New Moon In ARIES: the Future of Astrology!

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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New Moon In ARIES: the Future of Astrology!

Postby Katerusko » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:59 pm

Where do you feel Astrology is headed?

What do you think would be the best direction for our practice and profession?

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Re: New Moon In ARIES: the Future of Astrology!

Postby Katerusko » Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:51 pm

Patrick Lewis

When I went to college in the 1960's they told me Astrology was folklore, and that we lived in a liner universe, and that I would eventually throw all my books away, and give up my practice.  The opposite has happened.  Time has proven that Astrology is accurate, that we life in a Quantum Universe, the only place that anything is liner, is what is in your head.  ABC, 123, only exists in your head, not in the real world.  No two things are alike.  Quantum means the Universe is full and all things are connected together.  We live in a karmic Universe.  Astrology is based upon Millions of years of people like us working with the stars.  Astrology is the future Wisdom of the Universe.

    We are all in the direction of expansion, for the Universe is expanding.  Stars expand, plants grow and expand, people grow and expand.  T'he Universe is controlled by balance, and when Stars are out of balance, we have Black Holes, and Stars exploding.  When people are out of balance, we have bankrupsy, divorce, loose your Job, get sick, and on and on.  We all need to move our minds and learn new things and apply our talent of Astrology to every aspect of Life.  

Elizabeth Huston

The direction Astrology may end up taking is to fully incorporate the element of the individual developing their higher consciousness. Using Astrology, the positions of the planets, the houses and aspects the Astrologer can provide sign posts that may help the individual along the path of higher conscious and connecting with source.

I also favor the idea of living in the Now as espoused by Eckart Tolle. The Astrologers role, should they chose to accept it, would be to creatively provide truthful information found in the individual’s chart that provides a positive way through the metaphorical jungle of life. To be okay with what is happening Now and excited about developing more of themselves as indicated by the individual’s chart (this is particularly relevant in Evolutionary Astrology).

Sue Minahan

To demonstrate to humanity that mind/body/spirit are fused together and insights to heal using astrology's guidance.  The interdependence is crucial for health/healing through conscious awareness.
To elevate humanity's conscious awareness of each one's internal power, and accept personal full responsibility of ones own empowerment instead of external projection.

• Increased credibility involving a growing percentage of the global population.  Yet this process of inclusive expansion likely will require astrologers to realize that Astrology as we know it will evolve and morph along with broader consciousness.
• Evolve into an accepted "mainstream" idea within the general population, possibly in the next twenty-five years. However, it may not necessarily mean the majority use it.  Rather, just as nutritional and environmental concerns (from the Pluto Uranus conjunction in the mid-sixty's) have evolved to be current issues addressed in conversation and political concerns, so will the concept that astrology merits recognition as a validity to be recognized, on controversial terms.

What do you think is the best practice and direction of our profession (astrology)?
1. Continue to BUILD credible established platforms at present:
• CERTIFICATION/educational "standards" of definition-- further develop.
• RESEARCH -- increased dramatically, to include medical pursuits validating illness diagnoses
• CONFERENCES open to the public -- network with other healing practices to expand advertising
• COMMUNITY GROWTH through Local astrological membership groups/physical and online

2. EXPAND interconnections by coordinating with other healing practices

A. To create cooperative BUSINESSES: create a new form of "Wellness Centers" that include astrology as a means of recognizing how to augment a healing diagnosis through recognizing that astrology aids to provide healing direction because the body and mind with the spirit are connected.

• Through connecting with meditative pursuits: energy healing/hypnosis
• Through medical branches associated with traditional medicine yet still not fully incorporated into mainstream medical practice for the bulk of the population: nutrition/chiropractic/physical therapies/nutrition/cranial sacral/massage/Rolfing
• Through nature: plants

B Create inclusive WORKSHOPS involving those other healing practices listed above to give individuals/groups a holistic experience that connects and assimilates Astrology's usage

Vinnie Scottie

Were do think astrology is headed?
Back to the galactic center.
What do I think is the best direction for are practice and profession?
Holding the bar high with kind heartedness and evidence based research. Astrologically mapping out deep space more. Continue to synthesize other existing systems of occultism psychology and divination with astrology. Also look more into how systems overlap like what was shown with the research Bruce Scofield has done that shows Mayan astrology and the western system overlap...Make room for women of color to take on top leadership roles in the field of astrology...And ultimately we need a T.O.E( theory of everything) to apply to astrology.

Kim de Noüe

In my opinion, it will be proven accurate, based on research data.  Will be commonly used by the general public - via an astrologer - for decision-making. Astrology will be taught in schools and used in business to determine aptitudes and compatibility for more efficient workplace environments and employee satisfaction.
Caleb Grayson

The systematic integration of ALL techniques and theories — Joytish, Hellenistic, Evolutionary, Mayan, Chinese, Modern, etc. — into one Astrological system that is coherent and comprehensive. 
Gali Sat Puran Livneh

For astrology, in the last few decades there's been an interesting development in two main roads: the reincarnation of ancient astrology and the continuous development of modern astrology. Ancient astrology brought back to our consciousness the importance of getting back to the roots of astrology, learning more about techniques and principals that were forgotten for too long. Modern astrology reminds us that we are living in different times now, and the general approach that we have as astrologers needs to be updated, and in the spirit of the evolution of consciousness that humanity is going through.
With so many old and new techniques, approaches and planets, we need to be a bit more careful in our selection of what is working the best, observe and do more research to validate, as well as discriminate, the astrological knowledge we have on our table. It is the sign of the times that we, as astrologers, will take responsibility for the continuity of this sacred knowledge, and help the next generations of astrologers to be more "scientific" in their study and work. By that I don't mean trying to prove astrology works to scientists and skeptics, but to learn how to make astrology more organized and crystallized as a body of knowledge.
Modern science offers us more than just computer software, but it also gives us the tools to validate and re-organize all the basics of astrology, to make the foundations stronger and stable. We need to find the ways to use these tools as much as we can, within our research and practice of astrology. In this way I think astrology can get out of the entertaining new age image, and be more accepted and recognized in the western society as a powerful tool to help people grow and improve their lives.  
Lina Grosso

I don’t know for sure, but I am excited for it!

Tobias Cincarek
Future of Astrology: Astrology will supersede everything else
Maurice Fernandez
With Uranus moving into Taurus, and the next Jupiter/Uranus + Uranus/North Node in Taurus, Astrology’s next step of evolution may have to do with making the profession financially sustainable and prosperous. It may be time for astrologers to move beyond the common tendency to do it all ‘for the love of astrology,’ and become more effective and practical in their financial management,
At OPA we are taking the financial issue very seriously, and hope to continue increase the standards of remuneration for astrology professional services, even though, we are not in a satisfying position yet in this regard.
Moreover, with the next Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (2020), we may see a need for more research and rigor in verifying the methods and uses of astrology, and possibly see important breakthroughs in validating astrology with statistical references.
This conjunction is likely to bring both harsher criticism, and yet, greater interest in astrology. We can expect creative tension to take astrology to a significant step forward.

Anne Ortelee

Where do you feel Astrology is headed?

I think the advent of computers and the expansion of the internet around the world are fabulous enhancers and expanders of Astrology. They allow people to access all sorts of information previously kept hidden or requiring research.  Chart calculation, previously done by hand, happens in seconds.  As folks "share" or find things on the internet, they can go deeper and learn more.  We've taken astrology out of the shadows and made it more accessible which allows it to grow and flourish under the light of the sun.  As more people tune into how it describes the world around them without fail, more people will come to use astrology as a useful tool in their daily lives.

What do you think would be the best direction for our practice and profession?  

The computer access is a bit of a double edged sword as it allows people with virtually no experience to hang a shingle and say they are an astrologer.  Also, it is very easy to copy another astrologer's work and pass it off as their own with a quick cut and paste which happens quite a lot.  There are no regulatory bodies for astrology which grant a license to practice astrology like other professions.  So as astrology practitioners focused on encouraging the Profession of Astrology, we need to be diligent and self regulate our community. 

I encourage my students to seek certification as a way of demonstrating their knowledge and professional achievement level.  Certification is offered by astrology groups and schools which measure competency in an agreed on body of knowledge or skills.  There are certifying bodies available to astrologers in virtually every country in the world. 

I would love to see Astrology taught in grammar school the way we learn math and reading.  Initially, a child would learn how to work with their energy and then add layers of knowledge as the child grew up and was able to handle more abstract information!   
Khatuna Noel
In my opinion, astrology will develop not only in one direction. It seems to me that the future of astrology is a synthesis of different directions, such as karmic, business astrology. The more so that in not so distant future- in 2018,  the ruler of astrology - Uranus will enter the sign of Taurus which is very material sign, and requires paying attention to practical needs. And the combination of these directions will give people the opportunity to properly solve problems of employment and the choice of profession. The location of social planets for that moment,especially Saturn in Capricorn, will also push for this… But also I think that the asteroids that were recently discovered in our Solar system, and those that are still pre-existing, can make certain adjustments in the picture of the future.

Arlan Wise

I'm not sure where astrology is headed. I know what I'd like to see but reality can be different from wishes. The Internet makes it easier to access information about astrology from one's home, but it also provides a lot of "bad" astrology. I'd like to say that astrology is getting more well known, but I had a talk with Christopher Renstrom about the work he's doing on researching the popularity of astrology in the early part of the 20th century and learned that astrology was very very popular then. I guess we have to keep looking backwards as well as forwards. As for the best direction, I'd like it used more in everyday life. I'd like teachers to have a basic understanding of astrology so they could help their students. Even just knowing about the signs and retrograde Mercury would make a big difference.

William Sebrans

An endearingly trick question for astrologers, as it can seduce one into the prediction game....and why not!

1.  Expanding trends in holistic and integral thinking will marinate increasing numbers of young people into grasping the as above-so below/as without-so within principles of correspondences such that astrological inquiry will be more  second nature for many. Interdisciplinary fertilization between physics, psychology, spiritual practice, biology, sociological events, and then astrology is increasing and will continue. Wilber's model, etc.

2. Kali's (Pluto's?) recent overt visitation to the American socio-political landscape and beyond is providing a dynamic edge to the perception of 'consensus reality' and motivating an increasing number of people to seek clues to what orchestrates this shadow-show. The shadow presence will serve to accelerate and magnify the search for the light by whatever tools seem available. It follows that the astrological lens will need to be sharpened to give effective and specific spiritual and practical support.

3. Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024 and remain until 2043, followed by ingress into Pisces. This extended transit represents, at the best, a turbocharged extended shock to the personal and collective Uranian, then Neptunian mind.
Astrology can well be the benefactor and the gift-giver of the transmission.

Uranus enters Gemini in 2025, making a perfect trine to Pluto in June, - then throughout the year, which does not necessarily signify advances in animal husbandry, but could well be catalytic for the astrological discovery and synthesis.

I imagine in the coming 20 years, perhaps 10, a "scientific discovery" that postulates and validates a mechanism by which there is a transmission of planetary influence in the human mechanism that also models the workings of gravity, which will create shock waves in the psychological, religious, spiritual and technological communities. As always, for better and for worse, but ultimately for better.

Powerful theories to that effect have been offered through the teachings of mystics Gurdjieff/Ouspensky/Collin in the 1910's-50's, then ratcheted up by Ra Uru Hu (Robert Krakower) in the transmission of the Human Design System in 1987 which postulates neutrino penetration of the Earth's atmosphere from the planets and where astrology is one core element of that system. Which I use in triangulation with astrology.

Where might be best directions?

What we are doing now is excellent, as exemplified by OPA in the range of open-minded, openhearted, diverse, rigorous, and supportive exchanges.

And leveraging off the admonition from Sri Yukteswar, master astrologer and guru to Yogananda,  that those who practice astrology be first and foremost people of cultivated skill, presence-spirit, and wisdom.

Astrologers can look to become through our own self-development and self-realization playing less the roles of on-call information spouts and more embodying ongoing models of conscious living.

The management apologize for the length of this response, to quote Goethe, who followed with "if I had had more time, I would have made its shorter."

Lucia Lu Luyao

This a very big question. Since astrology is about the secret of human consciousness so that there are all kinds of ways to use it and it will probably always have a colorful set of forms. Serious astrology organizations exist and Sun sign astrology will not die in the near future. I am pretty optimistic about the future generation especially in China. If the astrologers who do understand what they are doing keep on practicing astrology and it will finally get to a turning point when the whole society begin to get used to using astrology. And astrology has allies like yoga, Chinese traditional medicine and all kinds of practice of ancient wisdom. When people find more value in ancient wisdom they would see more value with astrology too. Last year there is a very interesting news in China that the government put "understanding Ying and Yang and five elements ( Chinese astrology and TCM basic theory)" into a " standard of Chinese people scientific qualities". Scientists then began to argue. Some support it and some are against it. Chinese have a strong culture of respecting spiritual traditions and the communist party belief system is not that strong to influence the deep roots of the culture so we can see a lot of things that were considered superstition before are back to people's lives. In my hometown city now I stay a lot of people find Chinese astrologers to have "fortune telling" when they have problems in their lives and there are even several stores that are having a legal business of IChing. And if astrologers understand who their allies are and keep on upgrading themselves they will be good. The society also evolves and finally they figure out a place for astrology because it is useful.  And also to the second question I think the astrologers in different countries have to adapt to their culture to use astrology and create their different styles to practice. 

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