New Moon in Aries: astrology and critical situations

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New Moon in Aries: astrology and critical situations

Postby Katerusko » Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:27 pm

Astrology is one of the most effective tools for timing. Electional Astrology is the type of astrology used to find the right date and time for an event with the purpose to align an endeavor with the celestial clock, with the aims to increase the odds of success. People consult with astrologers to sign contracts, make a move, or plan a wedding, for example.

However, sometimes very sensitive questions are raised in this regard, for example in the case of what can be life and death situations, such as timing a critical surgery, or timing a C-section which would determine the birth chart (and the whole life) of a new-born.
What do you think in general about the role of astrology in these delicate situations. If you practice Electional Astrology, how do you address with these questions?

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Re: New Moon in Aries: astrology and critical situations

Postby Katerusko » Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:27 pm

Sandra-Leigh Serio

I think astrology is essential to answering life and death questions mainly for existing clients where the astrologer has an established relationship. I tell my clients there is no perfect time for surgery because surgery is an invasion and affront to the physical body and that carries risks. Even on a “good” surgery date, if the client’s natal chart is very afflicted at that time and that affliction lasts for months, then the surgery may still not go well but it will go much better than choosing dates such as 5 days before and after the Full Moon and difficult Mars aspects. If surgery is non-emergency and the clients has some flexibility, it is much easier to pinpoint a surgery date. If it is an emergency surgery then the astrologer should not render an opinion because the client could die waiting for the right time.

Mary Lewis

Although I have done little electional astrology myself as an astrologer, I have found it to be of great use, personally. And I have recently added it to the description of services I offer when people are referred to me.

I think it is especially important for all kinds of medical procedures and as well, have used it for job start dates and other important projects.

I think of "best dates" for medical procedures/surgeries as not so much finding the "best date"
but even more of avoiding the "bad" dates in which rates of complications, for all kinds of reasons, could be substantially higher.

Realizing that SO much surgery now is highly mechanized/computerized, just paying attention to what Mercury and Neptune are doing in a given chart, can be huge. And of course, there is more than that.

Yes, I'm a believer and will by all means, continue to use it for myself, via my astrologer.

Patrick Lewis

Yes, I do electional Astrology every week for clients. We can't stop progress, but we can pick the best time to do important things in life. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but in 50 years of doing charts, as a professional, I've never had a person complain about astrological timing. I've probably made 10's of thousands of decisions for weddings, operations, starting business, etc., etc. To have any paranoia, with this subject, is stupid. Most Astrologers have a high integrity, and do the best that they can. Picking the right time to do anything important, is a must in Life. Anything that is karmically dysfunctional, will never work.

Marjorie Lutz

I don't do much electional astrology. but as with all other questions, one must consider the consequences of incorrect or iffy advice.

Re C-section: The child is the one who decides when he/she will arrive, but given 2 or more dates of favorable probability, the child, with the doctor's unknowing cooperation, will make that decision.

Re Death: When a person dies, it is, again his/her decision. If you were to give a prediction, it would be in the form of a message from the spirit of that person. But tread lightly. An inaccurate prediction, here again, could be very uncomfortable for all concerned. A "guess" at some alternate times could work, but don't interfere with that spirit's life plan.

Dmitriy Paramonov

The development of Astrology has reached a high level in the modern world, the level at which ethical principles are particularly important. The knowledge, possessed by the modern astrologer, can be used to benefit society or cause damage. Therefore, the astrologer should pay attention not only to the way they consults, but also how they use technology in their practice, which aims they make in their work.
No doubt, we cannot impose our value system to everyone. Each astrologer produces its own set of rules, each astrologer himself answers the question: what is good and what is bad?
In many ways, the formation of individual value system is affected by philosophy, which is closest to the astrologer, the religion of their ancestors, the culture of the society in which a person lives, the economy and politics of their country.
I do not answer any health issues, because I have no medical training. I did not pick up time for operations and do not answer the questions of whether or not to carry out the operation and how to designate treatment. Let the doctors do that. Doctors do it more professionally than astrologers. Of course, often the doctor asks you to select the patient the best time for surgery.In such cases, I give the astrological references. But I do not accept the decision. The decision must be made by the doctor.
I believe that the astrologer has no right to intervene in the area where the special education is necessary.
In fact, astrologer that practicing elective astrology has mach work to do. When a client asks about politics, medicine, economy lives of others, in such moments, the astrologer can afford to say "No!". The astrologer is not in such distress to grasp at any client who is willing to pay.

Oksana Lozan

Astrological consultation is the most intimate process. It should be understood that the astrologer working with the natal chart see his client, in fact, naked with client's complexes and problems, doubts and anxieties. How to deal with this information it depends on the skills and experience of the astrologer.
Sometimes in process of consultation are such topics that are beyond the scope of ethics and morality. For example, when issues of personal life are discused and the theme of betrayal emerges, or there are questions about the optimize revenue, health topic (to give or not to give the drug to a seriously ill family member).
How should behave as an astrologer as client?
Firstly, as any person working with people, astrologer must adhere the principle of "do no harm" and preserve client confidentiality.
Is not difficult to consult if a person has medical or psychological education - as the preservation of client secrets assumed by the profession. But even without this kind of education astrologer should remember that, in the first place, they should look at the situation through the eyes of the client.
Personality of the consultant at the time of consultation should recede into the background, but in the first place - the client's personality with theirs problems and issues.
So, I believe that in the process of the consultation it is possible to accept as ethical everything that is important to the client.
The same concerns the choice of dates. The client must be informed that his request "goes" beyond the capabilities and that there is interference in the finer life plans. If client agrees, the astrologer has to use the "do no harm" principle and do their job.
There is another important point in the astrologer's work: the clients never chosen consultant accidently and everyone who comes to advice guided by higher powers. If a person accesses a request, an astrologer can help him, so fate has to be trusted!


I apply elective astrology to the following: choosing the most favorable astrological time for establishing marriage, starting a new business, applying for a job, interviewing, important business negotiations and meetings, and other questions of vital importance that are not beyond of the Divine Will.

There are some client requests which I find to be unethical and which first of all violate the Divine Law, for example, choosing the date for Cesarean section to artificially simulate the birth of a child. At such moments, a man exalts himself above God because he manifests his own will and not obeys the Divine Will. And it seems like diabolism because the Devil grants all wishes, and Angels grant not all wishes. Angels are obedient to the will of God and not their own will.

Therefore, I believe that the tools of astrology as tools of the Divinity should be used under the Divine Will.

Arlan Wise
When I was just starting out as a professional astrologer, a client asked me to find a good day for her to have her baby by Caesarean. I told her to avoid the day he doctor picked as the Sun and Pluto were in conjunction and advised that she wait about 5 days. The doctor was going on vacation and she checked with his substitute who said it was fine with him. It was not fine with the doctor who had been seeing her and he insisted on doing it the day he chose. He delivered the baby and left on his vacation. That night the baby developed a complication with his blood and had to be flown off to a bigger hospital. I learned from that to trust my timing.
I will advise people on dates for operations using Ptolemy's rules. I give them a month of "good " days and they go to the doctor with them. Of course, if it is an emergency situation, there is no waiting.
I also choose good dates for opening a business. Since I live in a resort location, many businesses are seasonal and so reopen in the Spring. A client of mine learned it was best to wait a week rather than open the store during a retrograde Mercury.

Chris McRae

This is an interesting question. I believe there are some things that we should not assume the responsibility for such as the birth of a child. It seems that most of the time it is completely beyond anyone’s control other than nature itself. My own son’s C Section birth was anticipated far in advance but when the time neared, it came all of a sudden with a great sense of urgency in order to save the life of both mother and child. This could easily be called a pre-destined birth with no opportunity for choice. The charts of father/mother/baby all seemed to fit together in a universal dance so I believe the soul entered at the appropriate time.

Secondly, in my Province of Alberta, Canada, we have little to no control over the time when surgery will be performed. Many joint replacement patients wait up to a year. When the patient does get the call from the doctor as a warning that the patient is nearing the top of the list, then the all important call comes from the hospital as to precise date and time, which is often with only a couple of days notice. One may have the alternative to ask for a 2nd time. I have tried to help patients with times to try and avoid when their time nears but when they have waited a long time and they are very much in pain. It does mean working very closely with the patient/client.

Personally I have had three joint replacements and this very week I am on an emergency list for reconstruction surgery on an old worn out hip replacement. The sky is not very good right now but waiting would not be advisable. In that case, I must trust the skill of my surgeon. I will have all my data handy right by the phone in case I need to ask for an alternative date and time.

Recently I was able to help a long standing client who was given a choice of times for both breast removal and another surgical procedure later on for breast reconstruction. We worked together, found the most reasonable time within the time allotted by the surgeon, and even pinpointed am/pm on certain days. The surgery and healing went very well. It is tricky at best here in my country when we cannot select our own date and are given very little choice of time.

We know that Electional Astrology is all about timing but we often need to work within the time frame of necessity or client choice such as a spring wedding, or an important guest can only come within certain dates. Then the time of day can become critical to highlight the most advantageous positions. Witness the odd times of the day that President Reagan called meetings or activities.

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