New Moon in Gemini: morally sensitive issues

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New Moon in Gemini: morally sensitive issues

Postby Katerusko » Fri May 06, 2016 11:58 pm

Client X asks during a reading about a gender reassignment process for her 7 year old boy. As she describes it, the boy fully identifies with the female gender and feels psychologically tormented, sometimes to the point of hurting himself. The parents believe it would help a smoother transition to begin the process before puberty hormones are activated, and ask their astrologer for guidance and timing preferences.

This is a controversial case that may challenge the astrologer’s own belief system.

What would you suggest? Can astrology help with this case in better understanding the child’s dilemma and finding a suitable timing? Or is it a question that is outside astrology’s scope?

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Re: New Moon in Gemini: morally sensitive issues

Postby Katerusko » Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:40 pm

Chris McRae

Never having such a challenging question posed by a client, I cannot at this point imagine how I would handle it except perhaps in wondering if a doctor (specialist) would recommend one age of development over another for such surgery.  In the meantime, the child needs much support from loved ones in his search for selfhood.  Age 7 is the first Saturn square and a search for some personal identity, independence and self-knowledge.  It means leaving home every morning to an environment full of  many other different personalities and the process of integration beyond home and family. 

Victoria Smoot

I always followed the teaching that the chart itself does not reveal the sexual orientation of the native. In this case there is an issue with the physical body and all its systems and organs seeming not to be in alignment with the soul's feelings and preferences within a social context. There are so many things in the natal chart that can indicate this crisis of identity in the environment, as well as the developmental process over time that the chart also indicates. If we can keep our individual moral and conditioned judgements out of the way, and empathically listen to the concerns of the child and of the parents, an almost impossible to reverse decision can be timed for the window of opportunity that carries the best flow of combined energies and least chance of obstacles. It would be an electional chart for surgery. Issues of life purpose, and emotional strength of the native, could be given priority over those of the parents -- where compatibility charts could be used to foster the best situation for support and stability over time, if that is possible. It's a hard call and a reminder that each case is individual and a call for compassion.

Kay Taylor

This doesn’t challenge my belief system; in fact my oldest son identified as a girl from age 5 to about 9. He grew his hair long and had clothes for both genders and many that were androgynous. I felt it would either be a phase, in which case we should support it, or he was possibly transgender, in which case we should support it. It was easy, and the children in the neighborhood and at school were quite supportive. This was 25 years ago, before it was such a current issue. Ultimately he identified as male but is asexual. 

I would deal with this issue with my clients in the same way I deal with everything: listening to them empathically and helping them understand themselves and their child through the chart. I would also advise them to seek professional support for such a permanent decision.

Anne Ortelee

Clients present "problems" to astrologers that they already know the answers to.  In this case, I would cast a horary chart before proceeding... less than 3 degrees on the ascendant ~ too soon to ask the question while less than 3 degrees before the next sign on the ascendant, the matter has already been decided, the client has cognitive dissonance and is turning to the astrologer for confirmation of their decision.

Remember: as astrologers, we can use OUR tools for ourselves too, especially when we are not sure what to do.  As astrologers we know that all things under the sun are part  and parcel of astrology.  Of course the child's dilemma as well as the parent's seeking how to best support their child would be shown in both charts.  Our personal belief systems need to be acknowledged as bringing our biases to an otherwise perfect astrology.  Once we understand our biases, we can monitor how they appear in the client's reading.                                                                                                                                       
If we face an issue that challenges our belief systems, often it is best if we recuse ourselves from the situation.  We are not going to bring an unbiased opinion to the consultation table.  If we don't want to recuse ourselves, we need to speak honestly about our biases or limitations before rendering an opinion.  

Mary Lewis

My response to the parents would be that the primary concern and intervention NOW needs
to be around the self-harming impulses and acts of the child. I would strongly suggest
that if the child is not in treatment with a child specialized psychologist or other mental
health professional, that they seek treatment asap. It is important that the therapist be
child psych specialized. Obviously, if the therapist was also experienced with gender issues, this would be optimum. If the family lives in a sizable urban area, this should not be too hard to find. The self harming impulses are about inadequate coping skills. It would be naive to think that they will cease if reassignment starts. This will be a long process with a whole other set of internal and external stressors to be encountered, likely, for many years. This child and family need the guidance and support of a knowledgeable, skilled, supportive mental health professional who can also help this child in gaining positive coping skills that will serve him ongoing.

I would also tell the parents that when the child reaches a point of stabilization - no self harming - and the therapist feels the child is approaching readiness to safely begin the reassignment process, I would be happy to consult with them about optimum times, per the astrology chart. I would also be happy to consult with the parents now about the chart and the evolutionary dynamics around this issue.

Jacqueline Lindley Janes

In my opinion, the question of gender reassignment is outside the scope of astrology's knowledge. The astrological consultant relies on historical experience and documentation of cases and ongoing research to make an informed synthesis for a client. At this time there has not been enough of either, documentation or research, for the astrological consultant to address this question.

However, the time is here for that research on gender reassignment, gender fluidity, and gender identity questions, to take place. Some birth data of gender reassignment has already been amassed, but this data is usually the result of adult decision. Gender fluidity, meaning the assignment of gender considering more than just biological facts, is an issue to be addressed because more and more children are speaking up about their gender confusion. (Might this not be a sign that the concept of androgeny, part of the Aquarian Age, is with us.) Birth data information gathered at an earlier age needs to be collected. What I would really like to see is a research project that followed a group of children, who exhibit gender confusion, for a period of 20 to 30 years. After such research is completed, then, and only then, astrology may have something to contribute about the decisions regarding gender reassignment.

Having said the above, I do believe that the consulting astrologer can be a tremendous resource for the families experiencing gender confusion among its members. The astrologer can help the parents understand the general energies of the child from his/her chart, giving both what might be considered male and/or female direction from the symbolic language. Additionally indications of parental concern or question from the parents' charts regarding the child can be translated. The more the astrologer can help raise the consciousness of the parents regarding the issue, the easier the transition will be for the child if and when a medical decision arises.

In our profession we are going to be challenged to address complex gender issues. Even a simple question about the pronoun we use to address a client going through gender confusion, who might come to us for guidance, needs to be addressed. Recently in a talk, I suggested that the words we use to translate our astrological symbols in maleness and femaleness in our consultations and, even in our computer program print outs, need to be considered with care given the gender preference of the person seeking our counsel. We cannot assume that biology determines the gender of our client. It has been suggested that a courteous, trans-supportive person should ask his or her client which pronouns...her/his/zir/hir, etc.....should be used in their presence. Considered sensitivities to gender questions must be developed in our profession.

Dmitriy Paramonov

I have no medical training, so I try to move away from health issues. A doctor is a specially trained person that is able to give more qualified assistance. Human physiology is interesting to me, but I'm not an expert in this field. I cannot play the role of a specialist, I cannot give advice, I am not responsible, my opinion is subjective and ignorant. 

- What would you suggest? 
- I am not competent in such matters. You'd better ask experts.

- Can astrology help with this case in better understanding the child's dilemma and finding a suitable timing? 
- Yes, partially astrology can help find answers to these difficult questions. But only partially. 
Gender of the child: To answer this question, you can see the child's conception horoscope. The position of the Moon in the horoscope of conception will reveal the baby's sex.
This takes into account: 
• Male or female character in which the moon;
• Is there any connection to the moon, and if so, to what planets;
• Is there exact convergent aspects to the Moon, if so, what kind of planet are involved in these areas;
• The phase of the Moon in the horoscope of conception corresponds to the sign of the father or the mother.
Next, we analyze the birth horoscope. In the analysis, we consider the distribution of personal planets in masculine and feminine signs of the Zodiac (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), the position in the horoscope of the Sun, the Moon and the Governor of the horoscope: sign of the zodiac, aspects of male and female planets, the position in the chain of the disposition, the presence of reps with the horoscopes of the mother or father.

There are different ways to treat the data of astrological advice. First of all we must remember that even if a boy's chart shows up on the figures saying that the horoscope has female characteristics, yet this is not about that in front of us says a girl in a boy's body. I believe that the presence of a large number of men's horoscope says female figures primarily about the peculiarities of human perception of the world, but not of his femininity. Of course, I admit that I do not practice in this area. I admit that all I wrote is theory that is not fixed practice.

- Or is it a question that is outside astrology's scope? 
- I do not know the answer to this question. It seems to me that this question should be asked the astrologers who have medical education and practice.

Margarita Logovatovskaya

In my opinion, everything that connected to the children is divine. God is the great Creator and the Maker of this world, he better knows in any field is to be born. The soul itself is sexless, sex has a physical body. Therefore, I believe that any deviation in this issue comes from the soul, and it is most necessary to deal with it. An astrologer is a person who is a co-creator with God, they can see the designs of God on one or another. But in terms of procreation I consider intervention in this process is blasphemous at least.

Marjorie Luz

This is a complex question, the answers for which depend on so many elements that are extremely individual to the child and to the client. For myself, as an astrologer, I would not touch it.  The far-reaching consequences are much too complex for a yes or no answer.

Kim de Noüe

Wow!  This is a really tough question to answer.  I have no issues with gender reassignment, per se, but it is such a big decision for any parent to make on behalf of a seven-year-old.  I would NOT feel comfortable encouraging them to have or not have the surgery.  Children go through phases and sometimes change over time, so I would most likely recommend that they consult with a LGBTQ-friendly pediatrician and a trusted  psychotherapist who could - in combination - advise the parents of the likelihood of this being a clear indicator that their child is highly unlikely to emotionally transition back to preferring their birth gender.  The biggest issue for me is the maturity level of the child, and the significance and permanence of this sort of change.  However, given the situation waiting until the child is older may prolong some agony, but making the change and having the child regret it later could be far worse.   

We may be able to see this sort of thing in a chart, but I really do not think as astrologers we should be recommending one option or another in a case such as this.  We should encourage them to love their child no matter what their choice and tell them listen compassionately to what their child wants.  Try to comfort the child through the process, regardless of which direction they choose.  And by all means, follow their hearts, but also get as much expert advise as possible, before making a decision which will clearly alter the child’s life forever, for better or worse!

Arlan Wise

This is a very tricky situation. I don't know if the answers are in the chart or if it more a case of the child's karma. Perhaps the child is remembering a past life in a body of the other sex and this memory is alive in his mind. Perhaps as the years go on it he/she would become more comfortable in his body. This may not be the parent's decision to make.

I had a lover in college who was a gorgeous man. He was an actor and stared in the 3 Penny Opera playing MacHeath and he played King Lear, both very masculine roles. He was a wonderful lover and very sensitive as a Pisces man would be. Years later I found out that "Albert " was now "Kate". When we reconnected my first question was what sex was his sexual preference and he said "women". His chart shows a Venus-North Node- Moon in Taurus in the 1st house square Pluto- Saturn- Mars in Leo in the 5th house.  His/her Sun in Pisces is square a strong 9th house Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Gemini. It's a good chart for an actor, an artist. If his parents had come to me and said that Albert thinks he's a girl, what should they do, I don't think the answer is in his chart. He got married, fathered a daughter, and then had the sex change operation. Maybe it was important for his soul's journey to have had those experiences.

I think we should tread very cautiously here. I think this scenario is similar to when one asks for medical advice. I'll be interested to read the other responses to this question.

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