or it could just be that I have been drawn to those teachers.
A teacher that stands out for me for a "bang for your buck" class is Bernadette Brady. She single handedly turns the caricature of the space-cadet astrologer on its head. You come out of one of her 3 hour webinars with all the tools you could ask for and a deep understanding of the subject. She is simply so thorough, and her passion for her subject is infectious.

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