QOTM New Moon Aquarius: Therapeutic Astrology

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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QOTM New Moon Aquarius: Therapeutic Astrology

Postby Boaz » Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:56 pm

Hello everybody,

Here is the New question of the month:

Some astrologers provide one-time readings, or meet their clients yearly for Transit sessions.
Others serve as alternative counselors and therapists and use the natal chart and the current Transits as a reference for weekly/monthly therapeutic counselling sessions.
What are your views on these different types of service?
How often do you meet your clients and what service do you personally offer?

Please send your answers by February 19th To:


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Re: QOTM New Moon Aquarius: Therapeutic Astrology

Postby Katerusko » Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:12 pm

Judy Tsafrir

I am trained as an adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. I had a private practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for 20+ years before I started seriously studying Astrology and did a professional reading for anyone.

It seems to me that there are skills that are required of a therapist that are different than the skills required of an astrologer. A good therapist can help a person acknowledge powerful feelings, bear them and put them in perspective. If an astrologer feels comfortable and competent functioning as a therapist, then I think the combination could be very useful. Powerful forces sometimes are unleashed in the psychotherapeutic setting, which can require clinical skill and wisdom to handle. Astrology readings are different in my mind than psychotherapy. Astrology is often more oracular, than the slow careful incremental working through process that characterizes psychotherapy. In an astrology reading, the astrologer talks a lot. In psychotherapy the patient talks much more. I think it requires a great deal of skill to integrate them successfully. I do believe that it can be done and that it could be a very good thing in the right hands.

The way that I became interested in becoming a professional astrologer myself had to do with the deeply moving experience that I had when I consulted my first professional astrologer, Nicoli Bailey. I was so fascinated with what she had to say to me, that I returned monthly to see her for the next six months, to examine the charts of all the people in my life. I was so inspired and impressed by her insights, that I really wanted to be able to do what she did myself.

In my practice of psychiatry today, I always get the birth data of a new patient. I let my patients know that Astrology is an interest of mine, and if they would be interested in some point of taking a look at their life through the lens of Astrology, that we could do that together. Often we will eventually talk about their chart together. I always look at their chart myself to get a sense of them. But it is only over time that the chart really comes alive in my mind as I get to know them.

Long standing patients of mine ask me to take a look at their chart when things in their life heat up and they would like to know what is going on in terms of the transits. Then we do that together. Sometimes when I meet a new patient I anticipate what their chart will show, depending upon how they describe themselves. These days I am often right, and that is satisfying. I love being able to look at my patients' charts. It adds another dimension to my understanding of them, and sometimes helps me to have a sense of their unrealized potential, that I might not have appreciated without the birth chart.

I also do professional astrology readings for people who are not patients in my practice. They just come to see me for a one time reading. I think that my clinical skills come in handy in terms of quickly being able to recognize common patterns in the way people relate to themselves and others, and also in terms of knowing how to be tactful and to say things that are not easy to hear, in such a way that can be accepted by them. I think that it was easier for me than for many new astrologers to do readings, because of having been a psychiatrist for many years, and my comfort with working in that intimate way with people.

Heiltje le Roux

Some clients do come for a yearly Astrology update of what to expect for a birth year, around their birth date, or in many instances, the year starting in January. Some clients only have the courage for a once of reading. Those are the more religious ones, taking the chance to be brave and tempt the rules of their faith.

Most clients come for readings when even their faith does not serve the urging of the soul to seek the individual path of enlightenment. Those are the clients with the seemingly serious disasters that “only alternative practitioners will understand”. These are the clients I walk the longest path with. When there is a growth period in the form of an obstacle, an Astrology reading just helps them to hold the flame a little higher to see the way forward.

I have always left it up to each client as to when they would like Astrology insight or guidance.

I use Astrology in conjunction with Tarot readings as well. At the beginning of each reading, while the client is shuffling the cards, I look up their birth details in the Ephemeris. From there, it is a quick count to their secondary progressions, and noting life changing events along the way. Now I am armed with the knowledge of the person I am dealing with, what their current situation is, and what the future progressions has in stall. These give me the structure for a more complete picture. For example, the Mercury sign and its motion and ingresses, is especially helpful in how the client will understand the reading, and also how I should address the client.

I do Tarot readings in the same way the ancient Oracles did: each question has one answer. After the initial Celtic Cross spread, I read for the client in conjunction with their Astrology profile in minds’ eye, they start to ask the questions, and I answer with the appropriate Tarot spread. The structure of the spread has the answer encoded. This way there is a way for the client to make their own choices, by formulating clearly what they want. The more specific the question they formulate, the clearer the answer. Many clients use Tarot readings as follow up from an initial Astrology reading as well.

Armand Diaz

Single sessions are fine for many purposes, but having several sessions that are a week to a month apart makes sense for many clients. Multiple sessions, particularly when focused on a particular area of life, allow the client to apply astrological insights and report back, so that the client and astrologer can both learn to apply the astrology creatively. I have respect for psychologists and avoid considering this therapy, because after all most astrologers are not addressing pathologies. I prefer the term coaching – even experts who are at the top of their game in a field often have some kind of coaching.

Dmitriy Paramonov

I do not make restrictions on the frequency and number of visits. A client can make an appointment at any time. I accept the client, regardless of when the last time we met. The issue is not about how often the client meets with an astrologer, but what the nature of these consultations is. The astrologer must not cross the line when the client becomes dependent on astrology and consultations.

Quite a bit of consultations create the illusion that the astrologer is a lantern on a dark road of life. The client mistakenly thinks that the astrologer knows all the answers and has the right decisions. The client refuses to accept responsibility for actions and decisions taken. But sooner or later the customer sees that the astrologer is not unconditional authority. Customers will see that the astrologer is a man and he has a right to make mistakes. The astrologer has the right not to be perfect. The client is disappointed as in the astrologer as in Astrology.

I have decided this question for myself in the following way: I do not say how to act. I do not give advice. I try to explain what the horoscope says about the issue if a client comes in a certain way or to takes certain decisions. But if a person comes for the second time with the same question, I refuse to give an advice again. If the client had decided but later showed weakness and preferred to hide the problem or abandon the decision, usually I refuse this type of clients. I do not encourage the development of weaknesses. These clients try to hide from the problem instead of solving it.

I believe that Astrology is a tool of evolutionary development. Astrology helps to improve the personality. Astrology helps a person to enter a new phase of evolution. So I try to give the customer an opportunity to make a decision. Let it be his decision. Decision-making is acceptance of themselves as personalities taking responsibility. If the client runs away from solving the problem, the problem has not come in yet. The problem must be mature.

Kim de Noüe

My clients typically come to me at a time when they want someone to talk to about the events in their lives. They often want insight into relationships, difficult situations or life changes. My regulars come in two forms, the ones that call when they want to talk about current situations (most fall in this category) and some come for yearly readings. Most are by referral.

Most of the time I find out why they want a session when they book one. When they arrive we usually talk about what they want from the reading and in their life at that time. I focus on the dominant astrological energetic field at the time and the duration of the specific patterns that are of greatest influence. These are 99% of the time directly related to the issues they want to discuss. I listen to them and look for ways to be both truthful and compassionate. I find one of the greatest benefits of astrology is that you can provide a timeline for the duration of specific transits. I really believe every planet, aspect and placement has its blessings. “Yes, Pluto will be transiting your Midheaven for the next five years and here are some of the challenges and gifts of Pluto…” Since it is more painful to resist the energies than to dive in, I encourage them to get in the water.

Typically, a reading will include a natal chart with transits progressions and directions, but I also do elections, event charts, composites. One of my favorite engagements was when one of my students asked me to pick a wedding date and then help determine seating arrangements for all the wedding guests based on their charts! It was so much fun! The bride wanted the party to be exciting and for everyone to be with someone other than their significant other. She was a little rascal and we laughed so hard! And the event went off really well. I just love what we do and am so grateful for this group!


Over the almost 40 years of seeing clients I've moved from seeing clients annually, which quite a few people still do, to creating different "packages" to suit what is happening for each individual. Because I'm not trained as a therapist, I use Progressions and transits, but in more detail for smaller periods of time. Some people come in every three months for one year, others every six months. With clients I know well, I offer a phone consultation where they ask questions and I charge based on the time we spend together. These readings usually last between 10-20 minutes. I’ve also developed a 3 year and 5 year Forecast for people in the midst of big life changes (or long Pluto transits) so they can have an overview of the big picture.

I think as astrologers we have the freedom to develop different types and styles of consultations to fit the needs of our individual clients.

Patrick Lewis

I never look at just the transits in a chart. I always look at the Progressed chart as well, for how we feel can change everything externally in our lives. Both need to be looked at and compared. I always tell a client, they'll know when it is time to see me again. Sometimes it's in 3 years, sometimes in 2 days. When there is a lot going on in their lives, and they want to look at what is going on, form a different perspective, then call me. As far as timing goes. All my clients are open to send me emails with questions. I spend 2 hours every day answering my email questions for clients. As far as services, whatever the client needs, I'll do my best to answer. But primarily I look at the Natal radix, progressions, and transits.

Kari Noren-Hoshal

I prefer to meet with clients once or twice per year in order to encourage free will in the decision-making of my clients. Most of my clients will check in with me for their solar return each year and some will call in 2 or 3 times per year. My sessions are interactive. Together my client and I determine long and short-term goals and use astrology to determine advantageous timing for the implementation of these goals. If a client has a number of important upcoming events, I will agree to do a series of monthly or bi-monthly readings. In this way, the client and I can assess how things are progressing and adjust timing for upcoming events as needed. Above all, I try to give a clear framework of present and upcoming transits in order to empower the client to make
good personal choices. We are so fortunate to be able to share our knowledge of working in harmony with the Universe! I never cease to be amazed at the timing of calls from clients just as a major transit is coming in. We are blessed to be called to this work.

Kay Taylor

I feel there are many different approaches to astrology that serve clients where they are in their own development and in terms of their personal interest level. My work is definitely counseling in nature. I integrate my well developed intuitive gifts, hypnotherapy based on psychosynthesis philosophy, spiritual teachings and energetic healing, and yoga. I see many people weekly during periods of growth and evolution with the general outcome that over time they heal emotionally, evolve and transform in many ways. They learn to trust their own intuition, develop a spiritual path, and perhaps cultivate some knowledge of astrology to steer them along their journey in this body.

Arlan Wise

Each astrologer can choose to work as he/she wishes. I only hope that they do quality work.

I usually see my clients once a year or once every two years. I have a few clients who like to call 3 or 4 times a year and that's okay. I find that these clients who call more often are calling so that they can talk to me, rather than listen to what I have to say.
I tend to start a consultation by asking what brings them to call. If they are calling for an update, I then proceed to give a summary of the current progressions and transits and then we focus in on the big issues that are happening in his/her life. If I am not getting feedback, I ask questions.
When a new client asks me at the end of the session how often to come back, I suggest he/she call me around her/his birthday. I also say to call when there is something going on that he/she wants to discuss. I always record the session. I find it interesting that older clients want the recording burned on to a CD and younger clients want it sent as an MP3 file.

Aubrie De Clerck

I offer two kinds of astrological services: career coaching that incorporates astrology readings and standalone career focused astrology readings. For coaching clients, I meet with them on a regular basis (weekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly) and astrology is a part of our conversation in most sessions. For clients that have standalone readings, I usually see them on a yearly basis.

For clients that do transit/progression readings with me (whether they are coaching clients or not), I send them emails on the months they are having an exact planetary conversation. In the email I remind them of what is occurring for them and attach and image that speaks to the energy at play. This keeps our dialogue open throughout the year- clients mention that it helps them keep hope and perspective. I learn a lot from them sharing their ongoing experiences of the transits with me.

I am a proponent of mixing astrology with other kinds of counseling, coaching, energy work, etc. So many people are looking for a way to see things differently, to invite the mystery into their lives and have a practical way of working with it. My clients often ask me for referrals for therapists that incorporate astrology (I’m compiling a list, so please send me names of those you know that are practicing both!).

Wendy Stacey

I have found in the last decade that I have had to be a lot more flexible in how I practise astrology. I have regular clients (but some of these I see once a month and others could be every year or two). These consultations can vary in subject matter and in how the service is delivered and this depends on the individual needs of each client. One might be a ½ hour phone conversation, another might be a one hour face-to-face or more frequently a Skype session. Unfortunately with the quick fix and time conscious society we live in, some clients increasingly want shorter and electronic sessions (Skype) and do not want to be put on a waiting list which requires me to be more available. The advantage as an astrology consultant is that my client base is no longer geographically restricted. The subject matter differs depending on what the client is requesting. I have found that my consultancy has changed to include broader matters much more than it did a decade ago whereby some client requests are focused on more practical than personal matters, for example; more assistance with exploring practical decisions than in-depth analysis. Ultimately, I think the demands on services for astrologers is changing on many levels, testing us and bringing new challenges which I personally find quite exciting…

Maurice Fernandez

Typically clients come either for a one-time reading to understand the dynamics of their charts, and address current concerns, or they are return clients who come for readings every few months or so. I do try to space return clients at least 3 to 4 months, because it is important that the previous session is integrated before we analyze chart dynamics again. Because the session is usually very introspective and addresses core issues, I do not recommend coming back right away.

In general, I find that an astrologer is often more pro-actively engaged in revealing contents, because the reference of the Astrologer is the chart (along with what the client shares), compared to a psychologist who refers only to what the client shares (and perhaps also their body language). So, astrology sessions can serve as a therapy process, but there is a tendency
for a faster process as a result (that is for better and worse). One-time readings are not "process" oriented, and so even though the astrologer diagnoses issues, and can make therapeutic recommendations, it will be different from the longer process talk sessions that take place with a psychologist. I believe the two formats serve different needs, and maybe
some clients need both formats. Those who do not need a longer talk-session process, will benefit from the more concentrated process and direction that a single reading provides.

Sandra-Leigh Serio

I think there is room for all different kinds of readings. Each astrologer has his/her own unique style. I let my clients decide when they need a session with me. I never prod or encourage them to call me - I feel when it is right for them, they will call to make an appointment. I am probably categorized as an alternative counselor who also forecasts trends and future events for clients. For me it is the best of all worlds because I have training as a therapist but I am also so intuitive that I can see into the future for my clients and I think the combination of the two keeps them coming back!

Kathryn Andren

These days, my practice includes mostly includes one-time readings, with return clients for annual updates and transit charts. I also offer package plans, creating a discount for 3 or 4 readings in a year if someone wants extra support navigating through a particular transit. Since I am also experienced as a massage therapist and energy healer, I may introduce some astrology before a bodywork session. My favorite is sharing 2.5 hours of service with one person, where they receive a full astrology update followed by a one hour massage and bodywork session. Additional intuitive sharing arises during that time and it is a very integrative and holistic mind body spirit session.

I think it is wonderful to include astrology as part of therapeutic counseling on a more consistent basis. This is a different relationship with the client over time, so I feel it is very important for those offering these services have the proper education and credentials to do so.

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