Taurus New Moon: Where do you see parents in a chart?

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Taurus New Moon: Where do you see parents in a chart?

Postby Katerusko » Thu May 14, 2015 6:31 pm

Where do you find the mother and father in a chart: Sun, Moon, Saturn, 4th house, 10th house? What is the rationale for your decision?
Jennie Chen

I would start Sun and Saturn as father, and Moon as mother. But I don't rigidly link the typecast to a specific person, because there are many times the typecast represent an influence, and embodiment of a father, or mother energy in a person's world, for example, a single mother can represent both a father and mother influence. In addition, I also take into consideration the 4th house influence as something representing family roots, motherly influence, and the10th house as authoritative, fatherly influence, looking into house cusp ruler location for clue, as well as planets in those two houses.

Kay Taylor

I still generally consider Moon & 4th house to represent mother — and Saturn, Sun and 10th house to represent father. I am open to considering if the nurturing parent is represented in 4th house matters and the parent that gets you ready for the world is more 10th house, especially as there is a major role reversal in many families. Sun as the powerful figure in your life makes sense to me and although that typically was the father in his capacity as validator, that also may be changing. We are an evolving community of souls. Just as 1st chakra was at one point connected to sex, equalling procreation (survival) and now we consider the 2nd chakra connected to sex (emotions, pleasure) and perhaps are moving toward a 4th chakra significance (heart/love), there is no reason that astrology cannot be an evolving art.

Maurice Fernandez

I generally see the mother in the 4th house, the Moon, as well as the Nodal Axis of the Moon, in particular the South Node. It is uncanny how the South Node (and its ruler) can capture mother dynamics in the chart.

For the father I relate to the Sun and the 5th house.
Saturn may reflect both parents, or whoever was the more dominant one.

I feel, however, that with the change of family structures in our times, these associations may need to be adjusted. Families with two mothers or two fathers will obviously not match the traditional mother/father mould. I believe astrologers will need to research these emerging new circumstances to try to see how each parent is identified in the chart.

Arlan Wise

I see the tenth house as ruling the mother and the fourth house as ruling the father. I first learned this from Liz Greene and have seen many examples of it working out in life. In my own chart, Sagittarius rules the 10th. In 2006 Pluto in Sagittarius was pulling a long lasting square to my Jupiter in Virgo. My mother was 97 years old and fading away. In September there was a Mars - South Node conjunction at the degree of my Jupiter and my mother died. Mars was the trigger for a long outer planet transit to the ruler of my 10th. It was classic astrology. I have seen the mother's death at the time of a transit to the tenth or tenth house ruler over and over in my clients.

I have Saturn in my 4th house and my father was old, in his 40's when I was born, which was old at that time. He had a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. I see him in my Sun-Pluto conjunction - he fit the definition of a plutocrat.

Moon is mother. Mine was described by my Aquarius moon (she was a Capricorn) and her anger seen in the square from Moon to Mars. Moon describes mother in clients chart and in studies of famous people.

Look at your chart and see your parents there and then make your decision.


I think the question of mother and father in the chart can be tricky since the definition of family has changed so much over the years. I prefer to regard the Moon as the nurturing parent and Saturn as the parent who enforces the rules. Even this can fall short since many parents will both nurture and discipline, but often families will break down along these lines. The 4th house cusp and its ruler, will often relate to the nurturing parent and their entire lineage, while the 10th and its ruler, gives information about the other parent. Sometimes I find this doesn't work and the 4th and 10th reflect the opposite parent. In the case of single parent families, then of course all of the above apply.

Donna Young

Traditionally the father is found in the 4th house and the mother in the 10th. It seems to me that with many people using a 12 letter alphabet, the Moon and Cancer and the 4th house all ended up being related, and the perspective started to be that the mother, or the more nurturing parent was connected to the 4th, and the disciplinarian (related to Saturn and Capricorn) was found in the 10th. 

In practice and in theory I lean towards the traditional perspective. We tend to connect our lineage or our roots (4th house) more with our father, whose name we most often take. And how we behave in public (10th house) depends on the skills our mother taught us.

In a day chart, it is said that the Sun rules the father and the moon rules the mother. By night, the rulers are Saturn and Venus. In my experience, I have not seen this to be conclusive. 

Linea Van Horn
I use the usual Sun and Moon, but also check the rulers of 4 and 10. I am looking for favourable aspects between the planets (i.e. between Sun and Moon. Or between Lord of 4 and 10). If there is a helpful aspects in both cases (rare!) then I have found that the parents of the native are still holding hands! Difficult aspects = difficult marriage or divorce. No aspects is inconclusive but can mean 2 very different people living under one roof. 

Chris Brennan

The mother has traditionally been associated with the Moon because it receives and reflects the light emitted by the Sun, and symbolically this is evocative of the receptive nature of the feminine principle. I assign both parents to the 4th house since that is the part of the chart where planets are hidden under the earth, and thus symbolically represents our private life, our foundation, and our roots, as opposed to the 10th house which represents our public life and that which we strive to achieve

Boaz Fyler
I look to the 4th to find the home, the root, the mother and the inner emotional world of my client, much like I look at the Moon. I look at the 10 and Saturn as the father, the dominant parent, and the outside reflection of my client by the public. Other than that I look at Mars as the male influence on my client: I find it relates to the male members of his "clan" and much the same way, on Venus as the female influence on him/her. The sun in my eyes represents more than anything the client's own persona and manifestation through life. I use it to characterize him/her more than the father. Nevertheless, I do find that it does play a part when it comes to the relationships of his parents with one another or with the client. I believe it affects his/her own relationship between the ego and the emotional necessities within him/her too.

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