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New Moon in Aquarius: Chart envy

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:38 pm
by Katerusko
Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?

Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?

Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?

Re: New Moon in Aquarius: Chart envy

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:42 pm
by Katerusko
Bonnie (Parker) Svardal

But for an hour and a half, and 1500 miles I could have had the chart of Garrison Keillor.We were born the same day. Reading his biographies I found we shared similar milestones at key junctures in time. He has Leo rising, I have Virgo rising. I loved to write early on, but he has the imagination to spin stories, and recite them as well as sing in his sonorous voice. I write non-fiction and have always had an aversion to self-promotion. He started Prairie Home Companion in 1974. I began my study of astrology in 1974. He was inspired politically by a visit to his university by John F. Kennedy in 1960. I, with Pluto/Uranus on my Ascendant in 1960 became a political radical. Hey, it was the 60s after all!  But all in all, I am content with my chart/life. I'll plan my next chart whilst on the "other side."

Shawn Limbach

No chart envy.

No sign bias.

I wouldn’t mind a chart which allows the manifestation of Venus in an artistic, collaborative way to come with a bit less struggle and sooner; and with enough tension to motivate.  Plus clearer vision & knowing regarding trust of humans…. or the kind of species I return as. :)

Alexandra Karacostas

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?
Interesting question and one that has never crossed my mind. The answer is NO. We are all blessed and challenged in some ways. Life isn't about bad, ok, or great and it isn't lateral. It is much more complex. Feel deeply grateful for what I've been given, though life is not always a cake walk. 
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?
For less enlightened souls, Moon and Ascendants in Scorpio. Especially in hard aspect to Uranus, Pluto, and the Nodes.
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?
No. I imagine that I will get exactly what I need, and I am not always the best judge of that. But I trust it.

Boaz Fyler

I love the sign of Leo, literally, my wife is a Leo. There is something so heartwarming with Leo... + Leo is on my MC...So Leo helps me get serious and take part & fulfill my role in society. The Moon in Leo is my favorite moon placement, the Joie de vivre it holds is wonderful. I enjoy Tauruses very much too, as I am one myself, talking about history, beauty, aesthetics and food of course. I connect as well with all air signs, as my Moon is in Gemini. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am biased towards signs and placements that connect to my own Natal Chart :) I think we all do! 

Carol Dimitrov

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?
I do not believe I have.  I look at all charts as different fabrics, all beautiful, rich and even flawed from the perspective of having to work with a chart that may not be easy.  Each one is so unique and different like a flower with many varieties.  I feel that what I have, I chose to work with,even with the challenges.  I also believe everyone has challenges so I am careful what I wish for!
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards? 
In general no, I believe it is exactly what the universe has ordered and how we learn to work with it is up to us.
I will say for myself, dominate Fire signatures in men's charts have been challenging in relationships for me. Perhaps a challenge given to me to learn how to work better with the energies.
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?
No. Grateful and blessed for what I have and for what I will be given. I believe we choose when to return here so whatever it is that I am given, is what  I have chosen for the transformation of my soul.

Tobias Cincarek

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?

Never thought about chart envy, but if you ask me so maybe I would like to have the chart of a world championship go player (you know the 19x19 field game with white and black stones). It shall be my next research project to find about the chart factors which make a good go player. Maybe splash pattern with emphasis on cardinal Air? But instead of thinking about envy we should rather think about how to combine our chart qualities with those of other people. I am personally concerned about synastry not only for one-to-one relationships but also for team building in a company. We should try to give water people more power in society. They should do better as managers because they can anticipate problems earlier maybe even reading peoples minds. However, this of course also depends on the chart pattern and their communicative abilities. I experienced people with a bucket pattern as most selfish and negative.

Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?

Yes, there seem to be many placements to work with. First of all I seem to lack water and the cardinal mode. That’s why I am so slow in starting and doing things and seem not to be able to care about other people for a very long time. Mars/Pluto same degree. Nevertheless I am feeling anxiety often since I am always in danger to excess and forceful action or overreach. Ascendant/Neptune/Saturn/Venus same degree. A lot of psychic sensitivity but also feeling of inhibition. Too much mental activity can easily have opposite effects. Boomerang involving Venus/Mars - Pluto/Uranus/Neptune. If I experience something which is difficult to bare or tolerate I can easily get upset in order to bring change to the environment. Extroversion is strong, so there should be the right amount and quality of stimulus to get most out of my personality.
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?

So this is possible? This makes me somehow think about the scenario of genetic or cosmic engineering. So in case of a married couple who decide to have children maybe there are coming to you as an astrologer and ask about the day they should have sex together? But I cannot believe you could influence the process of evolution this way. Maybe I would just like to be born into an environment were there is a good balance of the charts qualities among the people living together in whatever form. However, yes, since I lack water, I wonder how life would be with an emphasis on water elements.

Stephanie Regner

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?
I can't think of a specific chart right now, but I have definitely gotten a bit wistful over some that I've studied that seem to have very clearly delineated life themes, eg. lots of planets on the angles, or a large stellium. I figure there is a good chance these people were able to get a grasp on their inner dynamics earlier or perhaps more easily than I did! I feel like my own chart is a bit scattered, with several  planets that are traditionally considered debilitated or peregrine, and up to 4 of them ( Moon, Saturn,Pluto, Uranus) can change house location depending on which system you use, which was frustrating to interpret when I was first studying Astrology; I  felt like telling my planets sometimes - just pick a side, dammit!
 So I guess you could say I envy charts that appear a bit more "cut and dried" than my own. (Then again, with Neptune and Moon in the 1st house, you could argue that I was predestined to be at least initially a bit confused about the foundations of my identity...all part of the journey ;-)
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?
Unfortunately, I think I've given Saturn aspects a bit of a bad rap over the years...I think most of us have been there at some point! I've had to train myself to consider both painful and positive/enjoyable outcomes when interpreting charts with Saturnian placements; this has been easier to do in recent years with Saturn taking a more prominent place in my life (transiting into my 1st house, progressed Asc in Capricorn, etc). 
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?
I guess it would be cool to try out being a go-getter & pragmatic Cardinal & Earth person in my next incarnation ;-) I felt a definite shift in perspective and energy level when my Progressed Ascendant & Mercury moved into Capricorn; it's like I finally had a sturdy base from which to operate in the material world... I do highly appreciate it!

Sol W Jonassen, OPA Norway Satellite

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?

1: No, never experienced chart envy, although I often wonder what it must be like to be born with Venus on the south node. 
2: No, I think that astrological bias is the most absurd thing around. People are people. If there is a high degree of trauma in a chart, I pay attention to it and try to see how to contribute in a positive sense. 
3. No, I never gave that much thought. But it is a fascinating idea. 

Lucia Lu, OPA China Satellite

Everybody has its own lesson and own issues and I do not think I ever want to own another chart. Charts are not people. Even I am very curious about people's life but I never want to give up my own experience which I think is very unique and funny. 

 Years ago I felt that it is difficult to understand Gemini and Sagittarius and they are scary to me but now I am getting better. I sometimes envy those people with Libra Venus because it is just easy for them to make their life beautiful. And I am frustrated with the Saturn in Virgo generation. Unfortunately and fortunately my two most important astrology teachers have Saturn in Virgo. Basically I struggle with Saturn energy. And there is another placement I seem to attract or attracted to. That is Cancer moon in 7th house men. Two of my former boy friends have that placement and another two of my male good friends have that too!  And so does my husband! 

So I think I want more well-developed Sagittarius and Cancer energy in my chart with my next life because I am working hard on it in this life time!!!  And also easier Saturn aspect is very much welcomed! 

Charles Jameson

I’ve never really had ‘chart envy’ - perhaps more the other way around: there are chart’s I wouldn’t want to have!

Particularly charts with many planets in one particular part of the chart, such as chef Gordon Ramsey’s. 

Growing up, I was always envious of my older brother. He seemed to have unlimited energy and forcefulness. 
So I wish I could have a Mars-Pluto conjunction. I’ll give the square a miss - I know too many of those people, and the energy is not as focused as the conjunction.

Next life? Well, I’d like a Moon in Cancer please! I’m ‘over’ my Sagg Moon!

Innessa Wuzyk

I definitely experience envy in my life. Not so much chart envy as envy of people who are successfully externalizing in those areas where I feel I do poorly. I have a Natal Pluto in Virgo/5, so I have issues around effective leadership. I myself avoid leadership, and am naturally envious of people who are leaders, who are a shining light to others. So, chart-wise, I am envious of strong Leo strong Virgo.

But I deal with it. I accept reality. In dealing with people of whom I am envious, I am careful to process the envy first, so that I don't harm the relationship.

I don't really think about what chart I would like to come back with as it will take care of itself, but I am aware of unfinished themes in my life, areas where I am dissatisfied, so I suspect those themes will be back.

Anne Ortelee

I never have had chart envy.  This life's chart has been great fun!! However, I have been constructing my NEXT life's chart!  All those past lives as an astrologer makes it easy!!

Kim de Noüe

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own”?
I don’t usually envy others’ charts, as I think every chart has its challenges.

Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?
Well it might have been easier to have a Moon sign other than Virgo, and Venus conjunct Saturn has not been a picnic, and Mercury conjunct Neptune squaring Jupiter and Uranus is also challenging.  However, I wouldn’t really want to change my chart.  It is me.  I have learned from its challenges and they have pushed me to acquire new skills.  I believe they are my destiny and my mission is to learn from them.  No chart is really easy, but I wouldn’t be upset to have Jupiter in the Midheaven.  I would like to have more confidence and support for my dreams as a child than I have had in this lifetime.  

Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?
I don’t have a particular chart pattern I would like to have in the next life, but would love to have a strong sense of purpose and support in achieving it.

Khatuna Noel, OPA Georgia Satellite

In fact I have never experienced chart envy. Of course, there are some aspects or placements I  wish to have in my chart,   but on the other hand, I have seen  lots of wellaspected charts with frustrated and lazy owners. So I am pleased with the potential that God has given to me. Now, development and improvement depends on my aspirations.
 And, when I think what kind of chart I would like To have in my next life, I believe that the Universe knows better what would be  better or necessary for my development. But still if someone asks me before next birth, I choose not to have my Mars in Pisces,  or to have    my present 12th house constellation in  my  new first house.

Dmitriy Paramonov

Have you come across a chart that you would love to "own"?
In the process of working with young astrologers I try to create a relationship of trust with them. This contributes to a more honest relationship between us. Yes, young astrologers are not satisfied with their horoscopes so ofthen. I try not to interfere with it. Everyone should realize his own horoscope every astrologer should love your own horoscope, without prompting and without orders.
Why do we like other people's horoscopes? Because we can not accept ourselves as we are. We want to be like other people, but do not want to be by themselves.
I watched, whether there is a relationship between a person's horoscope and the horoscope, which they like. Yes, there is such a relationship. Usually we like such indicators thar we don't have in our horoscope.
For example, in my horoscope very small planets are located in earth elements, so feeling my vulnerability in this I feel admiration for the people that have a large number of planets in the element of earth. With Mercury in Sagittarius, having philosophical and analytical approach to the treatment of information I like people with an encyclopedic mind. In other words, I want to say that people like the fact that they have not developed, or not disclosed.
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards?
If I do not like something, I tend not to tie the action to a specific astrological indicator. It seems to me that there is not the astrological indicators, and that it is the people realized the figure so that the energy embedded in the horoscope realized in this way. In the position of the planet has the potential, but this potential is implementing people - it does not depend on the horoscope.
When I do astrological amulet, I try to on natal indicators to strengthen them. It included the power that lies in the horoscope of the nature. This amulet gives a man not only the power, but also the ability to get satisfaction from life, unlock the creative potential of the horoscope and enhance the perception of the horoscope vibrations.
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life?
I do not know what horoscope I'd like to have in the next life. I'm still too young and do not have enough worldly wisdom to the affirmative answer to this question. Unless the child can say what game he wants to play after the end of the current game. No, you first need to finish in one game and then think what game we want to play now.
If the child thinkins about another game, then this game is no longer interesting.
Have you ever, for fun, told a client that they were born under the 13th sign and that they should refer to themselves as an Ophiuchus?
13th zodiac sign - if a person starts talking about 13 zodiac signs, for me it is an indication that the person is poorly understood astrology, in particular, they do not understand the philosophical theory that underlies the 12 signs system. I try not engage with people in a dispute. In their ignorance, they can say such a thing that will regret about. It is better to close the conversation in the beginning.
And if there was a 13th sign, would all these people be unlucky?
Luck / not luck is a terminology of the fatalism. I believe that fatalism - the religion of the weak and lazy people. It is easier to take the words "This is my destiny!" Rather than the phrase "Go and do!". No, I do not share the fatalistic approach to life. The man who failed went on the road I have is more respect than a man who stayed at home and was unharmed.

Maurice Fernandez

I can say I used to have chart envy and try all kinds of ideal scenarios. I had an aversion to Leo because of a Leo person whom I found distasteful, and thought that Pisces and Aquarius were the coolest. But I must say that now Leos are among my favourite people and personality traits.
In other words, I cured my chart envy and biases…
However, if I could choose, I may want to try to skip being a Scorpio again. It certainly has been very hard work ;)

Mary Lewis

My chart "envy" comes in the form of wanting to reincarnate with Chiron
anywhere but the 7th house, and no big fat stellium in the 12th. I'd be
fine with a big fat stellium in the 1st or 2nd quadrant of the chart. :)

And Saturn in the 4th...could do with a change there...but then, Saturn has
his lessons in every house. Sigh.

Gene Lamont

Have you ever experienced chart envy? Have you come across a chart that you would love to “own"? No I can't say I have felt envious of a chart an aspect maybe but not a whole chart.
Are there signs, aspects, or placements that you have a bias towards? I have a tendency to focus on Neptune a little more than I possibly should. I think each individual astrologers personal life would give them more lessons or manifestations regarding specific planets. Giving that particular astrologer a little more knowledge or a little more to say on a specific planet for me that's Neptune. I love using quintiles especially but try to implement quintiles septiles and noviles into my work often.
Do you think about what kind of chart you would like to come back with next life? I really haven’t thought about this topic before but I wouldn't be surprised if my soul seeks out a family orientated life next time round. Maybe a cancer Sun trine the north Node in Scorpio 4th house or the like.

Margarita Logovatovskaya

There were some cases in my practice when the client can be honestly called a lucky man. Their solar ruler was the Jupiter that was on the MC. The client is an actor, came from backs to Moscow.
He was noticed by famous people and they offered him an interesting job. He has a good things going. Even when you look at his face without looking at his chart, you feel the breath of the Jupiter. These people carry with them a trail of happiness. And this support of the Jupiter I would like to have in mw natal chart. I also have the strong Jupiter, but all the credit I've got only by working hard. So, sometimes I want a support. This guy has always someone like his patron.He has plenty of performance to a happy life. 
Another woman is a designer, whose planetary positions allowed her to climb out of poverty and build your business. Now she is a successful designer, even if something is difficult in her life, it is easy to overcome. Her strong planet, Venus, makes her beauty line. There is not so much clients with a strong horoscope, but they are light and very nice to talk to them.
In another embodiment, it would be desirable to have the strong Saturn and a strong foundation for the protection of the happy Jupiter.
People who have a birthday in Ophiuchus area are really different in the special power and amazing energy. They have something unsolved-strong. Their words and looks valid. In life, these people have a lot of transformation and heavy waves, but they survive and continue to enjoy life in their special power. In the process of consultation we can point to the nature and force of energy, but not to escalate, they have a bad life or they are unlucky. It depends on the personality and its power.