An astrologer's chart: New Moon in Pisces

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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An astrologer's chart: New Moon in Pisces

Postby Katerusko » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:45 pm

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?

And how do they influence the way that you practice?

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Re: An astrologer's chart: New Moon in Pisces

Postby Katerusko » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:58 pm

Grace K. Morris

Many years ago, Chicago astrologer Katherine De Jersey told me I had one of the few charts to make money from being an astrologer. I hadn’t even taken a class at that time and wanted to be a lawyer or therapist. She was looking at my Aquarius ascendant, Uranus in the 2nd trining Venus/Mars in the 10th. (Probably also 3 planets plus Midheaven in Sagittarius.) I did get my Masters in therapy, choosing Brief Dynamic Therapy as my style (perfect for astrology consultations) and was teaching astrology classes by then (the School of Psychological Astrology). All the Sag? I taught advanced Parliamentary Procedure!
Note: Katherine De Jersey came to one of my World Conferences of Astro Economics and told me how glad she was that I had pursued an astrological career.

Kim de Noüe

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
I would generally expect to see Uranus or Aquarius in a prominent position by house, or planetary position or aspect.  Also a prominent Neptune or Pisces is a factor in my experience, especially for those that are more intuitively inclined. Pluto or Scorpio seems to be a strong influence in the charts of some astrologers, especially those who have a psychological or evolutionary perspective.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
Uranus is conjunct Jupiter (my chart ruler in the 7th) squaring Mercury and Neptune in the 10th house.  

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?
Uranus or Aquarius on the angles or ruling the angles or aspecting the Sun, Moon, Mercury or Chart Ruler or Nodes or having Uranus as the Chart ruler.  Or Neptune or Pisces  or Pluto or Scorpio on the angles or aspecting the Sun, Moon or Mercury or Nodes or those planets in the 12th house. 

And how do they influence the way that you practice?
I “magically” fell into astrology and consider this happened because of my Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  It happened exactly when transiting Uranus conjuncted my Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the 10th house.  So, this has influenced my way of reading for others as well.  I believe we sometimes are guided to specific circumstances, clients and answers to questions posed by clients.  I have learned to trust the ideas that come to me intuitively, as they seem to be the most potent in reading for others.  So, because of this, I always start a reading with a 30-second meditation and request that the information the client needs will be revealed.  This works really well for me.  I consider this a result of my Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the 10th house. 

Kathryn Andren

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
Strong Uranus or Aquarius aspects and 11th house placements for seeing the big picture. 
Well aspected Mercury for thoughtful communications; 6th or 8th house placements for analysis and seeing beneath the surface.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?

I was once told, “Kathryn, you are Uranian!”. As a modern astrologer, here are a few personal aspect patterns I think contribute to my passion for astrology:
Sun cn. Uranus, in Libra in the 5th = seeing relationships and patterns at a higher level. bringing playful insights and creativity into personal sessions and writing.
Jupiter in Aquarius in the 8th house = expansive vision while diving into the depths.
Venus cn. Neptune in Sag in the 6th = an innate ability to connect to other worlds and easily receive intuitive impressions. deep desire to quest for the truth with discernment and analysis.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
And how do they influence the way that you practice? yes - see above!

Sue Minahan

I am without any expectations.  It's definitely a "wait and see" exciting passage of discovery, and a somber responsibility to honor the individual towards possibilities to engage their life fully. If anything, I'm eager to see clues as to how the energies of their chart and the person I am in contact correspond for both empowerment and disempowerment. 

But me...I recognize lots that interplays direction to astrology, because astrology threads meaning to all of my perspectives.  But where to begin? Does it matter? no. So, perhaps what is most quickly sighted, is "my" Uranus tightly conjunct Venus both 29 Gemini bordering my MC angle and my most exact square -- to the ascendant 29 Virgo. But that Uranus Venus is in a Yod. And yes, that makes a difference, in my view.  It adds to my fascination and inquiry in life as to WHY!?  Getting life to fit. Or me, the inner me.  Juggling with the Yod apex of Jupiter in Aquarius (Rx) urges Astrology as a pathway to coordinate the whys (that I ponder and how to make my life and life work)...

But two planets squaring each other, though in Earth add to my query with the deep and the unknown. Mars 27 Taurus in the 8th...I dig till I strike for what I search to have revealed.  And Saturn  0 Virgo in the 12th works (at best) to synthesis the BIG universe of the cosmos.  That's been an undertaking that is really a total work in progress.  The search of connection with the cosmos law and the terms manmade laws conceived is possibly our victory, but often the downfall --- individually, collectively, in large or small groups of citizenships, families, friends, what ever grouping.

Mars has some help with Jupiter, and Saturn has help with Uranus Venus.  And tying it together is my sun and mercury in Gemini in the 9th -- always probing the beyond the far, the vision (though that could be Neptune 12 Libra in the 1st).  Ultimately, working to bring it "home", to me -- my NN 24 Aries in the 7th, through and with others (yes, Moon 22 Libra SN 24 Libra), but leading back to me, working among others.  Because I do love people.  I find people fascinating.  How people connect their dots, for what intent, for what soul purpose whether visible or not.  Both the victory and the tragedy. 

Ultimately, Pluto 14 Leo in the 11th is attracted to the depth astrology yields (11th house archetypically-speaking with Aquarius and Uranus).  I've been hesitant of groups, not quite trusting of my freedom.  I see groups of like-minded people as a vital clause for aiding persons, but also, am aware of potential limitations.   I hold the view we co-create, and unleashing the patterns in the chart, with the reception of a person's intents, is key.  I love the fact that astrology both uplifts, expands and eliminates to purge, to renew.  None of this is simple.  But the process is interactive with and among people, we choose or not, in many layers of groups, empowering and disempowering the individual.  Astrology sees this and deals with it, at least the soul-driven astrology I seek.

Adding it all up -- All that air relates to people.  Interacting on various basis, through 1-7th Libra/Aries and Moon/Mars/nodes, through 8th/2nd with Taurus in the 8th, through Uranus Gemini/Jupiter/Aquarius/Sun&Mercury Gemini/Pluto (Leo) in 11th .... people's plights, their dreams, their foibles, their acts, all are cues through the process of astrology. I welcome each chart as a sacred guide and tool to advise insights, and of course, in a dialogue.  Importantly, I love communicating. Hearing others.  Building together goals or insights, or revealing a hidden source of pain that opens a path for further light.  I love to give space to people's fragilities, to connect them with their strengths.

I am constantly renewed by the very mystical mystery of life.  Essentially, no matter what the mental logic, the process of life displays wondrous connections == which astrology provides methods of recognizing how or why or what lacks.  It helps me to see what process life collectively surmounts....I would love to imagine a way to creatively present astrology's picture to the bulk of humanity.   So I look forward to playing with art and words, maybe music too to further present the gifts astrology opens.  We shall see! Again, a matter of "wait and see" for me to discover as I dig (into life).

Gene William Lamont

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?

A strong mercury and or Saturn in most cases but not all, there must be so many variations that can make a good astrologer!  I am sure Uranus must play an important role in many astrologers charts.  I think the list of possibilities are to long to list, I haven't studied many astrologers charts mostly my work has been in isolation from other Astrologers :(
What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?

I have a stellium in Virgo the Sun in Virgo ( analytical ) and  Mercury & Venus in Virgo trine Asc in Taurus (pleasant & articulate communicator) I have Saturn in Leo with a tight quintile to Jupitar in Gemini conjunct the Asc ( I feel this can represent a buoyant and optimistic councillor ) & Saturn in Leo 3rd also forms a perfect trine to Neptune in Sagittarius  7th (ability to concentrate & showcase tangible spiritual views of idealism in and regarding partnerships.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
A tight grand water trine between MC Pisces 10th, North Node Scorpio 6th & Asteroid Prometheus Cancer 2nd ( I think this gives the ability to be seen making a living or gaining fulfilment from the work of spiritual foresight by following ones evolutionary path as first a student then a teacher )

And how do they influence the way that you practice?

The combination above lends me to being good one on one with clients face to face however Saturn in Leo restricts me from connecting with many due to a feeling of needing a reason to communicate or legitimise it in some way, other aspects in my twelfth emphasises this also. However The Grand water trine helps with brining out my creative side and blending poetry with my astrological perspective. I also have taken advantage of using the software Prometheus since it forms part of the grand water trine.

Sandra-Leigh Serio

I find people who have a strong Mercury and/or Uranus make very good astrologers. Most of the time I find Uranus in aspect to a personal planet, it doesn't matter what aspect. A good astrologer is one who has studied for at least seven years and has done many, many charts. You become an "expert" astrologer when you have done 10,000 charts.

Naomi C Bennett

Having planets in the 11th house and having Virgo is important.  11th is the house of associations, geometry and astrology.  Virgo is needed for the technical details of astrology.  I have both.  Two planets in Virgo with the MC, and Mercury conj Neptune in the 11th. 

Some Aries/Pluto is good for self employmen/ independence too but not limited to astrology.

Moon Zlotnick

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?  

I expect to see some strong Uranus/ Aquarius, or maybe Jupiter/Sag along with a prominent or actively aspected Mercury.  I believe it's far more complex that this. Writers might have a different signature than researchers, etc.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?  

Right now I think it's Chiron at the top of my chart sq my Moon/Pl conj.  Before Chiron was discovered I attributed it to AQ rising and UR sq ME.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 

Having Moon conj PL has made it possible for me to not turn away from the dark side of people's emotions and help them find their way through to the other side. Having five planets in the 7th house has made my interest in each individual person and our relationship important. With my Mo/PL conj sq Chiron people who come in for readings often mirror the healing journey I'm on.  I learn from them as they learn from me. Hopefully I'm always one step ahead of them.

And how do they influence the way that you practice?

My favorite way to practice is to "go deep" with people by offering a five part natal chart interpretation or a 4 times a year, Yearly Forcast/coaching session. That way we have enough time to discuss things in depth and work out strategies so the cycles can work for the client.

Boaz Fyler

I See two planets/signs as connected to astrology in the chart: 1. Uranus and Aquarius, most predominantly, and 2. a strong Saturn/Capricorn. 

Saying that I think Uranus/Aquarius are connected to higher knowledge and Saturn/Capricorn as connected with rules and structure. 
I see more of the second in Traditional Astrologers. 

In my chart I have Uranus in Scorpio rising on the cusp of my Ascendant, and Saturn in Leo on my MC. 

When I see people with a strong Uranus on the Asc, 12th house or Mc, the 2nd house or connected with Venus, I see it as a good sign this person can be an astrologer. 

Dawn Glinski

In the chart of an astrologer there can be numerous indications I think, but generally, ones that involve the planet Uranus and the sign of Scorpio seem to dominate. 

I have Uranus (the planet that rules astrology) conjunct my Scorpio ascendant (the sign that likes to dig deep). The ruler of my tenth house (Sun) is in the 7th house of relationships, along with Mercury, signifying that working with others and applying practical communication are major life themes of mine that help me define my purpose. My Mercury is also conjunct Juno, Algol, and Hygeia, and trines my Moon in the 3rd - which enables me to emotionally connect with people, especially with those who are going through a crisis. I have mutual reception with Mercury and Venus, as Venus is in Gemini in the 8th house further defining my communication strengths. Mars in Pisces gives me compassion for others and trines my 9th house Saturn (in Cancer) which gives me the self discipline that I need to maintain my studies and be my own boss. (my 3rd house Moon and 9th house Saturn are also in Mutual reception which gives me a greater advantage). My chart is western hemisphere dominant so working with others is important to me, and the 3rd quadrant of my chart is the fullest which reflects my relationship to society, as my goal is to be the go-to girl for people in my community who need astrological advice.

I find all the above to be extremely useful in this profession because it shows the dominant need to work with people and highlights different modes of communication. I use my chart to improve on my weaknesses and further develop my strengths; I am most mindful of how I express my Mercury when it comes to counseling because i feel that a constructive use of my Mercury is paramount for this line of work.   

Khatuna Noel – Georgia Satellite

1. I think there must be some specific indicators in the horoscope of an astrologer. For egxample-an active sign of Aquarius, or the 11th house, strong  Uranus,  good aspects between Uranus an Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter..
2..As me, I have my Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, in the 11th house.
3. I find particularly useful in my work the ascpects between my Jupiter,  Sun and Mercury.
4.It is difficult for me to say how the distribution of planets in my horoscope affects my astrological practice. may be It helps to better understand the affairs of people with similar problems.
Margarita Logovatovskaya

I believe that before we talk about the aspects, it is necessary to understand at what level of development is the soul of an Astrologer. As soon as it becomes important in the practice of an Astrologer. As far as the soul experienced and configured to spiritual development as an internal morality an Astrologer has.A person could have some wonderful aspects on your chart but could be a real rascal and scoundrel. Astrology could be engaged by those people who put off the pride, selfishness, power and other bad habits. Their main feeling is helping people and working in the flow of the Universe not for themselves but for the cause, for the space. Every man they meet is a world that God created.An astrologer's work bases on the inside of purity and morality. Further aspects have to be considered. Every astrologer has hisown cliets and it depends on the astrologer's chart and his planetary pattern. I believe that it is important for the astrologer to have a links in 1-2-6-7-9-11-10 houses to freely engage in the activities of the astrological consultations.The Planet of mind - Mercury can be retrograde that gives an inquiring mind and the ability to look deeper, to reach the essence of the problem. Mercury must have aspects of either the Moon or Uranus. Dedicated Uranus, which controls either 4 or 10 house, houses of goals and ultimately parental continuity. I think that it is important to have Saturn in a strong position as the sign, house and aspects, as it is one of the co-rulers of Astrology and it is responsible for the ability to understand the laws of the Universe, the foundation, the flow of time, which is important for predictive practice.
Specific pointer for me as an astrologer I consider Mercury retrograde, which is in conjunction with Chiron and trine to the Moon. This gives me the opportunity to find answers to almost any question, to understand the natal chart more deeply. Chiron helps to formulate ideas and to find the right words, to be able to adapt in critical situations. Also my specificity is the fact that over my ascendant is Pluto in square to the Moon.That allows me to understand the intricate issues. Deciding myown psychological problems, I easy untangle the problems of my clients. Pluto over the ascendant attracts people with problems of Pluto. And most often there are difficult situation. We can say, I am a "Pluto person" so I attract "Pluto people". This also corresponds to the fact that my solar ruler (zodiac sign is Taurus) is Venus that is in the 8th house at the North site. Most often people who are in acute crisis situations come to me.I can say I'm an Astrologer for people with problems walking throught the planet Pluto. 
Therefore, I clearly understand that for each type of client each type of astrologer, and that, of course, affects the natal chart of the astrologer. Knowing this, we can more clearly aware of our way as an Astrologer.

Innessa Wukzyk

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
There are several signatures. Here is my choice list. Taurus or Venus: the physical manifestation, the innate sacred geometry inherent in astrology. Virgo: the work, the analyses, seeking to gain greater control of our lives using the insights of astrology. Libra: the one on one relationship with the client, completing the client by providing those insights that the client was missing through the reading. Scorpio: in depth psychological analyses, bringing what was hidden out and up into the light, and being the catalyst for transformation. Sagittarius: the passion and intuition, the wish to align with a higher order, the belief in astrology, to give meaning and context to life. Capricorn: the authority, the style one chooses to practice. Aquarius: the intellectual aspects, the higher mind. And then Pisces: it is not up to me, astrology is "the divine song" and the trust in that song.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
I strongly identify with the divine geometry, which I feel is my Taurus Asc. My Scorpio 7H Neptune, together with my 12H Moon, is my identification with all people, with the public, who are coming from all walks of life. I am interested in everybody.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
I have Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Aquarius. I live in my mind to a great extent, and astrology is intellectual. It is easy for me to be dispassionate and not influenced by my own emotions.

Tobias Cincarek

* What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?

Communicative abilities, empathic sensibility, psychic sensitivity, analytic capabilities.

* What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
* Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?

Maybe there are factors for and against. I once remember a local astrology
gathering where one of the female attendees looked at my chart with Venus/Mars
in Taurus and said to me “You must love to have sex. May I take your hand?”.
Although there was a spark of compatibility and being delighted by the approach,
I could fortunately control my energy in order to withstand the dangerous seduction
in an inappropriate situation.

My 9th/10th house is strong with Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Gemini. So my life is all
about communication, spiritual and higher teachings always adapting to new situations.
Virgo Ascendant gives me analytic capabilities. Pluto has same degree as Mars which
shall give me the ability to observe dangerous emotional tendencies within the mind of
people in the mundane world. Venus in Taurus with Saturn at the same degree shall
make me a loyal, stable, dependable person in personal and business affairs.
Neptune adds his influence, so that I am (un)fortunately a little bit (un)realistic dreamer
of an utopian society. Moon in the 11th house in Leo lets my heart and joy be with
group activities.

* And how do they influence the way that you practice?

I am not certified yet, so cannot practice as a professional yet, but whenever I am
able to get the birth data into my hands of people I get in contact with, I try to observe
them as much as possible, try to find out about their life as much as possible by showing
empathy and asking them questions carefully and slowly until I can get to the core of
what they have in their mind or what kind of trouble they may be concerned with or what
kind of trouble they may cause in the near future.

Toni Dore

Well, My chart apparently has several signatures for being an Astrologer.  I first have to tell you that when I had my first Astrology consultation it was with Pat Geisler - who lived near my home town and taught Astrology at our local community college in Ohio.  I was 26 years old in 1976.
She told me at that first session that if I married at all it would be after in life  (I married Jerry when I was 56 years old); I would probably not have any children (I have none!); and, I could possibly be an Astrologer one day!  I was a teacher at the time and had no interest in doing anything else.

As time went on I went back to see her, took classes from her and discovered that my Mars/Uranus conjunction in my 10th house was the clue for her as was Neptune on my Libra Ascendant as well as my Scorpio Moon!

So over all these years of continually learning I have discovered that Uranus is definitely a trigger for anyone to be an Astrologer!

Maurice Fernandez

I’ve seen Uranus and Aquarius being prominent in the chart of astrologers, and this reflects the fact that through astrology we gain the perspective to look at our lives from a bird eye view through the chart, detached and relatively more objectively.
Interestingly, the opposite sign of Leo is also often prominent in the chart of astrologers, and I think that has to do with the ‘story’ of each person’s life the astrologer encounters. Leo reflects the dramatic expression of our existence.
Additionally, the signs of Libra and Scorpio are often strong in the chart of astrologers who perform counselling services. The ability to listen and possess some emotional intelligence relates to these two signs.
I’m currently planning a more extensive research on this very question, so it will be interesting to see the final results.

Caleb Grayson

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
•  the All Air archetype:
 ♒︎ ♅ 11th waning-sextile (300°)

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?

• ♂☌♅, ☉♃☿♀11th, ☾☊♒︎ 

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
My particular style is an integration of intuitive and analytic which i see as psychological astrology. my placements of ☉♃☿♀♏︎11th ruled by ♂♅ and having ☾☊♒︎ in tight aspect to ♇♆ i think expresses this combination well. 

And how do they influence the way that you practice?

I am able to delve deep into the psyche of the other guided by theory and intuition to quickly touch on important issues in the native's present reality. 

Tamara Bell

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?

Answer:  My Saturn conjunct Neptune and Spica (all within a degree) in Libra - first house.
Also, My Sun, Mars, Uranus; Sirius conjunct in my 10th house in Cancer.
And, My Mercury conjunct my south node in Leo in my 10th house.
Then, My Pluto in Leo in my 11th house, Leo, conjunct Regulus.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?

My Saturn/Neptune trines my Jupiter/Venus/Aldebaran conjunction in Gemini, which I believe increases my communication skills regarding these matters.

My Sun/Mars/Uranus, conjugation in my Cancer, 10th, is in opposition to Chiron in my 4th, Capricorn, and so I have a been there, done that, experience to hear-out people with.

Stellium in my 10th, with Mercury, south node, Sun, Mars and Uranus, puts me out into the world.

My Saturn, conjunct Neptune, SQUARES my Sun, Mars, Uranus conjunction, giving lots of energy to these placements.

My Jupiter/Venus/Aldebaran in Gemini, sextiles my Mercury, Leo.

My moon in 11th, in Virgo, makes me detail oriented.

And how do they influence the way that you practice?

I am a good listener.

I can put things together for others.

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?

I believe different people are the "magic" for others.  Not everyone is looking for a cookie cutter astrologist.

Susan Falk

I think that a strong Uranus in the chart makes one inclined to be an astrologer as well as a strong Neptune. Sometimes a strong Pluto aspect can also make a good astrologer since that is a person who likes to delve deeply into the psyche.I think a person with a  prominent
Uranus is attracted to the occult and is very intuitive.Neptune makes one inclined to delve into the spiritual and to be psychic.The signs of Aquarius and Pisces  also feature prominently in charts of Astrologers and those are the signs ruled by Uranus and Neptune

I have all three  of these planets strongly aspected on my natal chart as I have my Sun in the 2nd house in a grand trine with Uranus and Neptune with Uranus being in the 6th house of work and Neptune being in the 10th house of profession on the mid heaven and my moon is in an out of sign trine to both of them.Also,my Pluto is in the 8th house which is strong since it is in its own house and opposite my moon in Aquarius.

The 1st time I had a chart reading by a Jungian astrologer I immediately fell in love with astrology.Her orientation was both psychological and spiritual and it totally resonated with me. Also,I was going through a major crisis and she told me that Uranus was in the empty space of my T square and explained that it was forming a grand cross so it was a time of personal Crucifixtion but also a crossroads and it represented freedom and the beginning of a new life more in harmony with my essential nature.I was hooked and immediately began reading some astrology books.

I think the fact that both Uranus and Neptune trine my sun and are in out of sign trine to my moon and that Pluto opposes my moon and trines my ascendant  definitely influences the way that I practice astrology. My orientation is spiritual and psychological rather than on prediction or timing of events.

I think that astrologers with a strong aspect between Mercury and Uranus can be very adept at predictions as they have a strong connection between the rational and intuitive mind.

Suzanne Keating

   I expect to see significant placements of Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius and their rulers and aspects in the charts of astrologers. 

   I have an exact Mercury/Uranus opposition from the 1st to the 7th houses, which I feel helps me understand and communicate astrological data with clients about their charts. I can study hard and also think outside the box. I am a Sag, Sag Rising with a Virgo Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, all in Virgo in the ninth house. This stellium squares my Sun/ascendant, bringing the necessary challenges to my life's experiences which helps me to focus and grow.

    With Pisces ruling my third house and Neptune sitting on the MC, I feel that brings my intuition and compassion into play with my clients. I have a particular ability to tune into karmic and past life influences in the natal chart which my clients can relate to.

Donna Young

I imagine there are as many variables as there are types of astrologers. The chart of someone who is a prolific writer, speaker, or researcher would look much different than that of someone who quietly works from their home every day doing consulting work and never becomes famous for what they do. And the chart of a brilliant astrologer who never makes a dime off of their studies would look different again. Before any of these considerations there would have to be curiosity and desire to learn - so I'd expect to find a strong Mercury, as well as strong Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius in the chart.

I started studying astrology when Uranus was conjunct my 10th house Mercury in Aquarius. I'm sure having an Aquarian MC and Mercury opposing Uranus have something to say about this. In whole sign these are houses 9/3, and truly, it's teaching that I most enjoy. Mercury and Uranus are also part of a mystic rectangle with the 5th house Moon and  11th Venus, so the tension of the opposition is offset by the benefic nature of the trines and sextiles. But all of this air and fire would be nothing but bluster if my Pisces Sun (trine Neptune) didn't try and create some deeper meaning out of all of it.

Georgia Stathis

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?

Strong hard aspects to Uranus, Uranus on an angle, Uranus ruling one of the angles.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
MC Aquarius with ruler Venus and Mercury in the 10th and Uranus in the 2nd square Moon and Saturn (old ruler of Aquarius on angle, 4th, opposing ruler in the 10th)

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?
Uranus in second trine Venus in 10th and Jupiter near MC.

And how do they influence the way that you practice? Uranus is lead in my chart, I think. I’ve invented my own system of observation and that it has helped me find out of the box solutions with a more conservative clientele.

Stephanie Smith

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
Not sure...but what I'd like to see compassion. 

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
I can't be called an astrologer - just a student of astrology - and I think it's my mars in Gemini that makes me curious and eager to learn more.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
My Scorpio/Pluto influences ...they make me want to get to the bottom of things and make me fearless in the face of what lies there ;-}

Alexandra Karacostas

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer?
Usually there is a strong Aquarian/Uranian flavor.

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?
Strong Aquarian and Uranian flavors mixed with a powerful Jupiter/Neptune.Pluto and even Saturn, seeking truth.

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession? 
There are various flavors and combinations. A desire to be helpful, a willingness to work with and respect others, and a desire for all inclusiveness. 

And how do they influence the way that you practice?
In every way.

Kathryn Zumstein

What do you expect to see in the chart of an astrologer? Strong Mercury/Uranus with Sun/Moon to angles.  I’ve noted that a great number of astrologers have Moon in Gemini, so that or Moon/Mercury is probably helpful

What in your chart do you think makes you an astrologer?  Uranus sextile the MC, and also Uranus the focal point of a yod with Sun/Saturn.  Perhaps Mercury/S.Node in 7th/Pisces, and Moon in 10th opposite Jupiter. 

Do you have any aspects or signatures that you find particularly useful for this profession?   I think having a Pisces Sun/Cancer Moon helps me in aligning with people, so they feel safe in sharing themselves with me.  A 7th house Mercury helps with communication as well.

And how do they influence the way that you practice?  I enjoy connecting with people, and the nurturing aspect of moon in cancer is definitely part of my style in working…I share information in a manner that honors where they’re at, emotionally.    

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Re: An astrologer's chart: New Moon in Pisces

Postby Paramonov Dmitry » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:28 pm

I do not believe what an astrologer's horoscope has the presence of certain astrological indicators. I believe that everyone can be an astrologer - Astrology is available to everyone. Becoming the astrologer or not - this is the result of socialization, rather than feature of their horoscope. Positions of the planets at the time of birth determines the potential inherent at birth. How this potential will be implemented depends on the person.
I do not believe that if we look at the horoscope we can say whether a man is an astrologer or not. But, if a person has already decided, looking at their horoscope can define which section of astrology will be more attractive to the person. We must remember that each person takes from astrology as much as they need.
For instanse, a person has Uranus in the 2nd house. This position will initially create such a situation in a person's life, which will teach the person to adapt to quickly changing conditions in the financial plan. Sources of income may be unstable and not projected expenditures. This situation will inevitably lead to the fact that people want to find a way to stabilize the situation. This may be the use of modern technologies of financial planning, work in a dynamic team uses scientific methods of doing business, which allows to adapt to the current conditions in the market. Or it may be Astrology. But Astrology acts there as a stabilization tool, allowing predictions through to stabilize its financial position. If a person is diligent and persistent in their quest, they can become good specialists in the field of financial astrology.But for this they have to opt for Astrology, and then demonstrate the diligence.If I see a horoscope of an aastrologer, I am not looking for evidence of "if the person is an astrologer or not." I admit that anyone can become an astrologer, so I look at how they doing as astrologers, a trend in astrology, interests, methods of work they prefers to use.
Speaking about myself, that the astrological indicators in my horoscope describe how I work, then I would prefer to refrain from answering this question.
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