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2015 Retreat Tracks

Track ListWelcome to the 2015 Retreat. We are delighted to have a very unique and ecclectic selection of Tracks this year, from Predictive, to Hellenistic, to Evolutionary, and much more. You will immerse yourself in the track you choose for 3 days of the retreat in an intimate group of maximum 10 people, This is a unique way to dive deeper into the material.

Note that you can change your track until September 1, 2015. After which changes will not be allowed.

See the full Track description below.


Track 1 - Arlan Wise - Basic Chart Interpretation

Track 2 - Anne C. Ortelee - Working with Chart Patterns: From Crosses to Mystic Rectangles

Track 3 - Monica Dimino - Vocation and Careers for 21st Century Astrology

Track 4 - Alexandra Karacostas - Sold Out Peer Group Work - OPA's Signature Program

Track 4B - Susan Falk - Peer Group Work - OPA's Signature Program

Track 4C - Richard Smoot - Sold Out Peer Group Work - OPA's Signature Program

Track 5 - Maurice Fernandez Sold Out – Identifying Spiritual Development and Breakthrough in the Chart

Track 6 - Chris McRae - canceled Unfolding our Evolutionary Journey

Track 7 - Chris Brennan -Sold Out Zodiacal Releasing: Timing Peaks and Transitions in One's Career and Life Direction

Track 8 - Sanra Leigh Serio Sold Out - Predictive Astrology

Track 10 - Rick Levine Sold Out - Becoming a Better Astrologer

Track 1. Arlan Wise

Basic Chart Interpretation

(Beginner and Intermediate)

This workshop will enrich your knowledge of astrology and enhance your chart reading skills. By boosting your understanding of the fundamentals of astrology you can establish a solid foundation for all subsequent learning. You will gain experience in reading charts through practice sessions in a safe, non-critical environment. We use the charts you bring, your own and those of friends and family, as our textbooks for the course. This instruction on signs, houses, aspects, planetary cycles, chart patterns, and chart analysis includes writing exercises, astrodrama, stories and myths. The course introduces you to OPA’s signature peer group work. Have fun while you learn astrology for your own personal growth and for future work as a professional astrologer.

Track 2. Anne Ortelee

Working with Chart Patterns: from Crosses to Mystic Rectangles

(Beginners and Intermediate)

Clients frequently arrive with complicated chart patterns that produce stress in their lives. Astrology is uniquely gifted in its ability to describe and then present options on how to work productively with the chart’s energy. Patterns covered will beT-Square, Grand Cross, Grand Trine (they aren’t as easy as advertised), Finger of God, Hammer of Thor, See-saws, Oppositions, Stelliums, Buckets, Bowls, Heles, Bundles, Mystic Rectangles and others.

Track 3. Monica Dimino

Vocation and Career for the 21st Century Astrology

(Intermediate and Advanced)

Astrology has been used for private consultations for centuries, and we astrologers count on it for so much of our client work. But the work world has changed quite drastically, especially since the major conjunction of Pluto with Uranus in Virgo in the mid-sixties. Now, 50 years later, the workplace hardly ressemble thelandscape that our astrology addressed in the past. What rules computers, the internet, the numerous spinn offs from our high tech world? How do we work now? What does all this do to our professional planning? Using our astrological lens, we will surf this new world and link it to the the signs and houses and timing devices that our zodiac offers. Along with that, individual works issues will be studied. Perhaps it is time for us to develop a new collective philosophy about work in general. In this three day intensive, we will link astrology to vocational outlines, hining this skill for our clients and ourselves.

Track 4.

Alexandra Karacostas

Susan Falk

Richard Smoot

Peer Group Work: OPA's Signature Process

(Practicing Astrologers)

This track offers OPA’s trademark and unique learning process where participants go through peer-group work to refine their skills as professional astrologers. Together, we discuss the different issues of our profession, analyze each other’s charts, and reflect on possible problematic episodes that have emerged during our practice and client work.

The advantage of this program is that it allows participants to express their own unique style, while at the same time evaluating skills, talents, and techniques in a much more precise manner, all essential in the practice of professional astrology. The development of self-knowledge is an equally important part of the curriculum.

We will explore how we each plan to enhance our professional practice as astrologers, creating a business plan with goals we hope to achieve in the coming year. Participation in this track is a step toward becoming certified in OPA’s Certification Program.

This is a comprehensive program for anyone seeking to become a certified professional astrologer while enjoying the benefits of working with peers!

Track 5. Maurice Fernandez

Identifying Spiritual Development and Breakthrough in the Chart

(Intermediate and Advanced)

There is more to life than survival–we live to expand our consciousness and align ourselves with universal laws and principles. In this workshop, Maurice will discuss the dynamics of spiritual development, what spirituality truly means, and how we can identify this process in the chart. Each person has a unique journey for self-realization and the liberation of the soul. We will look at the participant’s chart to recognize what their chart reveals about this process.

Track 6. Chris McRae

Unfolding our Evolutionary Journey

(All levels)

Techniques or tools used in this study will bring an understanding of natal chart dynamics; the art and nuances of progressions; cycles that weave their way in and out of our lives; plus an assortment of other techniques gleaned from so many years of star-gazing and application. These are tools I use daily with my clients who invariably have a stressful issue they bring to the consultation that reaches back to the natal chart patterns. Looking at astrological events that were in place at important past events in our lives can add additional insight and understanding many years later. I believe we are on an evolutionary journey that is integrated with our soul pattern. Learn from Chris's 45 years of working with clients and thousands of inquiring students who have passed through her semester-structured course. In this intimate group experience, you will be able to tap this bountiful resource. She is much in demand by clients around the world as well as presentingworkshops and presentations at international conferences in many different countries.

Track 7. Chris Brennan

Zodiacal Releasing: Timing Peaks and Transitions in One's Career and Life Direction

(Intermediate and Advanced)

The topic of this intensive is a Hellenistic time-lord technique known as Zodiacal Releasing, which is used to time peak periods and transitions in a person’s career and life direction.

Zodiacal Releasing was only recently rediscovered through a translation of a 2nd century text by an astrologer named Vettius Valens, and it is quickly becoming recognized as the most impressive and powerful timing technique that has survived from the ancient traditions. It was recently integrated into Solar Fire, and it is also available in Sirius and Delphic Oracle.

The technique divides the native’s life up into different chapters and subsections, as if the life was a book, and you were able to identify where the chapter breaks are, as well as what some of the most active and important sections are within the book.

We will start with some basic and intermediate Hellenistic techniques for determining planetary condition, since you cannot predict how certain planets will manifest when they are activated until you determine their status in the chart. There is a specific set of considerations known as the conditions of bonification and maltreatment that are used for this purpose in particular, in order to determine if the significations of certain planets are being affirmed or denied, enhanced or restrained, improved or corrupted, etc.

After this initial presentation on planetary condition we will then move into a detailed overview of how to calculate and interpret Zodiacal Releasing periods. Our main emphasis will be learning how to use the technique in order to identify periods of heightened importance and activity within the context of a person’s career, as well as how to determine whether the quality of a period will be experienced as more subjectively positive or negative.

Each attendee will receive a handout that contains a detailed readout of their own Zodiacal Releasing periods, which they will use during the course of the intensive in order to chart their own career periods. We will use some of the charts of attendees in order to demonstrate how specific facets of the technique work, and in order to hear firsthand accounts of what certain periods are like when they are activated in a chart.

At the end I would like to conclude with a discussion about the application of Zodiacal Releasing within the context of a consulting setting, and specifically the ethics of what is appropriate or not appropriate to say to a client even if you can determine it with their chart.

Track 8.Sandra Leigh Serio

Predictive Astrology

(Intermediate and Advanced)

Astrology is very good at predicting the types of experiences you will have in a lifetime but the actual events can be more difficult to pinpoint. In this workshop we will synthesize five major factors in determining experiences/events in a person’s life.The five factors are the natal promise, secondary progressions, solar arc progressions, transits, and eclipses. It may seem confusing and complicated to put all of these factors together in a birth chart but in this workshop we will breakdown each factor and look at it individually and as part of the collective whole. Astrology is a wonderful tool for alerting you to possible life developments, both traumatic and enriching. This workshop will show you the wonders of the astrological birth chart, its astonishing layers and magical ability to time events. We will use charts from class participants and also those of famous people.

Track 9.Rick Levine

Becoming a Better Astrologer

(All Levels)

This three day workshop combines presentation, discussion, group process and astrodrama to improve the skills of the professional astrologer, to give the consulting astrologer useful tools to apply in his/her client work, and help the serious student facilitate a transition into professional astrology. Participants will be expected to share their birth data, since interactive processes rely on our individual charts. Day 1: Overview. Improving Client Consultations, Theory and Practice. Day 2 and 3: Hands On. Group participant charts used real-time to illustrate principles, including astrodrama, role playing, interactive readings amongst participants and group discussion.