New Moon in Scorpio: Alternative practitioners

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New Moon in Scorpio: Alternative practitioners

Postby Katerusko » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:08 pm

How do you handle clients who come to a reading after having been to see alternative practitioners such as mediums, numerologists, palmists or tarot readers? Does the information they come in with, such as past life scenarios and future predictions inform your reading in a helpful way ?Or do you ignore it? Do you see astrology as more trustworthy than other occult practices or do you give other methods the same measure of credence?

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Re: New Moon in Scorpio: Alternative practitioners

Postby Katerusko » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:05 am

Kay Taylor

I used to feel intimidated because many astrologers have a dim view of metaphysical arts. For this reason I first went to an astrology conference after many years of practicing astrology, integrated with my psychic work.

Having practiced both for decades I will turn the tables. Why don’t more astrologers develop their intuitive gifts? I get accurate and specific answers psychically, perhaps more detailed than through astrology. I love the way astrology clarifies trends and cycles of a person’s path and also empowers them to understand their life without feeling they have to rely on a psychic channel for connection to truth. Adding numerology to my astrology readings gives a more nuanced view of timing when integrated with chart cycles. Other astrologers I know use palmistry, tarot or Chinese astrology to add depth and insight. Just because a person is using various other occult skills doesn’t mean they are telling people wild past life scenarios or future predictions any more than one might using astrology if they are inclined. I do as more cleanup work for people coming in after bad predictions from astrologers than I do from psychics. (‘You will never have a relationship’ told to a 27 year old woman by a vedic astrologer. Or, my fav… ‘your new girlfriend will kill you because her Pluto squares your Sun and she killed you in a past life. You should leave her now.’).

All of our metaphysical gifts and techniques can be used in an empowering, spiritually aware way, or as ‘entertainment’ — just as astrology can be.

Astrologers have been persecuted throughout history and now many are hoping to be considered more scientific and ‘real' and be accepted by the mainstream world. I believe there is room for research to develop credibility, certainty and depth in our astrological techniques, but astrology is also a divination art that requires intuition and heart to do well.

Moon Zlotnick

If the person in having another reading I assume the others didn’t completely satisfy them, and that they're still searching. I usually ask clients to keep references to those readings brief and I try to focus on what it is they want to know. I believe that all forms of divination have some truth.

Susan Minahan

Bottom-line--if life is a co-creative enterprise, then the reinforced messages occur when that's what is helpful.

So, although I feel no obligation to support other information, I do consider any input about other forms of intuitive readings as possibilities to keep in mind. It especially interests me to see if they are echoed in the chart, natal or in the transits, solar return, or 2nd progressions. I am learning about solar arcs and mid-points to add insights, though I need to further study these tools.

I accept their information, as I would in any conversational dialogue with a person. Therefore, if I am able to provide additional feedback through their chart, I feel that may well give helpful direction for the person. However, I keep it in mind that it's not necessary to validate other information, because the chart will speak for itself, at the moment we meet.

Jennie Chen

I would not have other information get in the way of my own reading and what my intuition tell me. I believe the best way to serve our client is offer our perspective, the best of my own ability. As to giving which method more credence, there is no one size fit all answer. I would have to judge case by case, depend on how I interpret the situation myself.

Marjorie Lutz

First, I am a Certified Medium, a Psychic, for many years did Palmistry, understand Numerology, and I do Tarot often, but not as a professional. So I know all the different degrees of effectiveness of each discipline, and I have chosen Astrology. It is uncannily accurate, does not vary according to my own feelings or the receptivity of the client, and it takes into consideration Psychic understanding and past life positions.

How does it affect me when I get this from clients? Not at all. I neither recognize nor deny the client's experience. Astrology is not woo-woo fortune telling for the future or seeing into the depths of client's inner life. It is straightforward information and psychology based on mathematically proven information, it is empathy and caring and understanding, passed on to a client who comes to me for a need at the moment. That moment is invariably connected to something BIG happening in their horoscope.

Elizabeth Rozan

It's likely that people will have been to other astrologers. The caution is when people have been to other astrologers, and badmouth them. It's important to maintain professionalism and not agree or disagree with them, nor to try to be better than. Integrity is key, because that person may also badmouth you at some point.

Lutia Lausane

This question is an important one. Many of my clients use Tarot readings as a parlour game, so I try to take Evolutionary Astrology to a more professional level by setting, grounding, and objective analysis. It is not so much that I feel Tarot is a parlour game, but it is important to me that Evolutionary Astrology is grounded in both spirituality and science. I don’t pretend to know how it works, but I do know that it works and is a valuable springboard to personal development and counselling.
My reading stands by itself, with reference to what the client says and how he/she feels, but not in reference to other people's predictions or opinions.

Susan Falk

I have rarely encountered clients bringing up other types of readings they have had but in those instances, I say that I only am knowledgeable about Astrology and therefore only use that method. My emphasis is on the Psychological and Spiritual aspects of Astrology as opposed to the predictive. I think that Astrology offers a unique system that is based on centuries of observation of celestial movements and correlating those movements with actual events and character traits. Although Psychic ability and intuition can definitely play a role in a good reading I think that the underlying system gives more validity to the outcome.

Anne Ortelee

I hate when clients bring what I call "duelling astrologers" ~ 'Well so and so said this!' I suggest clients take what I say (as well as other practitioners) and look at with clear eyes to see what they agree with or don't agree with. I encourage them to learn to read their own charts. That inner voice in all of us is the first thing to trust.

Second, I always encourage clients to understand the practitioner's training and background. Often the less skilled practitioner shades their information with their own chart and biases. I will always tell a client if I am having a personal reaction to the chart we are working on and make sure to look where my chart intersects with their chart to see my role as astrologer in their life. There are good and bad practitioners in each field. Clients tend to take occult stuff very seriously. I often find myself doing "bad reading rehab" ~ for example: you have no planets in the 7th house so you will never get married.... Stuff like that just makes me crazy. I always threaten my students if I hear any of you saying anything like that I will disown you!

Tim Rubald

I tend to be skeptical of advice my client has received from anyone else, only if it does not ring true. There really isn't time to discuss what others had to say if she wants to listen to what I have to say. Consultations go for 90 minutes. The astrology goes on for the entire lifetime, and I would need days to share all that I can. I listen to basics from the client, essentially why he's come to me, and what he wants to learn. I only diverge from her stated issues if something from the charting is shouting for attention. It's very important to stick to his needs and requests rather than bring up things that may be fascinating to me.
I am open to the myriad approaches to astrology: sidereal, “classical,” Uranian, Jyotish, and so on. I will listen to “other methods”, and appreciate or not, depending on the quality the practitioner demonstrates. The experience, expertise, and expression of the professional is what matters more than the method.
Do I consider astrology “more trustworthy” than other practices? I would rather have a session with a serene, intelligent woman who's insight is derived from studying the entrails of a slaughtered animal, than with a naïve and nescient Western Tropical astrologer who lacks experience, know-how, and sophistication. It's the singer, not the song.

Dian Bustillo

When clients come to me with ideas or thoughts after having seen other alternative practitioners, I ask them to reserve their notes until the end. It's better to work with me and ask their questions based on my reading as they may find that there is synchronicity or a commonality in information even if it is presented differently. Most times there are fewer discrepancies than expected. If there are unresolved differences, I do look closely at indicators within my tools to explain conflicts. Sometimes my tools just don't coincide; then I let the client know I just do not see that particular factor. If I am not able to satisfy the client with my interpretation, I am not adverse to sending him/her back to the other practitioner for clarification. I never discount another practitioner's methods. So far that has worked well for me.
I do find astrology better than many of the alternatives because it has worked better for me. However, I find tarot a partner tool. It is very accurate with details, especially when I see alternatives that seem to weigh equally. I feel I can see so much using astrology and tarot in unison.


In my experience it so often happens that the words of clairvoyants are confirmed in the natal chart. Astrology in its own way revealed what people had learned from other alternative practitioners. Here is yet more proof the accuracy of astrology and its competence. For example, one clairvoyant said that the woman should have been more careful during pregnancy; and this woman asked me to check out this theme in her chart. In her natal chart there were indications of some oddities in the pregnancy, but there was also indication of a possible twin pregnancy. I asked her if she had spoken about this possibility with the clairvoyant, in surprise she confirmed it. And such moments happened on more than one occasion. People try to find the confirmation of the alternative practitioners’ foregoing from the astrologer. And every time when interpreting a chart, I find clear evidence of the predictions of clairvoyants, parapsychologists. Another interesting case happened with my friend, whom one good clairvoyant said that everything in his life collapsed like a house of cards if there would be no love in his life. In his natal chart there is a powerful figure in the opposition between Pluto and Mars in the 11th house to the Moon in the 5th house, the top of the figure rests on the Neptune in the 2nd house. Neptune rules the 5th house, the house of love. Neptune is the planet of mercy, higher spirituality, and ruling the 5th house, Neptune canalizes one's energies (the Moon in Pisces) to searching of a higher ideal, love without pretensions. My friend confirmed that he was constantly looking for unconditional love. And when this feeling appears in his life, everything works out well, otherwise everything collapses.

So I always try not to reject the words other alternative practitioners and find confirmation of this in the natal chart, and every time I ascertain that each system receives information in its own way, but the accuracy of astrology is indisputable.

Arlan Wise

When clients share with me what they have be told by psychics or Tarot readers I listen and acknowledge what they say. Usually it is said in reference to something i have just said. I say to them "There is only one truth and many ways to see it, so I am not surprised that I am telling you the same thing." I also say that as an astrologer I can give them a sense of timing of when things may manifest. I feel it is best not to judge or feel that my way is better.
I did have a client who said to me that a psychic told her that this was her last lifetime as she would be enlightened in this one. I had to tell her that I had doubts about that and if it were really true, why was she coming to me for a reading?

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