Gem New Moon - Do people know you are involved with Astrolog

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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Gem New Moon - Do people know you are involved with Astrolog

Postby Maurice » Fri May 15, 2015 8:02 pm

As students or professionals in astrology, do you feel comfortable letting people know you are involved with astrology, whether it is with close friends, acquaintances, or in more formal settings? Do you feel supported as an astrologer in your environment?
You can post your comments here or email to by June 12.

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Re: Gem New Moon - Do people know you are involved with Astr

Postby Boaz » Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:57 am

Greetings OPA members,

Below you will find all your inspiring answers to our last monthly question:

Kay Taylor

I am completely comfortable telling people what I do as an astrologer, psychic, healer and teacher. Of course I live in the Bay Area but even when traveling I feel comfortable telling people what I do. If I don’t tell them it’s just because I’d rather not talk in that moment (like I’m on a plane and want to read my book). I feel totally supported by close friends and really this is a deal breaker for me. I wouldn’t put energy into relationships where people aren’t accepting of what I do because it permeates my entire life and philosophies.

Vinnie Scotti

I have mercury in Scorpio. I'm a sly communicator its ruler is Pluto in Libra. When I'm talking to a conservative I will find common ground, and in a sly way mention that Ronald Reagan's wife had an astrologer to witch he made decisions about foreign based on his wife's astrologers forecasting.

Bonnie Svardal

Yes, I’ve learned to be open about being an astrologer. I once had a job in a hospital and was checking in a new psychiatrist. As I guided him to his new post I told him that I had studied Jung and was an astrologer. He didn’t hesitate a beat and said, “Well then, you use both sides of your brain.”
As a retiree now, my community knows I do astrology and aside from a religious skeptic, all are supportive and we enjoy sharing.

Dawn Glinski

As a current student of astrology, I find it quite liberating to be able to be myself and not have to bow my head in shame and say, "Hi,...I'm Dawn,...and... I'm an astrologer" as If I were at an alcoholics anonymous meeting. I have always felt comfortable discussing astrology with just about anyone who would listen. When I decided to pursue it seriously and get enrolled into classes, I felt validated in my decision and had an increase in confidence. It was as if I was saying to the world "Yes people, I'm really doing this, I'm going to be an astrologer, I'm not going to hide it, and If you've got anything to say about it, keep it to yourself!" Funny thing is, no one has put me on the defence to have to say anything of the sort. Those who know me are truly happy for me, and those who don't are sincerely fascinated by it. I've been very fortunate to have support and encouragement from friends, acquaintances, even strangers! I think that people find it difficult to judge a person when they are truly happy with themselves and confident in their decisions. Self doubt makes way for the negativity of others to creep in; If you don't believe it, neither will they. I revel in the uniqueness of this profession and I'm proud to be taking the road less traveled.

Patty Finlayson

Yes, but... If I know someone is very involved with their church or bible study, I am careful about talking about astrology because I don't want to offend them, or trigger the usual backlash of all astrologers being "evil." However, I am often introduced as the astrologer, with excitement in their voice and eagerness for conversation. My environment supports me, emotionally, mentally and financially. I've been doing this for over 30 years now and have learned how to walk through life.

Sol With Jonassen

Great question. Let me just start by saying that last night I pushed the button «reply to all» mail button to a question related to an inquiry my son’s school teacher mailed to the entire mail list of his class. In the bottom of my reply my regular «signature» with website and a little jpeg-link to my astrological readings came up. I forgot that it was my job mail that I responded with and this was sent to the parents of his entire class. These are lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc. Really on the high end of my culture, but more or less adapting to the common belief that astrology is bull. When I noticed, a chill ran through my body and I got scared! What will they think? That I am not fitted to be a mother because I study and teach metaphysics and believe in astrology? How will they greet me now? I immediately went into the great Gemini fear of «wonder what they will say about me or talk about when I am not there?»
Being a Pluto in Libra generation, born with my moon in Gemini, I am highly sensitive to my surroundings and their thoughts. I’ve spent years trying to not show certain people that I am using astrology as a tool for healing and when people asked; I got a little more abstract. Not to all, but to those I presume might have prejudices against astrology. This year I got a big job for a huge magazine in Norway, and I am now a part of magazines found in doctor’s offices, on the cabins around the country and in your grandmothers house. One lady at school asked «oh, so that is what you do?».
I answered her without going into defensive mode and trying to explain. Just a simple «yes».
I came a long way in other words. But yesterday I got another little challenge in me masking off. There is not an immense support for astrology in my country, but I see that becoming who I am is a great journey. I find that I do not care so much anymore and appreciate the fact that I do more good than wrong in general. I am moving towards freedom. Yes!

Donna Young

I have no problem at all sharing the fact that I am an astrologer. When I first started studying I kept it a secret from some in my family who are religious and felt that astrology channelled in dark energy. But once I started working on my degree I felt I needed to be clear about who I was and what I was doing. Happily, once I took this position my sister decided to find a way to support me and went through her bible for answers. As most of us know, if you want to find that support in the bible it's all over the place, so that problem was quickly solved.
In my former life I worked as an account executive for a major newspaper. When I first started studying most of my peer group were curious enough that I often had several people around my desk wanting to know what I'd learned the night before. I had a built in body of people to practise my skills, which was wonderful! In this role I was often called upon to schmooze with clients big and small. I had no qualms about sharing my interest if the conversation went that way, and was continually surprised by the people who, even if they didn't understand it fully, had a pretty good intellectual grasp that it was a serious study.
I think I am fortunate. In my corner of the world (or at least in the circles I travel) even those who initially say they "don't believe in astrology" are open minded enough that they'll listen to what I have to say. And I've converted some skeptics in the process.

Patrick Lewis

Yes, today I'm very comfortable with being an Astrologer. When I went to College in the 1960's they told us we lived in a linier Universe, and that everything was connected, 1,2,3,4,etc. and that most of the Universe was empty space. They told me Astrology will be proven as folklore. Science has disproved this. Today we live in a quantum Universe, there is no empty space. Everything in the Universe is connected to everything. We are all connected together in karma. The Universe is run by Karmic Balance, when something or someone gets out of balance, the Universe, fixes it. In our world it is done by earthquakes, floods, fire, volcanos, etc. With people it is done through, bankruptcy, illness, divorce, and all the calamities' that befall each of us. Today, Science has proven Astrology. When I argue with a Scientific Minded person, who is mentally reasonable. I always win.

June Morrow

There was a time when I was shy about mentioning about being an Astrologer because of the negative reactions I got. The pharmaceutical company that I retired from was the most accepting of me bing an Astrologer. The people I worked with were highly educated doctors, researchers, scientists, veterinarians, nurses, etc, and not one of them pooh-poohed Astrology. My first clue happened when the DVP of Oncology was planning a newsletter for the department. I jokingly suggested that I do an Astrological column. He approved of it on the spot without hesitation. That opened up a new world to share Astrology for me and for the people who wanted charts. I feel that I've been very nicely supported in just about every environment I'm in when it's mentioned that I'm an Astrologer. That is the biggest, most positive and most comfortable change for me in the last 10/15 years as an Astrologer - to the point that I no longer hesitate to tell anyone that I'm an Astrologer.

Reut Loria

Yes, I usually feel comfortable and even proud telling people I'm an astrologer. I usually get good responses of support and I enjoy talking with people about it (those that are interested). It took me a while to see it as a part of my life and identity' because it caught me by surprise and wasn't such an intense part of my life before. My parents don't really relate to astrology (or anything that isn't strictly scientific). I know they would rather see me doing something they understand and trust as a profession, but they try to show support and interest. My brother (the other brother is more like my parents and doesn't even ask me about that part of my life yet), my boyfriend and my close friends are very supportive and got interested in astrology because of what I've showed them. None of them knew it or respected it before because they only knew about it by reading it in the newspaper, and it seemed very shallow to them. They were so convinced by what I showed them in astrology that they asked for a reading and they recommend it to friends and even buy a reading from me as a present to their loved ones.

Anne Ortelee

I tell everyone about my interest in astrology. Never was in the closet about it. Lost a few friends and clients in the early days ~ against their religion, against my religion (I was raised Roman Catholic), "leave out that star stuff!" etc. But forward I went. I actually think if everyone knew their chart and talked about it, the world would be a much nicer place. Let's teach it like math and reading in first grade!

Joyce Bunting

As a new student, I am finding it uncomfortable openly discussing with others my studies in astrology. I believe it is because I lack the experience in reading charts and its my own resistance blocking me until I am more knowledgeable. I do try to share what I learn in my classes and try to each day to look at the current aspects and walk it thru in my mind. Still need to constantly review and look up the answers.

Maurice Fernandez

I’m comfortable letting people know that I’m an astrologer, and do enjoy the usually surprised reactions. Some of them are wowed and ask me if I belong to any NASA club, others ask me to repeat my answer.
Immigrating to the United States, I initially received a work permit as an astrologer and later on a green card, so all official, tax, banking, credit card paper work list me as an astrologer, or astrology consultant.
I think it is critical for astrologers to come out of the closet in order to change mentalities and educate the public that astrologers exist, and that they are pretty decent people.

Ellen Zucker

You hit home with this question. For me, to put myself out there as an astrologer has been a lifelong struggle.
The good news is I do see astrology and metaphysical modalities in general becoming more accepted, but my short answer is my comfort level with letting people know of my interest in astrology depends on the context. So I utilize a great deal of discernment.
I see parallels between my struggle and the struggle of people in the LGBT community deciding when or how to come out. These days with Google searches and social media playing such a big role it becomes harder to compartmentalize the profile(s) I show. I’m out far more than I was, say, twenty years ago, when I was working in a very conservative industry during less forgiving times.

Sue Minahan

Yes, I take courage to express an interest in astrology without limiting any associations, be it family, friends, or acquaintance. Having actively re-embraced astrology during the last four to five years, and recently committing myself to a serious two-year study with Maurice Fernandez with the intent to become certified with OPA, I feel eager to remind myself through my environment of my focus. It allows me to observe, study, interact on an astrological basis, as life itself defines the transiting aspects. I inquire for people's birth data, to further my awareness of the subtleties of the sky's imprint -- whether Neptune is in the first, or Pisces is the rising, or Neptune is near the ASC in the 12th or the Sun is in the 12th, or Sun conjunct Neptune -- the variances speak of the influence, besides of course what planets and aspects are connected. I am asking people if they are interested in astrology, and if possible, to have their birth data.
Essentially, I've decided my commitment towards astrology needs my exterior identity to relate directly with astrology. In part too, I am able to open up a brief discussion of the evolutionary intent and educational purpose I seek to realize -- and hope in doing so, I help to further widen the perception of astrology's purpose for common value.
Wonderfully, my inclusive energy and acceptance has opened a new astrological friendship , extra online study opportunities, and yesterday, an astrology book on Pluto left in our neighbourhood free library exchange. All recent occurrences, encouraging me to continue the merit of acknowledging in my environmental connections that I pursue astrology. For then, I may learn whether from biases, or practice how to convey ideologies in common language.
It's all about making communicative connections, and utilizing them in a useful manner towards my life and ultimately, in service to others to realize depths, healing and our cosmos consciousness we share together. I am side-stepping thoughts of fear because I feel those relate to past life perceptions or lack of information, and instead, lead my personal spirit forth, or else, what may I contribute to my own definition of life that resonates life's unity.

Heiltje le Roux

​South Africa is a very religious country. Part of how you fit into society is which church you belong to, especially the Afrikaans community where I grew up in. Most people are not familiar with Astrology and is of the opinion that it is against the Bible. I am therefore cautious not to dwell on the subject with those with a more conservative traditional outlook. Many do pray for me, a lot, which I am grateful for, although they prey that I will get to my senses and get back to their traditional inclusive tribe. I was an outsider throughout my youth and teens, but the longing to belong disappeared when I discovered the all-encompassing Truth about Astrology.
I do not hesitate now to say that I do Astrology for a living. But this was not always so. There was a time when I would just be 'mother' or 'graphic designer'. All of my friends know that I am an Astrologer, but still not all of them are comfortable with it. Most of them started to relax and wanted to know more the moment they understood that I am not going to fight for my point of view, neither am I going to argue that they are wrong. It is through our attitude towards others and that inner strength not to judge them that Astrology can grow stronger.
More people are curious about Astrology these days than twenty years ago. Many strangers in more formal settings will ask questions and would want to come for readings, although fewer will eventually do so.
In South Africa it is not easy to be an Astrologer, but more people are starting to understand that the sun sign columns in magazines are not the real thing. The more you are really prepared to passionately share Astrology with those that show interest, without the fear of being rejected, the more those you share it with will be open to you.

Kate Rusko

I am coming to the close of Maurice Fernandez’s Complete Course and I have been very open about my astrology studies to everyone, although I don’t live in a particularly open-minded community. What bothers me at the moment is that everyone is asking me “So, what are you going to do with this?”. Exotic dancing, I answer. No, I kid, actually I am going to become a driftwood sculptor…. How about I am going to PRACTICE ASTROLOGY! It seems baffling to people that you can make a living or even have a practice. That, oh my god, people will come to see you to have their charts done: Impossible!
I am looking forward to blowing their minds.

Nicholas Dewart

As I’ve gotten more confident in the last two years in my knowledge of astrology, I’ve actually been a lot more comfortable in sharing my passion for it with others.
As of right now: Yes, I am comfortable telling my friends about my involvement with astrology. I am not comfortable telling all my acquaintances about my involvement with astrology. I don’t withhold this information but I’m also not forthright with it. Of course, I don’t view astrology as a religion but I do see it as part of my personal spiritual practice. Since astrology carries those spiritual undertones for me I don’t find it in good taste to espouse it. Astrology is deep. It’s complex. It’s a language that only those in the know can converse in. That said, it’s difficult to talk astrology with acquaintances unless they’re sincerely interested in learning about it. In terms of support…I’ve read countless books, I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos and I’ve taken classes in the virtual classroom environment BUT as of now my growth has lacked that human interaction. That’s why I’m excited for my trip to Asilomar this fall. I’m really looking forward to being immersed in astrology and interacting with fellow astrologers!

Sandra Leigh Serio
I feel very supported in my astrological pursuits. I live in an environment/city that is very liberal and tuned in to astrology and alternative health measures. I only let people know I am an astrologer if they ask, otherwise I don't volunteer the information. When I was much younger I was so excited about being an astrologer that I told everyone. Now that I am more accomplished, I don't feel the need to broadcast what I do and how much I love my work.

Boaz Fyler

It took me a long time to utter the words: "I am an Astrologer". I was working as a news reporter in a very cynical environment and was afraid to let people know I study Astrology. Everyone of my family and friends knew, but my colleagues didn't. Only 10 years down the road, as I began to practice Astrology professionally, did I muster up my courage to actually let everyone know and so, began to be an ambassador for Astrology wherever I went. It's not easy to be a good ambassador. I recall Sting's song: "English man in New-York" lyrics: "It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile. Be yourself, whatever they may say". Rather sexist:) But still, let's say, it takes courage, whether your a man or a woman. Now days I feel supported by my surroundings and can say that one will always encounter occasional cynicism, but if you are serious and proud of what you do, you should act and speak so. The benefits are double: You better the status of Astrology in people's psyche, and you honor your truth.

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Re: Gem New Moon - Do people know you are involved with Astr

Postby Paramonov Dmitry » Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:41 pm

No, I have no hesitation or embarrassment when talking with other people about some astrological themes. If my interlocutor is interested in astrology, I try to give him the most comprehensive answer.

Russia is a multiethnic country with many religions which are closely intertwined. It has as Gentile Catholics as Orthodox Christians, as Buddhists as Jews and Muslims. Historically, we live next to each other for many centuries. We have learned how to avoid religious conflict, tolerate the "strangeness" of our neighbors because it is their faith, their culture, their customs.

If I’m asked the question: "What is your profession? », I answer "I’m an astrologer". I'm sure my answer will not cause surprise, conviction or any negative reaction from my interlocutor. But I will be treated in a negative way, if during a conversation I impose somebody’s point of view and start telling people that they are wrong in their belief. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and we as astrologers are no t the exception. We also have a right to our vision of the world.

Am I supported by my friends and relatives? Yes. My parents, my wife, my family and my friends support me. My close friends are proud of me, they help me and they always come to the rescue me when I’m having difficult times. I can ask these people for advice, discuss with them philosophical questions. My wife also graduated astrological school, so our family often has conversations on astrological themes.

I am satisfied how my astrological career has gleaned. I am confused by another point. I hesitate when I am invited to a party, a wedding or a birthday and there I am introduced to the guests as an astrologer. If an astrologer appears at the wedding, he paid more attention than the newlyweds. I believe this attention to the astrologer can hurt the party hosts. Therefore, in such moments, I prefer not to advertise that I am an astrologer. If my profession becomes known, I try to change the subject, promising to answer all these questions in more convenient time.
Yours sincerely, Dmitriy Paramonov
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