New Moon In Sagittarius: Your Best Reading

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New Moon In Sagittarius: Your Best Reading

Postby Katerusko » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:12 am

Tell us about the best astrology reading you have had. What made it so effective and successful for you?

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Re: New Moon In Sagittarius: Your Best Reading

Postby Katerusko » Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:19 am

Jennie Chen

Not too long after I came to USA, by pure coincident, I had an astrology reading. It had inspired me to eventually study astrology many years later. I had a lot of insecurity at that time, and was a little loss at what to do in career choice. The reading gave me a lot of encouragement to face the difficulty as a new immigrant. The consulting astrologist emphasized the benefits of astrology consultation is for knowing ourselves, knowing when to hold and when to fold in the flow of our life process. We communicated through correspondence, and he was right on many counts although he never even talked with me. The newspaper review of him at that time was that of a non-nonsense talking astrologist. I guessed he became so good that he does not do astrology reading in pubic later on because I could not find him any more.

Dmitriy Paramonov

The best astrological consultation is the one which may teach you something.
When a person is interested in whatever they do their work brings them pleasure.
The interest in a person's life, interest in the problems of people, interest in astrology that all contribute to good astrological consultation.

Sue Minahan

A reading with the focus of connecting my spiritual emotional and body connections, by inquiring about possible disconnects with the intention of revealing those possible hidden agendas or history to my awareness and attention as areas to heal and grow.

Kathryn Andren

The best astrology reading I had was almost 15 years ago when I first moved to the island of Hawaii. I met this wild card character Rollin Frost and since I was in a huge transition in my life back then, I ordered a 90 minute reading to see what he had to say.

The thing that impressed me most at the time was his discussion about chart rulers. I am Gemini rising, so with Mercury as my chart ruler, he gave an extra attention and focus to Mercury both in my natal chart and particularly as progression. Time and again he impressed the importance of “writing, teaching, talking, speaking” as great gifts. Since I was born near a Mercury retrograde, he emphasized that progressed Mercury would cross back over my ASC near age 42, and this is happening for me in my chart right now!

I experience him as down to earth, slightly irreverent and basically a wild card genius. I like how he advertises his readings this way:
This is from his web-site:

Here's a breakdown of the personal chart readings I will do:
All three levels of chart work get you to the same destination, the next 2 years in detail on DVD, along with a hand drawn chart and printouts of transits, progressions, and solar returns.

Special service are available such as solar returns, compatibility, and elections like surgery, marriage, business starts, ect.
The "Jeep" $65: is about an hour long reading.
The "Chevy" $95: are an hour and a half, a more detailed analysis.
The "Cadillac" $125: are 2 hours in much more detail, your particular questions are analyzed thoroughly.

Rollin Frost, Master Astrologer of 40 years, has been broadcasting his television show on Hawaiian public access stations for over 17 years. Enjoy each show of pithy commentary, weekly Sky Mirror analysis, and more!

Laurie Naughtin

I have a client obsessed with her relationships. Her chosen partners are of another
race or religion, divorced with major issues or men with serious issues that she will
go all out to fix. Every consultation we have is about her relationships in almost an
obsessive way.
As an astrologer it is not easy to guide a client so obsessed. What is obvious to me
is not acceptable to her.
I have just been to a conference where I learnt a lot. One of the best things I took
from this meeting of minds was the strength of OOB planets have in our charts. An
out of bound planet is considered out of bounds when it is found beyond the limits of
the Sun; limits are greater than 23 degrees 27 minutes of declination.
The ruler of the 7th house in my clients chart is an OOB Rx Mars. That together with
her Moon and Chiron in the 7th all add up to her need to keep the relationship going
at all costs. The Chiron shows the continual wounds received from relationships, the
OOB Mars allows this.
She goes beyond duty and the norm for these men who do not behave like most
normal people behave.
She came to me in crisis yet again, her currant relationship is troubled and she is
desperately unhappy because she has upset him. He won’t talk to her and she does
not understand why. Is it ending? Will he leave her now?
Looking at transits, progressions and her Solar Return I see no aspects leading to
separation or ending of the relationship.
I asked her what she wanted to do, and predictably she wanted to make it work, she
is prepared to go all out to fix things, it now becomes a goal to achieve. Mars is
posited in her 11th house.
Form this point we got his permission to look at his chart, working with the two charts
we plotted out a plan of action.
Client felt in control with a new way of managing her relationship, understanding both
her and her strange partner better, most importantly accepting that it is ok to go
beyond the norm.
To follow up they have patched things up, the partner has apologised for bad
behaviour and as long as she plays by his rules all is well. He is buying a new home
so that she can move in with him. With her OOB Mars she is perfectly happy with
this and will go beyond what is considered norm for this man. Oh yes and this
partner is divorced with a child and of another religion. More OOB testimony.
The strength of understanding and respecting the power an out of bound planet has
helped me to understand her unusual obsessive relationship values. This is her
chart, her map and in the end if she understands why she behaves in such a manner
and accepts that its ok, most of my job is done.
Interesting consultation.

Chart details:
15 Jan 1978
23 06 38

Kari Noren-Hoshal

I recently did a reading for a woman whose son has overdosed 3 times. He has Neptune in the 10th and Saturn Mercury conjunction for major depression. His Pluto is 12th house and he seems to have no interest in being on the planet. His comment is what's the use? There are no jobs, terrorism is rampant and he says, " I just keep #$@!ing up."

His mother has a South Node in Pisces, born in 1960 and is a very hardworking and spiritual person. She had grown up with a severely alcoholic father and married alcoholics twice before striking out on her own to create a house cleaning business that gives her great satisfaction. She has told her son that she will not be sending him extra money for cigarettes and other perks in jail where he is currently serving time for dealing. This is the 2nd time he has been jailed for dealing.
She is practicing tough love and using her good Virgo discrimination North Node. Looking at her chart I saw that she had planets suggesting that she herself had been quite a bon vivant partier type in a past life. I suggested to her that she is now experiencing what it's like to be the concerned family member with a deathwish relative. A major light bulb went off for her. She said she had a dream in which she and her father had been drinking buddies and had actually died from disease complications from alcohol poisoning.Having confirmation that she needs to follow her North Node Virgo was a great comfort to her. She has felt tortured by her son's lack of concern for his life. She has suffered terribly in trying to get him treatment and counseling. Lately, since the reading, she feels the need to be compassionate but firm and more self-protective to herself and her other younger son. This Virgonian tendency is getting stronger now that Jupiter is in Virgo (and recently too with the arrival of the North Node to Virgo.) She feels much more at peace now knowing that her sobriety in this lifetime and her support--- but not undoing ----for and by her son is the right way to go.

I felt of service in doing this reading. It is such a great feeling to know one can have a profoundly healing effect upon someone who has been suffering through so much.

Cindy Chamberlain

I am not sure that I can put the best astrology reading into a box. I am just now do readings for people after studying for a long time. I have discovered that when I do a reading for someone it is usually someone I do not know very well. The information regarding their chart just comes to me, flows. I do look at the angles, and I think that is important. I recently looked at someone’s chart, and they had very hard aspects. She was concerned about a relationship with someone. Although, I do not do synestry yet, I saw the problem within their relationship from what she had revealed to me about them. My understanding was there, and it flowed out of me. I could relate to her because I had a similar experience with someone myself, and there were very hard angles involved. I do readings for free right now, as to become aquainted with the process. I think maybe the best reading you can do is from the client knowing that you are genuine as a person….and to be completely honest with them… And them also knowing you can relate to them, and they to you.

Alexandra Karacostas

In general, what makes the best "readings" are the ones when there is a meaningful dialogue with the client and they seem pro-active in their own life. Hopefully, what I have to share with my clients is not brand new "news" to them. If it is, either they are unaware/clueless or we have wrong info. Either way, it is not a very meaningful experience for me or sometimes, for us.

Working with clients who are interested in their inner life always yields a much more rewarding, rich and constructive experience all around BECAUSE life is an inside job!

Vinnie Scotti

This is cheating cause it was actually a tarot reading..... But I did a tarot reading for a friend of mine when he was tattooing someone at the local tattoo shop. The guy getting the tattoo was a little nervous about it...... I don't blame him! What next- should I do a reading say during a surgery procedure....."dude this is the wrong time for surgery! There a really bad transit of Pisces..... Dude sew him back up!" .....but when I'm just casually talking to people and telling them about there sun signs I'll tease um, usually when I'm talking to my fellow Libra's they start nodding there head in a agreement with everything I say. So I start nodding my head in unison with there's and I say Libra's will agree with anything you say! But with all the super serious Scorpio in my chart that's letting people know about the sixth great extinction!, I gotta let my Pisces sense of humor out every now and again.

Moon Zlotnick

The best astrology reading I ever had was the very first one. I was just over twenty years old and a friend of a friend was 'practicing' astrology on people she didn't know. The year was 1972. She looked up my birthday in her hard cover Ephemeris and began talking to me about who I was. She was accurate, but that faded into the background. The fact that she saw some deep truths from looking at planetary positions and from that brought me insight and awareness was stunning. Her reading cemented in place that I must learn about astrology. I did, and astrology has been my life long profession and love ever since.

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