QOM New moon LIBRA 2014: What are your best 5 tips?

As astrologers we each have our style, preferences, and orientation for our practice. Every month, we choose a question about our professional astrology practice, and collect your responses here.
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QOM New moon LIBRA 2014: What are your best 5 tips?

Postby Boaz » Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:42 pm

Greetings OPA Members!

What are your 5 most important rules to keeping and growing your practice?

It is important that you take part in this professional discussion that benefits us all. So please send in your input by October 23rd' To:


Thank you!

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Re: QOM New moon LIBRA 2014: What are your best 5 tips?

Postby Boaz » Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:32 pm

Here are all your great answers:

Sandra-Leigh Serio

First rule, ALWAYS give excellent customer service, 2) Be punctual with call or seeing clients in person, 3) Give the client a lot of information about themselves including the upcoming cycles, 4) NEVER talk about yourself in the session, the client is there to hear about their life not yours and 5) Clarify the fee ahead of time and any extra charges, like mailing a CD, etc.

Kay Taylor

1. Treat each client with love and respect
2. Take care of details in scheduling and sending out recordings professionally
3. Send out a reasonable but not excessive number of emails to engage clients and offer articles and info of value to them for free
4. Take really good care of myself (body, mind, spirit) so that I am emotionally clear, healthy, grounded and spiritually aware.
5. Continue learning so that my knowledge base is always expanding.

Moon Zlotnick

1. Be prepared. For me, this includes having correct birth data, taking
time in advance of the consultation to find out why each client has made
an appointment and doing the appropriate preparations, and making sure I'm
mentally and emotionally present at the time of the meeting.
2. Be responsible. Clients give astrologers tremendous power, from
believing we can see all of who they are, to understanding what their
future brings. It's important to explain how your practice works and the
limits of what you can do. Being responsible for what we tell clients is
extremely important, including word choice, allowing for our own mistakes,
and listening to the feedback we receive.
3. Be proactive. Let your clients know they can come back and see you
again, and even when might be a good time. Keep your name visible,
through publishing and speaking, on Facebook, Twitter, whatever works for
4.Keep Learning. Ongoing education is important for all of us, whether
it's through conferences, training, or simply reading and integrating new
5. Take care of yourself. Being a professional astrologer is hard work,
mentally, emotionally and psychically. Getting regular exercise, eating
well, monthly massages and periodic vacations are all part of my self-care

Arlan Wise

1. Do good work
2. Honor the client - the session time is for them, not me. ( I've had readings from an astrologer who answered the phone in the middle of the session- how rude.)
3. Give the client a new perspective and something new to think about
4. Be a valued and useful member of the local and astrological community. I give free talks to community groups about astrology.
5. Be honest and willing to say "I don't know" to a question from the client.

Georgia Stathis

1. Educate your clients regarding what this is.
2. Maintain integrity in your work...if you don't have expertise in something let them know.
3. Maintain a professional presentation either with clients or at lectures.
4. Value what you do and do not undersell your skills.
5. Continue educating yourself even when you don't think you need to. We all forget things over the years.

Maurice Fernandez

Here are some guiding principles for me

1) Never refuse a client that seeks your help (unless you sense for some reason that he or she may pose a threat to your safety)
2) Find pleasure and satisfaction in your practice, and you will be inspired to learn new things to keep it growing. Find meaning in helping people, and you will increase your clientele.
3) Communicate clearly and patiently, anticipate that people may not interpret things the way you do, so make sure your message is accessible. Make sure you really help your client, and that you do not just project your ideas on them.
4) Offer services for different levels of commitments. Some people are ready to invest themselves in long term studies, while others will simply join an evening presentation. Offer a diversity of services to increase the span of your reach.
5) Do not be shy about advertising your services, it is not about you and your insecurities, it is about the importance of the service you offer.

Adam Gainsburg

Respecting myself and my gifts / fair pricing
Accurately portraying my services
Treat everyone with kindness
Allow clients to make their own decisions
Be flexible

Anne Ortelee

I worked in Sales for many years so my rules are based on that experience.

1. Create opportunities for Regular contact. I write a Weekly Weather Column and offer podcasts for free. I send out twitters and facebook posts.
2. Thank clients for referrals.
3. Free follow up "quick" questions.
4. Different time offerings for readings, 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, to meet client needs.
5. When raising prices, I offer the existing clients the opportunity to book their next year reading at the old price. Client benefits that the client likes.

Ursula Stockder

My 5 most important rules to keep and grow my practice are:

Honesty above all is essential treating clients:
- If I cannot handle my client's problem I'll refer him/her to someone who can treat him/her.
- Be respectful with his/her time and money
- Do not say things your client wants to hear, knowing that it is not going to happen
- Being careful and noticing what the client is and isn't ready to hear. Listen carefully what he/her is saying with or without words.
- Keep it private - The life of the client is theirs alone. Their problems belong to no one else.

Wendy Stacey

• Have a good website
• Be available for clients
• Be flexible in time and location by using technology
• Have broad, safe and accessible online payment facilities
• Acknowledge that astrological consultancy has changed and continues to do so

Kathryn Andren

Public events. Public speaking and free talks is a valuable way to participate in community service and grow name recognition.

A regular email newsletter. I send out a brief monthly update to my friends and clients contact list. This reminds current clients what I am up to these days and usually generates several responses to schedule sessions.

Gifting current clients when they spread the word. I have a policy that if one person refers 3 new people to me within four months, they get their next update for free. Since most business is word of mouth, I reward and support my current clients as a thank you for being my best advocates.

Follow up. I check in within a week of the session to remind clients to listen to their sound file, this creates a deeper sense of trust and genuine caring.

Timely response. Replying and contacting clients quickly can generate trust, and in some cases “sealing the deal” when one is ready to schedule. (I admit, this is my personal and professional growth edge!)

Boaz Fyler

1. Respect yourself and your choice to serve people, these two are intertwined and if you choose to be a vessel for giving service, you cannot let your insecurity manage you. That concerns pricing your services in a way that would be worth your time, commit & prioritize your counseling work so you have reasonable availability, and understand that this is bigger than you, your ego or your personal issues.
2. Be professional – Know your professional strengths and weaknesses. Utilize your strong points and constantly better your weak ones, whether they are in a certain astrological field or in other connected fields such as online advertising, punctuality or timely responses.
3. Find an outlet in which to publish your insights, preferably, more than one, on a daily or at least, a weekly basis. This could be an internet site, a professional facebook page, and a broader outlet for the general public such as a radio show, TV, or printed press…
4. Find ways to always widen and stabilize your clientele base from your existing one: If you had a good session, always schedule the next meeting with a client at the end of the current one, even if you schedule for a year from now, and end up rescheduling when the time approaches. The next sales point is crucial for the expansion of your practice and building a constant clientele base. Give clients that refer people over a discount for next time. Ask your regular clients to write a facebook status about you and share their opinion, etc.
5. Use your calendar: Upcoming national holidays and events are a wonderful time to come out with relevant discounts and pinpointed marketing schemes.

May we strengthen our practice and widen the communal knowledge base!
Thank you all, have a great month and may the skies continue whisper their secrets to us all!

Boaz Fyler
OPA Community Outreach

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