New Moon in Libra: Integrating astrology into the mainstream

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New Moon in Libra: Integrating astrology into the mainstream

Postby Katerusko » Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:59 pm

If Astrology was to be fully integrated into mainstream society and taught in schools, would it be a good thing, or would it be dangerous?

We know how powerful knowledge is, and how it can be potentially misused or perhaps diluted. What would happen to our privacy if everyone knew our chart and make assumptions about us, what would happen politically if leaders would use astrology to launch wars? On the other hand perhaps astrology would make people more conscious and provide greater understanding. What is your perspective and vision of an astrology savvy world?

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Re: New Moon in Libra: Integrating astrology into the mainst

Postby Katerusko » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:03 pm

Anne Ortelee

When I first learned astrology, I wanted to know why it wasn't taught in 1st grade like math, reading and sharing. If we know our chart, we know our path, how to soothe ourselves when we get stuck, what we are called to do, etc.

As I got "older" in astrology, I went through the phase of "wow this chart tells SOOOO much about me!" and I got protective of my birth data. Then I realized the consciousness with which I use the energy of my chart and how I apply my chart's potential can go higher or lower ~ my choice. As a result, I became open about my birth data. Being public about my birth data makes me want to live my chart's energy in a higher form.

So, personally, I think it would be a great thing for everyone to know their chart, be able to access any other person's charts and look at how they can be combined for the greater good. Sunshine is the best disinfectant!

And if we were all able to look at other people's charts prior to hiring, electing, dating or raising them, we would save a great deal of time that could be used for other purposes!

Bonnie Svardal

As one who got into astrology at a time when I needed to “know” myself, I tend to think astrology’s value is for those who reach a time in their lives when they do want to know themselves and as a result, those around them, eventually incorporating astrological archetypes into interpretation for others.

As mentioned, astrology can just as easily become a political football to be launched as a missile for “you name it.”

Jennie Chen

Astrology is half intuition and half art, different astrologers can read the same chart and come up with different perspectives based on his/her intuition based on his/her skill level and intuitive ability. Because a chart is a highly symbolic system, the manifestation can be multifaceted and multi-level ruled by the same energy blueprint. Besides, many people can have roughly the same/similar charts because of same birth time /location. In addition to original birth time energy blue print, there are additional factors/wildcards such as living environment, personal consciousness level, different choices we make at the crossroad that affect the outcome of that chart.

When we bear those issues in mind, we will realize that fully integrate astrology into school system is not very appropriate in the sense that it is not something straightforward as black and white to explain clearly. As with any tool, there is positive side and negative side in using astrology, that is a choice of the astrologer and the public in general. We, as astrologers, have the responsibility to point that out and emphasize to our client/public the positive usage of a chart - that is to bring awareness to the people that we are part of the universe, we come from the same source, and the divine is within each of us. Astrology as a tool is to help us find out our uniqueness, come to term with who we are and learning to integrate different polarity within our personality, in doing so bring out the best manifestation of us. Behind all the metaphysical techniques and calculations, there is a divine will at work, people who misuse astrology to harm others will backfire themselves.

William Sebrans

The question, for the time being, may be largely theoretical, - at least in the US.
One could try at present a primer course in astrology in a Waldorf or charter school, and might well succeed at some level.

The students in those places would not be likely to use astrology towards plans for world domination or for covert intelligence operations.

As regards the ill and unconscious uses of the "round art", - we can safely assume that some would go south with the ideas, even in such less overt detriment as a buttress to support subtle prejudice. As long as unconsciousness is a force in the life of humans, there will always be inversions and perversions of even the most noble study and inquiry.

Technology is employed towards bombs and weaponry. Sacred texts are used to support aggression.
But we wouldn't advocate the removal of math or study of religious life to prevent their shadow uses.

As long as the operative intent is aimed at progress, rather than perfection, there would be likely greater benefit from the study of correspondences of planetary influence on human affairs, than not. Every soul that gets even the crudest hint of the holistic cosmos inherent in 'as above, so below' - has an increased likelihood of a more expanded interior life, and a more consciously lived outer life.

Kay Taylor

I believe it would only work for astrology to be taught in schools if we had a more consciously evolved society. At the current level of evolution it would be a dangerous tool in many peoples’ hands, or used by corrupt corporations or governments (is this an oxymoron?).

Sandra Leigh Serio

That would be a double-edged sword because the general population could certainly misuse it especially those who were totally proficient. Also I think it would mean that birth data would become personal information like social security numbers and it would be difficult to obtain.

Henry Seltzer

Speaking strictly for myself, I for one think this: when Astrology is fully integrated into mainstream society - and by the way, they will still need experts to interpret charts, just like today's society needs economists and car mechanics - we will be much further along toward a Wisdom Society; and growing away from settling as a group for constant warfare, official lying, and unchecked greed.

Maurice Fernandez

It is a serious risk because of the potential misuse, but I wonder if it is really in our control. The more astrology grows, the more people in the mainstream will naturally use it. Our duty as pioneers in the revival of astrology in our culture is to make sure the foundations are strong and that professional standards are upheld. And then, like any other powerful tool and resource, it will have to be properly regulated in a way that both encourages creativity and development and curbs abuse. But since astrology is a natural phenomenon, it is not ours to keep.

Lutia Lausane

This is a rare and truly elegant discussion. I feel there needs to be a certain atmosphere around the work of Astrology which has to include the honouring of a scientific understanding of demonstrable facts (Virgo's roar) , a rigorous intellectual discipline (Saturn in Sag.), a rooted mystical intuition (I love the right way to do Yoga statement, and many others--Neptune's perspective), and for me a deep respect for the evolutionary process--I feel this goes all around the chart.. We don't want to push the river, we don't want to escape over a dangerous sea, we don't want to just surf. In other words, we may need to admit that we are a species propelled to bring together life and soul, both through blood and light. Do we end up in death or in eternity? Are we dangerous? Yes! Are we necessary? Let's see.

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