QOM New Moon Scorpio 2014 How to use online platforms

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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QOM New Moon Scorpio 2014 How to use online platforms

Postby Boaz » Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:41 pm

Greetings OPA members,

Here is the new question for this month, New Moon Scorpio:

Social media and the internet- What are your tools and tips to utilize these platforms in order to enlarge your audience and enhance your practice?

Let's all share our hard earned experience with these platforms, contribute and benefit from our collective knowledge. Please send in your input by November 22nd' To:


Thank you!

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Re: QOM New Moon Scorpio 2014 How to use online platformes

Postby Boaz » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:52 pm

Many thanks for your participation in the process – We all learn from your personal experience! May these answers make us all better in what we do!:)

Here are all your great answers:

Sandra-Leigh Serio
In the 21st Century, if you are not using electronic media, your practice will suffer, especially if you were born in the last half of the last century. I have found e-newsletters to be a blessing. They save large amounts of money on postage and save many trees as well! If you want people to know who you are you have to get on YouTube and Facebook, Twitter is good as well if you want to build followers. Having a professional looking website will also allow your practice to grow and informs your clients of your talents and specifics about your offered services. Why not take advantage of these social media tools? You would be foolish not to!

Anne Ortelee
My assistant Rose actually does all the social media stuff for me, so I'm going to turn the question over to her . . . introducing, ladies and gentlemen, my wonderful assistant, Sarah Rose Kearns. She devised and has implemented my social media strategy and I do everything she says!
For a small business trying to get noticed on social media, high-quality content is imperative: I feel that you have to have something useful and/or entertaining to share with your audience, as opposed to simply advertising your services.
Anne already had her Weekly Weather blog when I started working for her in 2010, and we decided that her social media content should follow the same model. Just as her Weekly Weather attracts readers by telling them what's going on in the heavens and how to work with that energy here on earth, her Facebook and Twitter feeds feature mundane astrology aspects and short (140-character!) interpretations sent out in real time. (We use the platform HootSuite to program the whole week in advance.) Followers frequently Tweet back with comments like, "You said the energy would be X, Y, Z and here's how it played out for me." It gets the conversation going and has definitely brought in new clients.

Anne and I took a similar approach when setting up social media for the C.G. Jung Foundation in New York City, for which Anne serves on the board of trustees. The Foundation's mission is to educate the world about the work of Carl Jung, and we know from experience that people on Facebook and Twitter seem to like inspirational quotes - so the pages we set up feature daily excerpts from Jung's writings, along with announcements of upcoming classes and lectures at the Foundation.
P.S. For more information, feel free to check out @AnneOrtelee and @cgjungny!

Cindy Chamberlin
For me it all begins with honesty. Without honesty and true motives, we might as well fall into the deceptive motives we often see with social media. To have integrity in the astrological field, in which it is, we must seek after those that have our best interests at heart. Do we FEEL that, or is it purely mental? One should always answer the question they feel to be true deep within. Truth can never lie, not even with social media. I believe in establishing an astrological practice based on honesty, and from there growth.

Patrick Lewis
The best way to increase business, is to send your clients a monthly email update of what is happening in the Stars. I had to quit doing it, for I just got too busy, and couldn't handle 50+ charts a week. I've never advertize, in the last 20 years. Once you have a large clientele, the referrals will keep you as busy as you want to be. If I were beginning, I'd get as many email addresses as I could find, and start sending them monthly reports. Finding a good Astrologer is one of the hardest things there is to do, and once you become good at the Art, you'll be busy until they put you in the grave. Love, and Light,

Maurice Fernandez
I believe the internet is what made it possible for many astrologers to develop a full-time practice. While the downside of the internet is that it has destroyed the book market, It did allow astrologers to expand their client base beyond their immediate environment. The accessibility and visibility that astrologers have gained through online services has powerfully supported the profession.

The most obvious tool the internet provides is our cyber business card, or in other words, our website. Creating a website today is quite affordable and it immediately showcases who we are and what we offer. The image presented in our website can also say a lot about us as people, so while trying to maintain low budget consideration, it is very important not to be sloppy about the design and content of our website.

I believe the best way to use a website is to offer some free content (articles, Q/A, blogs, etc…) along with the description of our services. Having a blog also keeps people coming back and check for updates.

As far as Social Media goes, I’m quite a fan of Facebook for connecting people and making the exchange between people relatively easy, and also very visual. Facebook allows us to reach dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people with unprecedented ease and speed…it is probably one of the most important networking tools today. The interesting thing about Facebook is that it often combines the personal with the professional. People complain about privacy issues with Facebook, and we must remain alert about that, however, keeping in mind it is mostly a free service makes it absolutely incredible, and incredibly effective.

I’m personally not a fan or Twitter, which seems to be a diluted version of Facebook.

Other internet tools, such as Gotomeeting or skype, have also become essential tools for online connectivity and accessibility. Clearly, we are living in such exciting times as the internet has opened many doors to creativity and accessibility.

Arlan Wise
I have to admit that I don't use social media for professional issues. i tend to post pictures of my grandchildren and of the places I visit more than I post astrological related items. Except, of course, when Maurice posts something for OPA and I share it. I belong to Linked in but don't use it much and I don't Twitter. I spend my time and social media energy on Facebook.
I have a website (http://www.arlanwise.com) and have a monthly forecast on the home page with a "print" button so people can print out the whole month to put on their refrigerators or desks. I notice that some of my Facebook friends post my forecasts and so spread my name and writing to their friends. I find the website is useful for gathering new clients and as a way for old clients to reach me if they have misplaced my email address or phone number.

Shelly Rom & Boaz Fyler
For us, In this day and age, Internet & Social Media use is a must. Working with social media and the internet is a bit like bringing up a baby. You have to nurture it constantly and continually. That means every day, at least once a day. That's the only way you will yield good results. If you do, you will find that it widens your audience and brings in new clients.

You could write about the celestial state, give predictions, talk about things that are in the public scope at the moment and interact with people. Remember that when approaching the general public you teach people about astrology too and act as an ambassador on its behalf. So… this is bigger then you and your needs, it's about the service you are able to provide.

Always remember to speak to people in a way they will understand without too many astrological terms, yet just enough for them to learn something about astrology as they read along. Approach it as a labor of love & service, not out of your ego. Speak to people on an eye to eye level, not as somebody above, or not affected by the things you write about.

Do not be ashamed to ask people to share your posts… And share them yourself with people you know would appreciate it. If this is a service, you cannot keep it to yourself. Remember, the more you give – the more people will be drawn to you.

Thank you all, have a great month and may the skies continue whisper their secrets to us all!

Boaz Fyler
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