New Moon in Virgo: your weak spots

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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New Moon in Virgo: your weak spots

Postby Katerusko » Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:05 pm

It is said that, for artists, style develops out of how they compensate for what they cannot do.

What do you consider your weak point(s) as an astrologer? Is it a technique, like progressions, or a general area, like relationships? Or is it something like astrologer to client interaction?
How do you compensate for these areas during a reading? Do you avoid them? Are you actively trying to fill in these gaps through studies, or do you accept that there are some areas that will never be properly developed in your 'repertoire'?

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Re: New Moon in Virgo: your weak spots

Postby carol.dimitrov » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:10 am

Cindy Chamberlin

With proper training and online courses from the astrologers that one resonates the most with, there most likely would be feelings of confidence that portray one's abilities. If a student or astrologer feels they lack in doing readings with secondary progressions for example, they can study with an astrologer that shows strength in this area. Although many of us face setbacks of daily life, what matters the most is that we look for areas to GROW where in we may lack. Striving to always grow and have patience and understanding with each other is a big Good question.

Kim de Noüe, PMAFA, ISAR CAP

My astrological weakness is remembering the dates of specific planetary cycles.  When i began studying astrology, all I wanted to do was compare charts for relationship compatibility.  So I ignored mundane cycles in general.  As I get older, I really wish I had spent more time looking at cycles, as it provides such great insights into historical and generational patterns and how they affect us all.  So, I look forward to improving this skill.  I tend to compensate for this deficiency with intuition and a well-worn ephemeris!

Öner Döşer. OPA Turkey Satellite, AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA)

The Joy of Touching One’s Heart
I have been giving astrological consultancy for many years and I really enjoy it as I also think that establishing a dialog with the people, knowing about them and to compare their conditions with the significators in the chart also helps my personal development. I believe a good astrological consultancy should be in in form of a dialog between the consultant and the client as it is more useful for the client. Through the help of transits and progressions, although we are able to see the problems or developments that the client is facing, we need to ask some questions to the client in order to support him in a rapid and solution oriented way. At that point, the general characteristics of the client and his approach to astrology gains importance.
From the natal chart, we can understand if the native is explicit or conservative or if he could explain his feelings or what he needs to ask in a clear way. However, we cannot know how he uses his potentials through the chart alone. Also his level of awareness… some clients are reserved; without giving any information they just want us to make predictions about themselves. Of course we can do that, however we are not detectives; we aim to inform the client in a rapid and practical was, so we just lose time when we do not share thoughts with the client, don’t we? On the other hand, with a client who gets into communication quickly and who easily gets into the subject consultancy session becomes more fluent and more useful for the client.
A client who is reserved slows down the consultancy process. You may even feel stuck. I learnt how to deal with such people during the years (20 years) I worked at Grand Bazaar when I was in touch with several people. I think it is also something related with reading the people. Not limited with the chart alone. So I get closer to the people and display a sincere and friendly approach. I even sometimes ask my client “The more you openly ask me your questions, the more helpful I may be to you.” I admit, such an approach works well.
Sometimes people may be in some complicated situations. They cannot tell you those things or ask about them as they think there is something wrong with that situation. This is something that can easily be understood through a Horary because Horary is like a reflection of the native at a given time. It is like a trump card which shows the real intend of the native. When I get a question from a client, I ask him to clarify that question. I sometimes tell “If I cannot understand exactly what you ask for, I have difficulty in answering you.” Then the client tries to be more specific. In turn, he will be the one who benefits from this approach.
In an astrology consultancy, like any occupation which is based on one-to-one consultancy, you need to give some time to your client to warm up. Being patient is crucial as much as reading your client, understanding how he feels at that moment and empathize with him within the potentials of his natal chart.
As you know, astrology is an art. However it is not only an art of reading the symbols in a chart but an art of expressing those through
proper words. That’s why, I like giving astrological consultancy. When you use this art properly, closed doors are opened and the most reserved clients become talkative. Then, you feel the joy of touching one’s heart!

Donna Young

I believe I struggle the most when I have a string of women (of any age) begging to know when their prince will come. I always want to avoid that question and focus on when they will begin to love themselves, but of course, that's not what they come to talk about. The hardest part of that whole story is that I also believe that if I have a string of people that I'm delivering a similar message to, that the message is also for me. So that kinda sucks.

Alexandra Karacostas

I think my weaker area was that I wanted to give a lot of information in one sitting, more than someone could realistically digest. Took a while, but I no longer do that. I also recognize that there is NO way to cover everything and certainly not use all the tools in my kit at any one time. I get to pull out what seems most appropriate for that situation. My greatest handicap always has been that I want to do better.
How do you compensate for these areas during a reading? Do you avoid them? Are you actively trying to fill in these gaps through studies, or do you accept that there are some areas that will never be properly developed in your 'repertoire'?
Strange question. I do not actively try and fill in gaps. I am content with my repertoire for now, as the majority of my clients seem to be. There is soooo much more to learn and share! :-).

Carol Dimitrov

I think my weak point as an Astrologer is that I feel as though I will never have all the answers. As we choose to assist others developing their understanding of self and our world, there is so much to learn. I believe anyone in this field will continue their education consciously or unconsciously.  Our client relationships will guide us to the territory that needs to be covered during our consultation and that its really ok not to know everything and sometime very important to keep the mechanics out. To bring in our intuition of what nurtures and ultimately can be healing to the client can be our greatest gift. 

Maurice Fernandez
One weakness would be to learn more about the science behind astrology, and expanding on Astronomy knowledge. I believe many of us experience this discrepancy as we are often focused on chart analysis alone.

On a more psychological level, the sense of powerlessness that sometimes arise when something difficult is shared with clients, such as knowing that there is abuse in a client’s life, and that it is not my role to save them.

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