2014 Aries New Moon: possible abuse in the chart of a child

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2014 Aries New Moon: possible abuse in the chart of a child

Postby Maurice » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:45 pm

If parents come to you and would like to know more about the chart of their child, and you identify signatures that strongly suggest the possibility for sexual abuse in the chart of their child, what would you do as an Astrology counselor?

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Re: 2014 Aries New Moon: possible abuse in the chart of a ch

Postby Maurice » Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:11 am

Maurice Fernandez
This is obviously a controversial issue as the following replies will depict. For me, it is important to use astrology as a preventive tool in different areas where crisis may occur, whether we speak of health vulnerabilities, times of vulnerability to injury, emotional and physical abuse, or sexual abuse. The chart alone clearly does not guarantee success or failure in any field – we can only see potential or predisposition, and must consider context (culture, background of the person). And so, whatever issue we may raise as astrology counselors, nothing should be presented as absolute. Moreover, whatever issues we may raise, it is important that we present what we see in ways that are empowering and offer solutions if we speak of problems.
Notwithstanding, we should trust our expertise and insights as professional astrologers. There are ways to talk about difficult issues without causing panic or distress with a client – these skills must be polished in every astrology training.

I would like to believe that astrology can help us lead better and more conscious lives and this includes parenting support. Helping parents understand their children better and have insight into their child’s natural capacities, tendencies, and challenges can be greatly beneficial.

Astrology provides insight in every area of our lives, and so if we come across a case where we identify a strong predisposition to sexual abuse in a child’s chart (I will not discuss the astrological signatures here, as this is not a question about chart delineation, but about how to address the question, if at all), personally I would first of all assess where the parent is at, and if it is worth bringing the subject up with them.

If I sense that the insights I have can be helpful, I would first of all explain that whatever I present is not absolute but an inclination. I would also avoid focusing on the issue exclusively but present it along with other aspects of the child’s development. To this matter, I would suggest that the parent be more attentive to boundaries and more alert to symptoms of distress.

We have charts that provide a wealth of insights on emotional, spiritual, and functional levels – if we see something, should we doubt our skill and insights? Should we play it safe and avoid a delicate conversation? Should we sugarcoat our interpretation to avoid worry, when there is reason to worry? Things to ponder on…
After all, one of the great values of astrology is insight and foresight: prevention!
The great skill is to say it right so that it serves the person well.

To use a less controversial issue in comparison, I would encourage someone with cardio-vascular vulnerabilities in their health disposition (chart wise) to take preventive measures and consider a healthier diet…similarly, I would use my skills and expertise to counsel the parent in ways that makes them more aware and empowered, if the conversation is conducive to that…

There is no black and white approach to this delicate issue. Each case requires its own approach, whether I would address the issue at all, or how I would address it.

Carol Dimitrov
Yes, a very difficult question.

I believe it would be important for the Client to understand how we view the chart.
That there are many ways to interpret charts and sometimes uncomfortable subjects can arise out of this. Discretion and sensitivity when discussing is a priority.
I would want the Client to be clear that Astrology can be a tool for awareness and understanding for preventative measures.
This is the opportunity...so we are more in tune with what we are given and can sometimes change the course by our awareness and free will.
I think if a Child has the Signatures for Abuse in the Chart the parent can be made aware in a gentle yet effective manner.
Perhaps the parent can open up a conversation with the Child about boundaries.
The Child may not be communicating, denying or repressing issues. There could be behavioral problems or red flags showing up. If there have been behavioral problems or signals the Astrologer perhaps can look at possible causes and suggest professional counseling if they do not have the ‎Psychological or Theraputic training needed for such a sensitive topic.

Cindy Chamberlain
I would explain to the parent that there are certain aspects in their child's life that they need to beware of. I would explain the reasons why they need to be aware of these aspects in their chart and what they can possibly do to avoid them according to the chart. Obviously, they came to you for a reason, so it is always best to be upfront and clear with them.

Robert Corre
I would have to see many confirmations for such a determination but basically, I would not even take the case and simply say, I am not available. You have to be very very careful then if you raise such issues you take on a great deal of responsibility with the possibility that you may not only wrongly hurt others but also your own career.

Vicky Smoot Peltz
This most sensitive ethics question highlights the need to consider that the astrologer may not be qualified legally or ethically to address the problem. The narrative of the client parent is most essential. Very well developed professional listening and reflective skills that so many astrologers do not have are so important to draw out the most honest and accurate indicators of whether or not anything seen as a possibility in the chart has manifested as actual experience. One strong indicator would be the parent's own history of any abuse when they were children, to determine if they have continued the pattern, or conversely, become overly fearful, vigilant or controlling about the child. There can be abuse on mental and emotional levels, even if no physical contact made. I guess I would try to determine the stability of the parent as caretaker to inform me about whether this parent needs more support or intervention than I can reasonably provide. Therapy as a family would be a first choice for referral if I am not in the position to give the help needed.

Brad Kochunas
First off, I don't speak to clients about third parties and don't work with child charts. That being said, as a counselor, I believe there would be ethical problems in disclosing what amounts to speculation to the parents and generating needless anxiety.

Betsi Caprio
The question about children's charts with suggestions of sexual abuse truly floored me. [To i.d. myself, I am a practicing Jung-oriented psychotherapist and spiritual director, who has studied astrology for 40 years, but only recently married it more intentionally to my practice, via an online very introductory course aimed at our clientele (see http://www.centerforsacredpsychology.org, click Soul Food).]
In no way would I ever "tar" parents' concerns for their children by pointing out chart indicators of sexual abuse! This seems like a major violation of ethical therapeutic practice, which is rooted in "above all, do no harm." However, were there some indicator that raised my suspicions, I can imagine framing a reference to it in the most global sort of way: i.e.,"many parents wonder today if their children are susceptible to sexual abuse"--a very obvious truth. Where one would go after such a statement would have to be so carefully discerned, avoiding any specific references to a child's chart. Just the fact that the subject has been raised would be a covert warning to parents. Trust me on this: the majority of parents today are overly conscious (to the point of paranoia) of how their kids may be harmed, especially in this way. Therefore, I hope that caution and avoidance of scare-tactics will prevail in the astrological community, and that members would realize the stigmatization of a child such a chart interpretation could create.
We already know that inflammatory chart interpretations can injure a chart subject, to say nothing of how they can damage public opinion of astrology, should such interpretations be made public. My uncomfortable guess: you would not have raised this question without some trigger situation. I look forward to other responses to this volatile question. And, thanks once more for all your hard work and OPA's services.

Jennifer Clevenger
Since you have created a sacred space with the parents you have to advise them in a way that brings power to the awakening given with this information. The truth in every form, offered with love brings peace. Tell them and empower them with what they can do to protect their child and be aware.
Thank you for asking me as a member of OPA. I have 3 young sons (one has trouble speaking because he has Autism and would (however painful) value such an insight. Love and light to your work.
Jennifer Clevenger

Chris McRae
I thought long and hard about this one. In all my 45 years of being a Professional Astrologer I have never run into a situation like this, although I have had parents who wanted help with situations they knew existed with their youngster and astrological insight proved helpful. One situation some time ago was a mother who was concerned about the anger threshold of her 5 year old boy.

There are certain aspects that show the possibility of abuse but in adult charts, I have also seen those same aspects in a chart when no abuse was present although perhaps there was strictness, austerity or authority issues stemming from childhood. Sometimes it may just be the child witnessing parents who argue or shout a lot. I had a first time client just a few days ago who was born in Germany in 1940 who heard and saw the devastation of bombs. It was a time of horror but he said his father never fired a shot and was not in any way a violent man. He has several degrees, taught metallurgy of some type at a prominent university in California. He wanted insight into his retirement activities, at the request of his wife. He was absolutely delightful.

In the question at hand about the youngster, to be wrong could vastly harm a relationship or at the very least provide suspicion. Unless the parent came with the problem of abuse, there is no way to implicate an exact scenario that comes from some of the strongest aspects in a chart. Since I have not ever run into a situation of the very nature you describe, all I can say is that I would trust that I would know how to handle it if it should ever arise. I believe it is too delicate to answer from a general point of view.

Karen Lindvig
This is a great question and for me it raises questions like in the movie “Minority Report” where people are convicted of a crime before they commit one.

Just because something is suggested in a chart does not mean that it will happen because we have free will. The life lessons one receives from experiences in life is unique to all. The soul chooses situations for a reason. I have Mars, Pluto, Mercury conjunct and was born into a violent family and neighborhood. It is through witnessing and experiencing this first hand has taught me to be able to walk through the darkness with other.

I would say nothing about sexual abuse.

Julie Yeaman
I don't think that I feel sure enough about what that signature is. I would want to feel as if I had a lot of back up examples and experience, which I do not have.

If I felt relatively secure in the above, I think it would depend on the parents, and why I was being asked to read the chart. If the parents were highlighting problems or situations that linked in any way to sexual abuse, I would bring up the topic generally, as a modern day issue, to see how they would react. Perhaps ask them questions as to whether they themselves had experience as a child, of abuse ( or knew family or friends with this experience). All of this would give me an idea of their attitudes toward the issue.

With this info, I would then discuss the topic in relation to their kids.

Alexandra Karacostas
A: If I see the kind of signature that potentially suggests sexual trauma in a child's chart, I will unlikely say anything of that nature, unless the parents prompt me. If they have that dynamic already present in the family system and are concerned about it, I may bring it into the conversation. We simply do not know how life will unfold.
In fact, there are several ways astrological patterns manifest and much depends on cultural, ethnic and socio-economic circumstances. I cannot see the benefit of burdening young parents with such disturbing possibilities.

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