About Us

The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) is a non-profit organization that advances the cause of professional astrology by helping astrologers get the information, tools, and experiences they need to improve their practices. It assists astrologers to improve both personally and professionally and defines and maintains professional standards for the responsible use of astrology. OPA is dedicated to establishing astrology as an eminent spiritual, psychological and holistic tool of understanding.

Our mission is to provide good astrology that expands the perspective of individuals and raises the consciousness of the planet.

The OPA Family

The Organization for Professional Astrology is a family. OPA is an organization that helps astrologers network and learn skills relevant to their craft of working as a professional astrologer. but it feels like family. Anyone who has participated in an OPA conference or Astrology retreat knows what this means. There is a feeling of caring and connection that binds OPA members to each other.

OPA evolved from its origins as PROSIG, the NCGR special interest group for professional astrologers.  The PROSIG chart has a Cancer sun and this was expressed when we all ate together at our conferences. On October 4, 2000 (1:45 pm in Tallahassee, Fl.) OPA left NCGR and was incorporated as an independent organization. We are constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of professional astrologers and those who wish to make the transition to become working.

We welcome you to our OPA family.